Mismatched Saturday 11th December 2021 Starlife

Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021
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Mismatched Saturday 11th December 2021:The Episode starts with Anokhi aaying I do care for it. Babli says you have changed, you get tensed on every little thing. Anokhi asks what shall I do, something or the other keeps happening. He says Aastha has done a lot for me, I will go back and study in our pind, Shaurya thinks he will break my courage, he will be proved wrong. Babli says sorry, I should have become your courage, but I m failing. Vineet comes and scolds her. Anokhi warns him not to trouble Babli. She says my friend, ACP Ahir knows your deeds, he will keep an eye on you. She asks Babli to take care. She hugs her and goes.

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Anokhi comes to college. She sees everyone there. She sits sad and talks to herself about her dreams and hopes breaking. Shaurya comes. He asks the students to go to their class. Anokhi recalls his words. He asks why are you feeling bad, you proved you are wrong, you are really a piece of art, you went to report my crime at the right place, ACP couldn’t do anything, so you told Shaan. He goes. She falls down and cries. He stops and goes to help her. She asks him to go, she doesn’t want to talk to him.

He asks why are you overreacting, I will get water. She pushes him. He asks how can you make me feel guilty. She says you broke my courage and dreams, I have tolerated a lot to study in this college, my purpose was to study here. its a big deal to call someone characterless. She says you said such a thing, I used to respect you when you saved me from goons, I thought you care for me, you wanted to protect me. Shaurya says its okay, you think I look like a sadist. She says words have power to make things and break things, like your words have broken me, I m leaving your college, I don’t want to study here, if management listens to me, you will think I have a contact with them also. She goes. Teacher stops Shaurya and asks him to set economics paper. Shaurya says what’s happening to me.

Mismatched Saturday 11th December 2021:Anokhi and Reema have a talk. Reema asks how will you give the test tomorrow. Anokhi says I m going, I can study anywhere I want. They go to the class. Shaurya says I won’t be able to take the class now, you will be having a test tomorrow, anyone can come to me for a talk if needed, take care. Shaurya goes and stops Anokhi. He asks Reema to excuse them.

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Mismatched Saturday 11th December 2021:Reema says sorry Sir. She goes. Shaurya stops Anokhi and says you can’t leave the college. She says I m going from here, I don’t want to stay here with your bad thinking. He says don’t act smart, your reason is that you can’t pass the exam, you don’t deserve to be here, you can’t handle the standards, else you would have not left from here. They argue. She asks him to think again and say anything. She gets Ahir’s call. He gets angry. She says I m just coming. She goes and meets Ahir. She asks how did you come here, is everything fine. Ahir says I came here to meet a police informer, he caught some suspects, can you come to police station to identify the suspects. She goes with him. Shaurya looks on. He says she was lecturing me, what wrong did I say.

Tej rusticates Anokhi. Shaurya stops her and says you won’t be going anywhere, I will handle them. She asks why do you want to stop me.


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