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Mismatched Saturday 4th December 2021: The episode begins with Aastha scolding anokhi. He asked how to give you the right to judge Shaurya, everyone has his own perception. Anokhi said it wasn’t about perception, but it was true and wrong. Aastha said I taught you to speak well with the elders. Shaurya left. Anokhi said I asked him to apologize to you. Aastha said even if she apologized to me by going to her heart, it won’t touch my heart, I’m not weak not to fight for my rights. Anokhi said for my son, you were supported by the first time, he did it with you, he didn’t apologize. Shaan said Shaurya was not bad and rude, sometimes telling a few things in emotion. Alok called Devi and said sorry, I couldn’t stop Shaan from the Aastha meeting. Devi said I said that it would be good for the family if Aastha was not here, what would you tell during the talk of Kitty and Bebo alliances. Alok said don’t worry for Aastha, but Anokhi. Aastha said it wasn’t a shauric fault, it was our responsibility.


Anokhi said sorry, maybe you’re not hurt because of Shaurya, but because of me, I shouldn’t say it, he is your son, and I’m not a friend, family member or family member, I’m just your student, students don’t have the right to give advice to his teacher, sorry . The nurse called him for the test. Shaan asked Anokhi to leave. Anokhi left. Aastha said I would also go to give moral support to Anokhi, I scolded him. He goes.

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Alok asks Aastha will stay here or leave. Shaan said don’t worry, Aastha won’t come in our lives, tell Devi that I remember my promise. Alok said everything was under control, so I would leave. Shaurya goes home. Devi and Tej saw him.

Mismatched Saturday 4th December 2021: Devi said thank God, Aastha was found, we were worried for her. Gayatri asks if you get Aastha. Shaurya said yes, he was fine. Kanchan said you would be relieved, right. Gayatri asked if she met her, she was very worried. He said I was tired. Devi asks what all this is, do you have a fight. Shaurya said no, the crowd was there, nothing. He goes.

Aastha said the anokhi test was underway, so I came here. Shaan said sorry to shout at you, I felt I would lose you forever. He said that already happened, you proposed me, I asked you, are you sure. He said I said yes. He said I had told you, we were very different. He said we changed myself to stay together. He said everything was still the same. He said maybe we didn’t try, I couldn’t be a good husband. He said I didn’t become a good wife and mother. He said sometimes decisions change your entire life.

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Anokhi comes. Aastha asks if the test goes well, is everything alright. Anokhi said yes. The nurse said the doctor said he could take it out in the morning. Aastha asked Anokhi to rest. Shaan said I would leave. Anokhi asked Aastha to leave. Aastha asks how I can leave you alone. Shaan says you two must stay together, I will get flatly cleaned. He goes.

Shaurya thinks of Anokhi’s words. Alok came to Devi and said Aastha will return, don’t worry. Devi said you said Anokhi was a big tension for us. Shaurya called Aastha and disconnected. Alok said Anokhi was a problem for Shaurya, he told him anything, he was tense. He tells everything. Devi said I didn’t like him at Anokhi. He said we had to do something. He said we had to send the girl back and also Aastha.

Mismatched Saturday 4th December 2021: Anokhi came home. Babi was worried about seeing anokhi sick. Anokhi said I’m fine, don’t worry, Shaan wants me to stay with Aastha for a few days, it’s not right to leave Aastha in this state. Babi said correctly, Aastha did a lot of help to you, I would help you, come. Anokhi found a sign in his hand and asked what happened. Babi makes a reason. Anokhi asked if Vineet did this. He went to Vineet and scolded him because he raised his hand in Babi. He argued with wine and his mother. Vineet’s father comes. Vineet said Baby was mine

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