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My Daughter Durga Friday 30th December 2021 On Adom Tv

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga Friday 30th December 2021: The Episode begins with Madhav asking Billu who paid cash to prod the young ladies. Sheela stresses. Billu says I will tell tomorrow. Madhav asks wouldn’t you be able to comprehend, I will beat more. Sheela signs Madhav that she will pay more cash. Madhav beats Billu. Sheela thinks I m gone on the off chance that Billu tells anything. Madhav requests that Billu quit crying and say truth. Amrita asks somebody for Billu’s home and comes there. Madhav requests that Billu say truth and pays him cash. Sheela gives cash to Bollu and indications him not to say.

Amrita comes there and sees Madhav. Rajveer asks everybody are they set, this is their possibility, the victor will address our school in bury school title, on the off chance that champ can’t play by any explanation, then, at that point, first second place will play, its initial step to get beauty marks, remain focussed. Durga thinks to get those imprints. Rajveer wishes them good luck.

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Sanjay wants to enjoy all that life has to offer to Aarti.Aarti expresses gratitude toward him. She says Durga looks much certain, you are my dearest companion, prevent this young lady from partaking in race. Sanjay says eat, she has bamboozled us to get shoes, presently she will run shoeless. He runs with Durga’s shoes. Durga requests that he return shoes and pursues him.

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My Daughter Durga Friday 30th December 2021: Durga gets injured. Her foot drains. Sanjay stops and gets stunned. He sees instructors coming. He drops shoes and runs. Amrita sees Madhav giving cash to Billu and says he knew I m getting evidence against him, so he has come here, I will call police. She callspolice and grumbles about Billu. She thinks I need to stop Madhav here till police comes.

Rajveer requests Durga. Sanjay goes with Aarti. They see Durga hurt. Rajveer becomes stressed. He asks how might you run with such twisted. Durga says I will tell later, I will run.

Madhav slaps Billu. Sheela shows cash to Billu. Amrita comes there and hits on Madhav’s head. Amrita beats Madhav. Madhav says pause, I came to make him say truth. Amrita inquires as to for what reason were you paying cash. Madhav says you feel just you are correct. She requests that he converse with police now. Billu says Sheela gave me cash to prod her. Madhav and Amrita get stunned. Madhav askss him to say truth. Billu says I m not lying.

Durga cries in torment. Rajveer looks on. Durga reviews her family and says I will run. She falls back. She hears declaration. Amrita checks spot and tracks down Sheela’s stud She tells Madhav that Billu is saying valid. Madhav gets stunned. Billu says don’t give me to police. Madhav says I can’t completely accept that Sheela can do this with you. Billu says take cash back, sorry, Inspector comes there. Madhav sends police. Billu expresses gratitude toward Madhav and embraces him. Madhav and Amrita leave.

My Daughter Durga Friday 30th December 2021: Rajveer holds Durga and says you can’t run. Durga says I need to run for my father’s fantasy, I guaranteed my father that I will get 5 imprints. Durga goes to take part in race. Amrita thinks about Billy’s words. Madhav comes in her direction. She requests that he move. He says pay attention to me. She says Sheela has sent thugs, how might she do this, I will tell father. He asks her to this and get things done. She is sorry. He holds her hand and stops her.

Rajveer says perhaps your bone can break on the off chance that you run. Durga says it will not be greater than breaking father’s fantasies. She runs in race. Amrita informs Yashpal regarding somebody sending Billu later her.


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