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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Monday 28th March 2022

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Tuesday 29th March 2022
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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Monday 28th March 2022 : The Episode begins with Dadi doing Durga’s tilak. She favors Durga and requests that she make outsiders lose, breaking Gayatri’s self-image. Rajveer figures just energy can make Durga win today. Durga takes everybody’s endowments. Media covers the race occasion. A correspondent tells about Durga, who needs to win today. Boss visitor Gayatri Devi shows up. Columnist says the victor will be given an award too.

Gayatri gets situated. Durga gets ready for the race. Gayatri sees Rajveer. Sanjay sees Durga and remembers to make her meet his mum after race. Shilpa implores that Durga runs quicker today. Sarpanch implores Durga keeps the town regard. Everybody applauds Durga. The man reports about the race.

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Rajveer goes to Durga. She says I need your endowments for this race. She implores. Rajveer favors her. He says till your energy and boldness is there, none can make you lose, my endowments will constantly be with you, its about nation’s regard, you simply have one choice, you will win.

Rajveer meets his companion. The man says so she is Durga, your understudy, don’t bother being frightened, how could Arjun lose fight when Dronacharya educated him. Gayatri sees Durga. Durga additionally sees her and shows Sanjay. He doesn’t see Gayatri. He requests that she center around race, he will make her meet mum today. She asks where is your mum. He says I m generally with you, you will win, the very best and goes.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Monday 28th March 2022 : The men talk on the off chance that Durga or Stella will win. The race declaration is made. Durga goes to have water. Dadi sees Stella. Dadi gets under the stable and cuts the shoestring. She sees Durga proceeding to get stunned. She gets out whatever did I do. Everybody implores that Durga wins. Durga and Stella take their situation. Stella requests that she be prepared to lose. The race starts. Durga runs. Everybody supports her.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Monday 28th March 2022 : Stella excels. Sanjay says we are with you Durga, go. Durga’s shoe tumbles off. Durga finds intense to run and tumbles down. They generally get stunned. Yashpal yells to her to run. Rajveer becomes stressed. Durga sees the nation banner. She thinks my town and nation are in question, no Stella can’t win. Sanjay requests that Durga get up. Gayatri and Aarti grin. Durga applies the dirt to her brow. Vande mataram… .plays… . Durga gets up and runs. Durga stumbles into the end goal. Everybody gets blissful.

Sanjay reminds the bet to Stella and requests that she apologize to Durga, additionally shower with cow waste. Durga gets cow excrement container. Gayatri says none of Durga and Rana ought to get saved.


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