My Desire July 2022 Teasers

My Desire July 2022 Teasers
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My Desire July 2022 Teasers: Rudraksha and Preesha’s holding develops after he saves her from a closet breakdown. In any case, an enraged Balraj slaps Yuvraj when the truth will get revealed. Rudraksh and Preesha are in for a shock. Get familiar with My Desire July 2022 Teasers

Friday first July 2022

An incensed GPS slaps Yuvraj after he admits about his wrongdoings. Though Preesha and Saaransh face embarrassment, Rudraksh shocks the Khuranas. Ahana consoles Mishka though Rudraksh uncovers his resulting move to the Khuranas. Afterward, Preesha feels off-kilter when Rudraksh puts forward a circumstance.

Saturday second July 2022

Rudraksh hauls Preesha to the bed room and powers himself upon her. Afterward, Ahana plans to torment Preesha. Though GPS and Vasudha go to the Khuranas, Rudraksh causes Preesha to do the family errands. Afterward, Preesha’s solicitation leaves Yuvraj angry.

Sunday third July 2022

Ahana’s wretched stunt will get Saaransh in trouble while Rudraksh and Preesha acquire astounding data. Afterward, the Khuranas are blamed for kid work. After a warmed contention, Rudraksh and Preesha come to a bizarre settlement. Afterward, Balraj makes an astonishing declaration.

Monday fourth July 2022

Though Rudraksh sets out to torment Preesha, Yuvraj chooses to go to Bubbles’ wedding function to keep an eye on the last option. Afterward, Balraj contends with Gopal Krishnan and Vasundha. Vasudha and GPS are irate when the Khuranas pull a sly trick on the guests. On the other hand, a hidden Yuvraj arrives at the Khurana farmhouse.

Tuesday fifth July 2022

Through the Mehndi service, an alcoholic Mishka makes an endeavor to embarrass Preesha by doing the unbelievable. Meanwhile, Yuvraj lands into trouble. Rudraksh and Preesha’s holding develops after he saves her from a closet breakdown. Meanwhile, Ahana tips Saaransh into searching for vengeance towards Preesha.

Wednesday 6th July 2022

A maddened Preesha goes up against Ahana after Saaransh admits the truth. Through the Mehndi function, Rudraksh and Preesha invest some excellent energy on the whole. Ahana chooses to mix trouble after hearing Yuvraj and Preesha’s non-public exchange. Afterward, Rudraksh and Preesha get closed through the Haldi function.

Thursday seventh July 2022

Preesha rouses Shardha sooner than her effectiveness towards the Shrinivasans. Meanwhile, Ahana is in a precarious spot when Saaransh commitments to chase retribution. The guests are amazed by Preesha and Rudraksh’s spirit mixing proficiency. Afterward, the Khuranas and the Shrinivasans are annoyed about Bunty’s screw up.

Friday eighth July 2022

Balraj is stunned by Preesha’s threat to uncover his abominable demonstration. While Bunty and Bubbles’ wedding service faces issues, Preesha and Rudraksh are in for a shock. Preesha and Saaransh are stunned to distinguish an inebriated Rudraksh deception next to a heap of trash. Afterward, they’ve a precarious time endeavoring to manage him.

Saturday 10th July 2022

Ahana will get envious when Sharda gives Preesha a familial neckband. All through Bubbles and Bunty’s wedding function customs, Preesha attempts to apologize to Rudraksh. Yuvraj takes Preesha’s neckband while Ahana blames her for being imprudent. By and by, a goaded Balraj slaps Yuvraj when the truth will get revealed.

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Sunday 10th July 2022

GPS gives a harsh admonition to Yuvraj though Rudraksh panics Preesha alongside his wild driving. Afterward, Rudraksh disciplines Preesha with an odd discipline. Rudraksh hurries to Preesha’s salvage when she falls in grave risk. While Balraj attacks Saaransh, Niketan pays a shock go to the Khurana house.

Monday 11th July 2022

Saaransh watches Preesha and Rudraksh have a challenge of consuming frozen yogurt. Meanwhile, Niketan learns a disturbing reality connecting with the Khuranas. Vasudha blames Yuvraj though Niketan’s astounding reaction shocks the Khuranas. Somewhere else, Preesha battles to get Saaransh conceded solidly into a presumed school.

Tuesday twelfth July 2022

GPS lands into trouble as Yuvraj takes his money. Afterward, Rudraksh is stunned when Preesha makes an amazing declaration all through his meeting. Preesha will get desirous to see Rudraksh dealing with Saaransh after his mishap. Afterward, she chooses to follow down the culprit in the home.

Wednesday thirteenth July 2022

Though Saaransh is irritated about his confirmation, Rudraksh mixes a brilliant arrangement to get him into Ahana’s school. Afterward, Preesha goes up against Rudraksh. While the Khuranas gather for the festival, Preesha and Rudraksh complete the Holika Dahan Pooja. At a bar, Ahana and Mishka spot Yuvraj in trouble.

Thursday fourteenth July 2022

Saaransh puts forward a solicitation to Rudraksh and Preesha though Vasudha will find a solution to get better the general public assets. Afterward, Ahana composes an arrangement to bait Yuvraj. Balraj will get incensed with Preesha’s alarming assurance for the family’s security. Afterward, Rudraksh loans a submitting course of the family errands.

Friday fifteenth July 2022

Saaransh puts forward an issue to Rudraksh and Preesha sooner than he goes lacking. Rudraksh is enormously shocked when Preesha makes an astounding disclosure. Meanwhile, Ahana and Mishka relish the progress of their arrangement.

Saturday sixteenth July 2022

Rudraksh consoles Preesha as she stresses over Saaransh’s unexpected vanishing. Afterward, Sharda gives Rudraksh and Preesha a significant piece of information. Preesha and Rudraksh get a significant hint bringing about Saaransh. As Balraj all of the unexpected vanishes, the team slips into his working environment. Meanwhile, Yuvraj keeps an eye on GPS.

Sunday seventeenth July 2022

Vasudha is confused when GPS will get blamed for burglary while Rudraksh and Preesha give you a shrewd arrangement. Afterward, Yuvraj will get astounding data. Yuvraj wins Vasudha’s conviction and updates his arrangements. Somewhere else, Rudraksh and Preesha be important for arms to try not to squander Neha’s marriage.

Monday eighteenth July 2022

Yuvraj bursts into the Khurana house and makes devastation. Rudraksh attempts to toss him out. Meanwhile, Vasudha finds out about GPS’s urgent prosperity circumstance. GPS says thanks to Yuvraj when he well tips the Shrinivasans on the clinic. Meanwhile, Preesha notices Rudraksh making a vow covertly.

Tuesday nineteenth July 2022

The police barge into the Khurana home as Priyanka blames Rudraksh for attack. Inside the interim, Preesha concocts a shrewd strategy to try not to squander him. Preesha follows Balraj and an obscure specific individual wanting to search out Saaransh. While GPS will get released from the clinic, Rudraksh scrambles to search out Preesha.

Wednesday 20th July 2022

After Balraj shows up home with Preesha, Rudraksh hauls him to the police headquarters. Afterward, Preesha makes a frightening revelation. Niketan uncovers a grave reality when Preesha finds him in the act. Afterward, Rudraksh hurries to try not to squander Preesha and Saaransh. Is it past the point of no return?

Thursday twenty first July 2022

While Niketan holds Saaransh at gunpoint, the last option makes an unfathomable disclosure. In a bid to protect Saaransh, Preesha will have chance! Rudraksh chooses to give his blood to try not to squander Saaransh. Afterward, Preesha’s prosperity uncovers signs of rebuilding.

Friday twenty second July 2022

Rudraksh and Preesha are delighted to get Saaransh once more. While Balraj vents his disappointment at Sharda, Rudraksh and Yuvraj are in constant disagreement. Ahana units out to show Balraj towards Rudraksh alongside her cunning arrangement. Though Rudraksh and Preesha’s bond develops further, he’s mentioned to disappear the home by Balraj.

Saturday twenty third July 2022

Preesha lets Rudraksh know that she faked getting feeble to stop the fight. Though Vasudha bursts into the Khurana house, Saaransh will get terrified after seeing Niketan. Ahana makes a guarantee to Rudraksh though Balraj gives him a final offer. Afterward, Preesha and Rudraksh share a heartfelt second.

Sunday twenty fourth July 2022

Preesha respects Saaransh as he assists Rudraksh with practicing for his on-line live execution. Afterward, Preesha goes towards Balraj’s requests to help a pregnant woman. Preesha goes towards the emergency clinic organization to help a pregnant woman transport her youngster. With watchers watching her on TV, will Preesha contact her movement?

Monday 25 July 2022

Episode 93

Rudraksh supports Preesha in the face of trouble. Elsewhere, GPS humiliates Yuvraj while Ahana manipulates Balraj against Rudraksh and Preesha.

Episode 94

Rudraksh apologises to Preesha for his behaviour after Saaransh convinces him to do so. Later, Balraj quarantines Preesha.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Episode 95

The Khuranas are worried as Rudraksh surprises Preesha and brings her back to the mansion. Later, Rudraksh and Preesha enjoy their time with Saaransh.

Episode 96

Rudraksh notices a worrying factor Saaransh exhibits in his sleep. While Ahana executes her plan to get Preesha out of the house, Rudraksh takes a stern stand.

Wednesday 27 July 2022

Episode 97

Preesha and Rudraksh try to find a way to help Saaransh recover from the trauma. Later, Rudraksh enacts a special skit along the Khuranas to motivate him.

Episode 98

The Shrinivasans surprise Preesha after her quarantine ends. Later, Ahana vows revenge after a heated argument and Vasudha.

Thursday 28 July 2022

Episode 99

After the online exam commences, Saaransh gets worried as the questions are out of his league. Later, Rudraksh hatches a clever plan to help Saaransh pass.

Episode 100

The Khuranas are startled over Saaransh’s exam results while Rudraksh reveals his abusive childhood. Later, Ahana gives Preesha some unexpected news.

Friday 29 July 2022

Episode 101

Vasudha storms into Mr. Zaveri’s office demanding to see her jewels. While Ahana makes a brilliant move, Rudraksh’s decision leaves her dumbstruck.

Episode 102

Preesha courageously stops Balraj from raising his hands on Rudraksh. At the same time, Yuvraj meets Karan with a masterplan in mind. Will he succeed?

Saturday 30 July 2022

Episode 103

Balraj is furious at Rudraksh’s decision to attend school. With a plan in mind, Ahana calms him and requests him to let Rudraksh go through with it.

Episode 104

Rudraksh makes it just in time for his online classes after Preesha helps him wake up. Elsewhere, GPS and Vasudha are astonished by Yuvraj’s new job offer.

Sunday 31 July 2022

Episode 105

Balraj loses his cool after Rudraksh wears the school uniform in order to attend online classes. Later, Rudraksh encounters an obstacle before starting up.


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