My Father’s Bride Full Story Summary & Cast, On tv3

My Father's Bride Full Story Summary & Cast
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Full Story Summary My Father’s Bride Full Story: Niya, a young lady, stresses over her single parent and understands that he is forlorn. She embarks to observe an appropriate soul mate for himself and goes over Guneet, a qualified female admirer.

My Father’s Bride Full Story synopsis:Niya Sharma wins an opportunity to go to preparing in the workplace base camp in the United States for a long time however stresses for her dad Amber Sharma, a single man. Guneet Sikka, a forty-year-elderly person needs to take off from her leased house in Delhi. Henceforth, Niya controls Amber to make Guneet live in his home with the goal that she can take care of him, accordingly, giving sanctuary to Guneet too. She leaves for America and meets Randeep Mehandiratta there, who lives in a similar loft. It is uncovered that he is really the child of Amber’s foe.
Afterward, Amber goes through a mishap because of which Niya returns to India.

Niya feels such Amber’s reality is fragmented and needs a sidekick and makes Amber’s record on her dating application and he finds out about it and later visits with Guneet indiscriminately. Both Amber and Guneet become old buddies on Niya’s application however get into a warmed contention while they meet up close and personal.

Niya and Amber
Dr. Anurag Malhotra gets drawn to Guneet and Pammi settles Guneet’s wedding with him. Afterward, subsequent to knowing that his visit mate is, in all honesty, Guneet herself, Amber feels awful and erases his record. Along these lines, Pammi fixes Guneet’s commitment with Anurag. Be that as it may, Amber attempts to stop her wedding and harms Pammi all the while and consequently an argument is recorded against him.

My Father’s Bride Full Story synopsis: Niya passes on her significant gathering to free Amber, because of this the Management requests that she work under Shri. In this way, she leaves her place of employment and observes solace in Randeep’s organization. Afterward, Guneet breaks her commitment as she began abhorring men because of her internet based accomplice (Amber). Niya and Kajal fire dealing with their beginning up and feel down and out when Kabir won’t help the two. Niya and Kajal go head to head with Kabir and Shree in the business contention.
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Afterward, Amber attempts to rejoin Kabir and Niya however comes up short. Afterward, Randeep leaves for United States and Niya and Randeep give each other a passionate farewell. Somewhere else, Niya finds out about Amber’s affections for Guneet. Guneet and Amber get ready supper and welcomes Kabir and Shri without telling Niya so they can fix things up and Kabir and Niya get into a contention and in the long run apologize to one another and accommodate.

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Golden uncovers his way of life as Guneet’s visit mate and she feels beguiled and slaps him. Niya finds out about this and gets into a warmed contention expels Guneet causing both to hate one another. Somewhere else Niya, Kabir, Kajal, and Shri accommodate and go to a class together under the direction of Rishi Burman, a well-to-do finance manager who stops at Niya’s home.

Niya becomes more acquainted with from Kabir that Swara loves him and he likewise admits his affections for herself and Niya additionally learns her sentiments about him however later, Kabir and Swara get into a relationship. Guneet at first abhorring Amber beginnings creating affections for him.”put together by blastersseries.com” Kabir begins detesting Niya when she erroneously sends an off-base email to Rishi and later Niya admits her adoration to Kabir and apologizes for her activity. Whenever Pammi meets with a mishap, Guneet and Amber draw nearer while dealing with her. Somewhere else Niya, Kabir, and Swara get confused around their sentiments towards one another.

My Father’s Bride Full Story Line: Later Guneet pardons Amber and chooses to wed. Anyway Amber needs a straightforward wedding yet Guneet and her family need the wedding to be fabulous and extravagant. AmNeet’s wedding service faces many obstacles however they get hitched joyfully regardless of the chances.

Love birds feel awkward with one another and then again, Niya attempts to beat Amber’s possessiveness. Rishi surpasses WeNet and makes Niya the CEO of WeNet. Kabir says that Rishi may be doing this since he adores Niya. Rishi at last opens his sentiments to Niya and Niya leaves without replying. Kabir and Swara declare their commitment which breaks Niya. Rishi consoles her,

Guneet and Kajal organize swayamvar for her to lift her. Niya becomes angry with Guneet’s activities while the last option finds out about her pregnancy. Niya prior reluctant about Guneet’s pregnancy later becomes cheerful and amped up for it. Pammi unveils Guneet’s pregnancy to Amber. Then again, AmNeet devises an arrangement to join Niya and Kabir and acknowledges their relationship. They fooled Niya into conceding her affections for Kabir. Kabir proposes to Niya and Niya acknowledges. Kajal and Shree learns of Guneet’s pregnancy. Niya illuminates Kabhir that she needs to go for a very long time for CEO preparing. Kabir upholds her.

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My Father’s Bride Full Story rundown
Golden plans Niya and Kabir’s commitment since he has close to zero familiarity with New York. Niya is terrified to tell Amber. Guneet tells Amber unexpectedly, stunning Niya. Golden becomes distraught. Guneet consoles Niya. Niya refers to her as “Gunni Maa” and they cry and embrace. Niya and Guneet plans to make Amber comprehend. They fool him by utilizing real love thought. Golden comprehends.
Niya and Kabir takes a few promises. They all observe Diwali in the general public.
Niya leaves for New York and cries. Golden, Guneet, and Kabir get enthusiastic. Recollections with every one of them is thought back. Niya leaves finishing the series on a cheerful note.

My Father’s Bride Cast  DETAILS
Name:My Father’s Bride
No. Of Seasons: 1
No. Of Episodes: 181
Channel: Tv3 Ghana
Chief: 22nd March 2022
Last Episode: Nil
Named: English Language
Supplanting: El paraiso
Unique Title: Mere Dad Ki
Nation of beginning: India
Network: Sony diversion

My Father’s Bride – Cast, pictures, genuine name.
Varun Badola as Amber Sharma: Anjali’s single man, Guneet’s better half, Niya’s dad.
Shweta Tiwari as Guneet Sikka/Sharma: Pammi’s little girl, Amber’s better half, Niya’s progression mother.
Anjali Tatrari as Niya Sharma: Amber and Anjali’s girl, Guneet’s stepdaughter.
Vijay Tilani as Kabir Pant: Niya’s adoration interest, Swara’s ex and associate.

Nidhi Seth as Swara Joshi: Kabir’s ex.
Shivaani Sopur as Pammi Sikka: Guneet’s mom.
Samentha Fernandes as Kajal/Metroni: Niya’s dearest companion and accomplice in her firm, Design Sutra.
Shaleen Malhotra as Rishi Burman: Amber and Niya’s occupant.
Yash Pandit as KK Chaudhary
Radiant Hinduja as Anurag Malhotra: Guneet’s ex
Rohit Kumar as Rocky
Rajendra Chawla as Dr. Pandey: Amber’s primary care physician and dearest companion.
Fahmaan Khan as Randeep Mehndiratta: Amber’s colleague and Niya’s companion.
Sanchita Kulkarni as RJ Janhavi, Guneet’s companion.
Avantika Shetty as Anjali Sharma: Amber’s late spouse, Niya’s mom.

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