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My Heart Knows Friday 10th December 2021:The episode atarted with scolding Kalyani Malhar to enter the hot milk into the bottle. Kalyani said I had checked the bottle, but why are you going to trust me as you think I do. He told me to learn from my mistakes and drink hot milk from a bottle. Malhar took the bottle out of his hand, and made him drink water to cool her throat. Kalyani writhing in pain.

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Malhar asks what you want to prove and say you are a coward for not accepting that you are trying to make Sampada and Atharv eloped and also make the baby hot milk drinking. He said the crime you will not be lacking with this effort. Everyone looks shocked. Anupriya Godaveri asks you to have sugar and curd when he eats something hot. Kalyani realized he was telling me. Anupriya keep the forehead and the sugar bowl there to Kalyani.

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Kalyani took it and ate to relieve pain. Anupriya oversee this. He thought not know what its fate in the future and ask God to give you strength. He came to the baby and said that his throat burned from milk. He thought he was very stressed and hoped her life would be like him. He says he is very lazy and does not want to work. He said I want to eat, drink, and sleep.
Malhar called Kalyani. Kalyani said Jailer England call.

My Heart Knows Friday 10th December 2021:Malhar called him and asked him to carry a wallet. Kalyani bring his wallet. Malhar would ask me to go to the police station I was with your wallet. Kalyani said she was afraid of him. The police came and said that divers do not get Sampada and Atharv and said that Kalyani finger prints found in the house where Sampada there. Malhar asked him to go. Kalyani said that when I went to send. Malhar say if I asked you? Neighbors came to give condolences to Malhar and then congratulated him on his marriage. They say that they will come to have food made by Kalyani.

Malhar invite them to lunch. She says she does not know to cook .. Malhar asked him to cook the fish in two hours. He cut off her nose and wearing gloves, saying how there are people who eat it and feel sorry for it. Fishwife asked him to buy all the fish. Anupriya tell the fishmonger that they do not have fish during this time. Fishmonger go. Kalyani told Anupriya that Malhar asked him to cook the fish. Anupriya go.

Kalyani think to tell Malhar. Malhar came to the house where Sampada and Atharv stay. Constable got mangalsutra Sampada and give to Malhar. Malhar cry and hurt his hand holding the mangalsutra. Kalyani call and say that they can not have fish for days Tulsi VIVAH. Malhar asked him not to call him for things that are not useful. Kalyani think he exploded like a bomb and pray to God asking him to help her.

My Heart Knows Friday 10th December 2021:Kalyani in the kitchen with the baby. He said that he did not know how to cook vegetables. He thinks as if he would fail and confused to see a video on the internet. He thought how Madhuri used to cook. Baby laughs. He thought he would make two meals out of three people each time. Anupriya Godaveri hear it and call him to learn to cook. He asked her to take 4 cups of rice for 6 people and add 6 cups of water and then put the whistle. Kalyani do as told by Anupriya and asked the baby how to make aloo ki Sabzi. Anupriya tell Godaveri that he would teach him how to cook aloo ki Sabzi.Aparna came and said Kalyani took the baby in the kitchen and said she had a baby massage. Anupriya said he would call a woman a massage.Kalyani gave the baby to the woman and asked her to massage the baby in front of him.

Anupriya asks lady not to harm baby. Kalyani and Anupriya hear Police keep siren. Lady gets scared and keeps baby on the edge of the well and escapes. Kalyani and Anupriya are shocked as the baby is about to fall in well.

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