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My Heart Knows Friday 22nd April 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Shera causing Aao Saheb to breathe in the smoke on the appearance of taking out awful sight from her. He says on the off chance that you inconvenience Kalyani more, I will move on your head. Aao Saheb calls Avni and requests that she get back home. She says nothing is fine here. Kalyani is cleaning the floor, while she is wearing wet garments. Shera comes behind Kalyani and attempts to cause her to help some warmness through the smoke. Kalyani requests that he stay out of other people’s affairs and says you are not trustable. She says you won’t get any additional cash. Shera says why I have the inclination that you are thinking me wrong.

Moksh signs her to express sorry to him. Shera says I won’t pass on in the event that you yell. He says in the event that you need, you can say sorry. Kalyani says sorry and expresses gratitude toward him. She requests that Moksh proceed to study, says in the event that you concentrates on well, you will get kiss on your cheeks. Shera envisions marking Malhar’s mark and requesting a kiss from her. She requests that he read A B C D first. Kalyani hears Satyavan-Savitri Paat/katha and wheezes. She figures she will appeal to God for Malhar ji everyday until he meets her in the other world. Shera sees Moksh dozing and comes out. He believes on the off chance that Kalyani ji saw me gazing at her, she will fly off the handle.

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Later in the first part of the day, Kalyani is doing the paat till morning alongside the women. They hear Avni shouting and race to her room. They see Avni sitting on the bed while her garments and torn, and wounds on her body. Sarthak comes there. Avni embraces him and tells that he went into her room persuasively in the evening and afterward… .Shera is dozing on the bed shirtless. Sarthak hits him, yet he isn’t in is faculties. Avni plays a keep in which Shera requests that she allow him an opportunity. She says Malhar can’t do this, he is faker. Sarthak inquires as to whether she will in any case tell that he is Malhar. Avni rushes to other room. Sarthak thumps on the entryway requesting that she open the entryway.

My Heart Knows Friday 22nd April 2022 Zee World: Aao Saheb requests that she open the entryway. Avni says she can’t show her face to anybody and requests that he get that fraud rebuffed. Kalyani thumps on the entryway and requests that she open the entryway, says she will get the blameworthy rebuffed. She goes to Shera and causes him to get up. Shera tells that he is feeling cerebral pain and inquires as to for what reason would she say she is flying off the handle? He says did you had any idea that I working on marking throughout the evening. Kalyani slaps him and asks how challenge you to slight Avni. Shera is stunned and says I did nothing with Chachi. He says she is lying and really looks at himself. He asks where did my garments go? He wears his shirt.

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Kalyani says I know how you see the young ladies. Shera tells no. She says your mouth is smelling wine. He says I didn’t drink wine the previous evening and tells that Avni is lying. Sarthak takes him out and tells that he isn’t Malhar. Shera gives Malhar’s indication and tells that he sat idle. Aao Saheb says he is a faker. Kalyani requests that Sarthak take him from that point. Shera says he is right on the money. Kalyani says she won’t uphold her better half, assuming he has fouled up. Sarthak says even you need to leave from here and get isolated from Moksh, whenever it is demonstrated that, he isn’t malhar.

My Heart Knows Friday 22nd April 2022 Zee World:  Shera attempts to let Kalyani know that he is honest, however he is hauled out by Sarthak. Kalyani hurries to room and cries, tells that she will bite the dust assuming she lose Moksh after him. Moksh attempts to tell her something and shows the paper, however Kalyani won’t tune in. Godaveri comes there and tells that Dada can’t do this. Kalyani says we have no demonstrates that Malhar ji did nothing as he is acting abnormally since he returned. She goes to Avni and requests that she come out. She says we need to follow through with something.


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