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My Heart Knows Friday 24th December 2021:The Episode begins with Kalyani recounting story of Anupriya and tells that somebody had contacted her to give wings to her fantasies, she was liable to predetermination and that is the reason she cleaned her tears and picked the book. She tells that she fabricated boldness in herself and arrived at the school. She conflicted with the family’s desire. She tells everything in verse. She asks what’s up to study and get a degree. Aao Saheb asks what do you imagine that I will get dazzled with your adademic words and says Anupriya didn’t leave us and she obscured our family. Sampada and Atharv grins. Kalyani says my Aai did a slip-up to become free, and inquires as to whether she will be valued or discipline. She requests that they say. Malhar tells that she will be valued. She says she will be lauded and calls media there. He requests that Reporters come and says this news will be canvassed in all news channels and paper. He tells that Anupriya will be valued as she picked the pen, without leaving kitchen. He requests that Reporters like Aao Saheb as she persuaded her bahu to study and acclaims her. He says that Aao Saheb needs a praise from us. Kalyani requests that Reporters take their meeting and says Aao Saheb needs Anupriya to do post graduation later graduation. Malhar requests that she say. Aao Saheb says she needs her bahu to study and she will bear the instruction expenses and so forth Malhar grins and asks band folks to play band. Sampada says Malhar has demolished our arrangement. Aao Saheb requests that Sampada and Atharv leave. Malhar fires at their vehicle tire. Vehicle tire drops out. Malhar makes Atharv wear it and says there is an uplifting news for you both. He gives papers to Sampada. Sampada says I don’t consent to this papers and tells that he can’t grab her child from her. Malhar says Moksh is his child and she can’t give childhood to him. Sampada says she can purchase numerous men like him. Kalyani becomes irate on her and supports Malhar. Malhar asks her not to meddle and tells Sampada that Atharv will double-cross her. Sampada says she cherishes Atharv and never adored him, and tells that Atharv’s cash is hers. Malhar requests that she rest on the cash bed and says you won’t grab my child with that cash. He says there is no name of your connection with Atharv in law and says it is incomprehensible for a lady to bring up an on more odd youngster Malhar requests that they take off from his home. Atharv requests that Sampada come. They leave in the penetrated vehicle.

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My Heart Knows Friday 24th December 2021:Pallavi asks Aao Saheb for what valid reason Maayi did dramatization infront of townspeople. Anupriya says it is my mix-up that I concealed this reality, yet it isn’t my error that I took affirmation. She tells that Vivek was taking her cash which her dad used to sent and tells that Pallavi insults her continually calling her uneducated. Anupriya lets Aao Saheb know that she generally dealt with her, and presently it is her turn now. She says she needs to deal with her with her cash. She asks Pallavi and Vivek not to think her feeble as a result of her quiet. She tells Aao Saheb that Pallavi and Vivek took her to Mumbai to sell her kidney and tells everything. Aao Saheb becomes irate and asks Anupriya not to clean the washrooms and latrines and requests that Pallavi clean it. She requests that Anupriya utilize that chance to study and says she don’t need somebody to insult her. Sampada surges home and attempts to consume the table. Atharv stops her and inquires as to whether she has gone distraught? Sampada says she don’t need the abundance and cash, and says she will consume all. Atharv says this is my cash. Sampada says who am I to you, and says I am only happiness for yourself and says Malhar said this today. Atharv requests that she quiet down and says how to wed you, Mugdha is alive, assuming I wed you then I will lose everybody. Sampada says she needs to deliver retribution from Malhar and pours lamp oil on Atharv and herself. Atharv requests that she quiet down and says I will bring your child. She embraces him and cries.

Anupriya tells that she can gladly say that her little girl is her solidarity. She says she won’t be apprehensive at this point. Kalyani says this is finished by Malhar and commends him. Anupriya says Atharv and Sampada won’t hush up, don’t have the foggiest idea what their new assault will be. Atharv keeps party at home. Sampada says she really wants vengeance. Atharv asks her not to think carefully and make courses of action for party.

My Heart Knows Friday 24th December 2021:Official requests that Malhar go to Atharv Bapat’s party for the security and says I have any familiarity with your ex, yet you need to go. He says this is Minister Saheb’s structure and you need to go there with your better half. Sampada inquires as to whether he will come? Atharv says my coin will reply and flips a coin. Magistrate lets Malhar know that he is requesting him and requests that he go to Atharv’s party with his better half. Atharv tells Sampada that Malhar will come clearly. Sampada smiles.

Atharv tells that ACP needs to move seeing the enormous dance and difficulties him for couple hit the dance floor with them. Kalyani says they would rather not dance. Sampada inquires as to whether she is terrified as everybody will realize that there is no affection between them, as Sampada and Atharv.


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