My Heart Knows On Thursday 30th December 2021 Zee World Update

Mismatched Update Saturday 29th January 2022
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My Heart Knows On Thursday 30th December 2021: The Episode begins with Vineet pushing Anokhi. Babli goes to Anokhi and holds her hand. She asks how could you contact my sister, I had endured a great deal, I won’t leave you assuming you hurt her. He chides her. Anokhi undermines him. She says Babli isn’t the bygone one, she will not endure your maltreatment, assuming you beat her, she can beat you back, however she will not do that, we won’t extra you. She requests that Babli say it, its the right possibility. Babli says I would rather not stay with you. He asks would you lose your have cared. She says you don’t have humankind. Anokhi says Babli did a ton for you, she just got your insults and beating, does she merit this, for what reason will she endure your maltreatment, is she your worker. He asks her to simply go. She says she dealt with you and your folks, you are childish, its better to not have a spouse like you, you recruit a legal counselor for yourself, I will enlist the best separation legal advisor for her. Vineet says I will demolish both of you, you will return and apologize to me. He takes a stone to hit. Ahir comes and stops him. He reproves Vineet. Anokhi says capture him. Ahir says I would have captured him that day when you recorded an objection against him. Vineet gets a call. He thinks I needed to settle on a payoff decision. He requests that Babli stop Ahir, they will sort their matter. Vineet requests that Babli think about their folks and excuse him once. Anokhi says he is bogus promising to get saved from the prison. Ahir says OK, I will take him. Babli requests that Ahir leave him.

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My Heart Knows On Thursday 30th December 2021: Anokhi says we fall powerless. Babli says no, Vineet’s father truly adored me as his girl, I m an obligation towards him, I can’t rebuff him for his child’s slip-up. Anokhi says Vineet can beat you once more. Babli says I will break his hands now. Ahir says I m releasing you as a result of them, don’t inconvenience them. He requests that Babli shift to Anokhi’s room. Vineet says I will move to other room. He proceeds to say I will see them later, when I dispose of the credit. Ahir gives an award to Babli and Anokhi for their boldness. Vineet converses with his man. The man says assuming you are occupied then I will settle on the payoff decision. Vineet says no, I will call them. The man says Shaurya can set my life, I need to accomplish something. Ahir says numerous young ladies accomplish something courageous consistently, however they don’t get any decoration, I need to thank and show respect to you. Babli says credit goes to Anokhi, she empowered me. Anokhi says you had done it without anyone’s help, credit ought to be equivalent. Ahir says we will proceed to have tea. Babli says lassi. Anokhi says OK, lassi.
Devi says Tej didn’t pay attention to me, criminals realize that we informed the police, so they didn’t call. Tej says nothing will happen to your child, quiet down. Devi says they didn’t call till now. He says attempt to comprehend, they need cash from us, we will give them cash when Shaurya is with us, Shaurya is shrewd, perhaps he has gotten away, they have no excuse to call us, then, at that point.. Gayatri says possibly they don’t need cash, and have individual ill will. Aastha feels unwell. Tej requests that she be quiet and backing. Aastha blacks out down. Everybody gets stunned. They hurry to Aastha.

My Heart Knows On Thursday 30th December 2021: Ahir, Babli and Anokhi have lassi. He requests that Anokhi say something. Babli says I need to say, says thanks to Anokhi, I m sure she will accomplish enormous. Anokhi says even you will do it, guarantee me, you won’t venture back, you will keep fortitude. Babli says we will begin a decent life.

Anokhi gets Shaurya’s watch. She follows Vineet. Vineet asks where is Shaurya. Anokhi goes up against Vineet. She says I realize who is the criminal.


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