My Heart Knows On Zee World Friday 25th March 2022 update

My Heart Knows Sunday 10th April 2022 Zee World
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My Heart Knows On Zee World Friday 25th March 2022 update: The Episode begins with Kalyani letting herself know that she won’t go to Malhar ji this time and he needs to acknowledge himself. Atharv comes there and calls Kalyani, says he has pressed his stuff and Balu’s stuff. He requests that she pack her stuff and says we will flee from here with Baba and balu.

Kalyani inquires as to why? Atharv says Pallavi told her that Swara is a chudail. Kalyani says she isn’t a chudail. Pallavi comes there. Kalyani inquires as to for what reason did you say that Swara is chudail. Pallavi says who can run quicker, switch off the light and afterward assault Anupriya. Kalyani gets thinking. She hears Moksh crying and calls him. Madhav is embracing him.

Kalyani comes there. Madhav attempts to make him tranquil and afterward gives Moksh to Kalyani, says he isn’t simply horrible. Kalyani takes Moksh from him. Moksh cries checking Malhar out. Malhar takes him. Moksh cries checking Kalyani then, at that point, out. Kalyani comes there, Moksh turns out to be calm seeing them together and keeps his hand on their hands. Atharv says Balu is cunning and needs you both. Jaanisar tune plays… ..

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Atharv illuminates Kalyani that Nani (Anupriya acquired awareness). Kalyani gets blissful and takes Moksh to Aao Saheb’s side of the house. She embraces Anupriya and inquires as to whether Swara did this? Anupriya says assuming Swara did and tells that it was dull, a hidden individual came there and assaulted her. She says that the lady was wearing old abnormal ring. Kalyani says Swara wear no ring.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Friday 25th March 2022 updateAnupriya says she had applied fragrance likewise and inquires as to whether Swara had applied aroma when she assaulted her. Pallavi says no. Kalyani says Swara is having asthma and can’t matter fragrance, says the assailant isn’t swara, however another person. The hidden assailant comes and sits on the seat in a room. Kalyani observes the material piece adhered to Anupriya’s chain in her neck. Kalyani says I will figure out who that hidden individual was, utilizing this. The hidden individual eliminates her cloak from her face and she is, as a matter of fact, Asawari.

Aahir comes there and requests that what do, Anupriya is saved in the event that she comes to realize that the assailant would you say you is? Asawari asks him for what good reason is he perspiring and says Anupriya is saved, yet she didn’t see my face. She says I sent Kalyani to Swara’s room purposefully to do this, realizing Swara acquired cognizance and Kalyani will get some information about 26th July. She says I requested that you keep Swara’s siphon in Anupriya’s room. She says Swara stow away in Malhar’s room and everybody was looking through her when I switch off the lights and went to Anupriya’s room and cuts her hand. She says I did a misstep and couldn’t cut her right nerve.

Anupriya tells that it was all and inquires as to for what reason would she say she is recording this? Kalyani says she needs to make this recording heard by somebody. Anupriya asks Malhar? Kalyani says she isn’t conversing with him. Anupriya says Malhar is questioning you. Kalyani says no one will be aware of this and requests that Pallavi stay quiet about it. She says my mum was assaulted and that is the reason I will look through the guilty party.

Aahir asks Asawari, what she will do now. He says you had said that we will remain in Malhar’s home as no one will question us. Asawari asks how will I respond, will I kill you or me. She tells that she caused Malhar to accept that she is great and worry for them.

She says it was difficult to win Kalyani’s trust and made her saree tumbled down with the goal that she can win her trust. She tells that she sold Swara’s foul’s pics to Rohan to get cash from him (Aahir). She says she made Malhar and Kalyani trust her and tells that no one will be familiar with 26th July. Aahir says Malhar got the skeleton, until when reality will stow away.

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Later Anupriya goes to the kitchen and sees the new stuff. She asks her. Kalyani tells her that more often than not they invest their energy in kitchen and lack the capacity to deal with themselves. She says we are brilliant and current, yet our kitchen is obsolete. She says we can accomplish practically everything in half time with the electrical apparatuses. Anupriya gets cheerful and asks from where this melody is playing? Kalyani shows the google home.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Friday 25th March 2022 update: Anupriya requests that she take machines’ pic and ship off Manjiri. Kalyani says alright and requests that she request that Manjiri purchase everything from Flipkart online deal. Malhar comes and gets some information about her wellbeing. Anupriya says she doesn’t know about that swara was the assailant. malhar apologizes to her. Anupriya protects Kalyani. Malhar says I would rather not talk and goes. Kalyani figures she can learn about the aggressor herself.

Precap: Asawari attempts to consume Kalyani. Swara comes to kitchen to tell her reality and sees her dupatta bursting into flames before she can alarm Kalyani, Asawari keeps a hand on her mouth halting her.


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