My Heart Knows On Zee World Sunday 13th March 2022 update

My Heart Knows Sunday 10th April 2022 Zee World
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My Heart Knows On Zee World Sunday 13th March 2022: The Episode begins with man of the hour’s family coming to malhar’s home. Madhav makes him meet Malhar. Asawari says you came brilliantly and says it is aarti time now. Kalyani comes to Swara’s room and tracks down shorts and shirt on the bed. She thinks on the off chance that Swara wears this, malhar ji’s regard will be demolished and takes the shorts with her. She comes to her room and conceals it under her bed. She figures I will perceive the way Swara gets her jeans now. While Malhar and his family are imploring, Atharv attempts to get modak, yet Madhav stops him. Atharv requests that Sarthak give Modak. Sarthak requests that he sit. Kalyani sees Swara coming wearing legitimate garments and grins while others are remaining with their eyes shut. Swara goes from that point.

Kalyani thinks that she is proceeded to become stressed. Bappa Moriya re… .plays… .She figures where did she go? assuming she came to realize that I have kept her garments in my room. She goes behind her and says I have only 2 mins work in room. She figures what to do as such that Swara don’t get the shorts. She takes a gander at the shorts and considers wearing it under her saree and figures then Swara can’t think even in her fantasy where it is kept. She calls herself virtuoso. Swara goes from that point. Kalyani returns subsequent to wearing the shorts under her saree. Everybody is representing the aarti. Anupriya comes to the opposite side of the house.

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Madhav requests that Malhar carry Kalyani to do puja. All at once her saree tumbles down a little and everybody see the shorts which she is wearing under it. Madhav asks what’s going on here? Malhar chides Kalyani and takes her to room. Anupriya becomes stressed. Malhar holds Kalyani’s hand and asks what you will do by doing this and says how might you do immaturity? You had worn saree before why did this happen now? He says take a gander at their faces, they were completely stunned, couldn’t say whether Swara’s union will be fixed or not.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Sunday 13th March 2022: Kalyani figures she can’t let him know that Swara was going to wear it so she worn it. Malhar says you made my head low infront of everybody. Anupriya calls Kalyani to the window and inquires as to for what reason did you do this? Kalyani cries and tells everything. Malhar apologizes to Madhav and Asawari and says Kalyani won’t do this purposefully and is tragic. He requests pardoning. Madhav says I can’t believe that bahu would do something like this. I can’t converse with the man of the hour’s family now. Asawari says she did a mix-up inadvertently. Malhar apologizes to them and leaves. Kalyani comes there and says sorry. She says she had worn shorts inside the saree, just to save Swara’s union. Madhav and Asawari take a gander at one another.

Malhar comes to Anupriya and asks did you see what your little girl have done? Anupriya requests that he imagine that she had worn saree previously, yet never wears short inside it and says there may be a purpose for her doings. Malhar expresses out loud whatever could be the explanation. Anupriya shows a chappal and the string adhered to it, says whoever has step on her saree, made it fall. Might be this individual do this deliberately. He asks would you say you are concealing something from me? Anupriya says I requested that she tell truth to everybody, except she disagreed. Malhar inquires as to for what reason did she wear such profane garments.

Swara tells Madhav and Asawari that Kalyani is lying and is going to slap Kalyani, yet madhav holds her hand and asks did I give you such qualities? Malhar brings the chappal there. Asawari lets Malhar know that slip-up isn’t of Kalyani, really… Malhar says Maayi let me know everything. He inquires as to whether this chappal is yours? Swara says OK and asks what is your take? Malhar says you needed to wear that garments and when Kalyani needed to stop you, you made her charged. Swara says everybody is behind me and says I would rather not wed, this connection is a joke and requests that he see Kalyani and his connection and says it isn’t under a joke. Malhar says I would rather not tune in and requests that she meet the husband to be’s family, in the event that she generally try to avoid the person then, at that point, can dismiss him.

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Sarthak lets the husband to be’s family know that Kalyani is youthful, however is very understandings and handles the house liability alone. Kalyani comes and says sorry, says she did nothing deliberately. The person says fail to remember whatever has occurred, its alright. Kalyani says thanks to him. Asawari requests that she take a quick trip and see Swara. Kalyani goes. Sarthak requests that Aahir bring breakfast. Madhav tells Asawari that Swara will concur for marriage and tells that it is great when she goes else will recount around 26th july story.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Sunday 13th March 2022: Kalyani comes to Swara’s room through the window. Swara says for what reason did you come through window. Kalyani gives her saree and requests that she wear it, says the odds are full for this marriage. Swara says you don’t know Rane family men and says Dada should be like them moreover. Kalyani says I won’t allow you to successfully destroy Malhar’s regard infront of man of the hour’s family, says in the event that you don’t come out then the families could fix your marriage without you, then, at that point, don’t tell that you got no opportunity.

Precap: Malhar requests that Kalyani assist him with making Swara trust in marriage and says we need to give our guide to her.



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