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My Heart Knows Sunday 14th November 2021 Zee World :The episode began with Anupriya threatening the examiner to make a video of the virus where he refused to let Kalyani write a test when he brought the Hall to the hall. Kalyani comes there. Examiner asked Anupriya to remove the video and let Kalyani enter. Kalyani said you were affected because of me. The examiner asked him to write a test and give paper. He said you only had 45 minutes and asked Anupriya to delete the video. Aao Saheb called Pallavi and told him that even now he was hungry.

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Pallavi said I was looking for Maayi to serve your food. Aao Saheb said Anupriya told me that he would go to the temple. Pallavi said the aarti plate was at home. Workers come and give them the Prasad.Pallavi asks where Maayi? Gowde stiffly said that he was not in the temple. Pallavi tried to provoke Aao

My Heart Knows Sunday 14th November 2021 Zee World :parna said it wasn’t handwriting. Malhar said I knew your hand. Aparna apologized and said that she wanted Kalyani to stay at home and handle the baby. Malhar said again lying and said that you were worried Kalyani and I might be close. He laughed and said that I had hatred towards Kalyani, just like I hated Sampada.

My Heart Knows Sunday 14th November 2021 Zee World :Kalyani returned home and said that she wanted to tell her that the principal let him write a test, because he was sure that handwriting was not his. Malhar remembered telling the principal about the truth by calling him. Kalyani asks Aparna to find out about syllabus before making chits if not, you will catch like now. He T.

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