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My Heart Knows Sunday 24th April 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Kalyani yelling and running towards Malhar, as Mamta pulls the switch to hang Malhar. Malhar is going to tumble down and hang, however Kalyani battles with the thugs and leaps to hold him. She figures out how to save him. In the mean time Riddhi comes to everybody and opens their ropes. Kalyani liberates Malhar’s hand. Malhar then figures out how to take off fabric from his mouth and takes out rope from his neck. He descends. Asawari attempts to run, however is gotten by Swara, Asawari, Sampada and Pallavi. Aahir attempts to run, yet Madhav gets and beats him. The women beat up Asawari. Kalyani asks Mamta who is she, and tells that my Madhuri can’t do this with me.

She requests that she say who is she? She pulls her hand accidentally. Aparna recognizes her as Mamta. Kalyani says Mamta, who is she? Aparna says she is Madhuri’s twin sister. She says her hand was trapped in sugar stick machine and that is the reason her hand was cut. Malhar says she isn’t your Aai, however a Naxal’s head. Mamta requests that Kalyani excuse her and tells that this face is of your mom. Kalyani requests that she stop and cries.

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Mamta pushes her and attempts to get away. Anupriya stops Mamta and asks where are you going? Mamta takes out toxic pin from her hairs and takes steps to kill Anupriya. Anupriya says I couldn’t care less about my life, you hurt my girl to such an extent. Kalyani requests that Anupriya move. Mamta attempts to cause Anupriya to infuse it, yet Kalyani takes the toxic pin on her hand. She then hits Mamta with a similar pin and gets oblivious. Everybody gets stunned. Malhar requests that Kalyani get up and requests to call rescue vehicle. Police comes and captures Mamta, Aahir and Asawari. They all glance at them indignantly.

My Heart Knows Sunday 24th April 2022 Zee World: Later Malhar requests that Kalyani open her eyes and tells that he was confident that they will join in the future. Rachit says specialist is coming and will come. Malhar says I can hardly wait and need to take more time to medical clinic. Rachit requests that he comprehend. Aao Saheb requests that Anupriya come out and asks her not to cry. They take her out. Swara apologizes to Madhav and tells that she had some awareness of his better half’s reality since long, yet never dared to tell. Riddhi inquires as to whether Kalyani Tai will kick the bucket. Atharv says my Aai is extremely impressive, nothing will happen to her. Anupriya cries. Aparna comes there and tells that Moksh was having breathing issue so Sampada took more time to emergency clinic. Malhar sees the toxic substance spreading in Kalyani’s body and her hand becoming blue.

He sucks the toxin and spits. That’s what rachit sees and requests that he stop. Riddhi keeps her hand on Anupriya’s head. Anupriya says Kalyani, however sees Riddhi. Rachit comes out and lets everybody know such Malhar’s reality is at serious risk. They generally head inside and sees Malhar sucking the toxin and spitting it. Madhav attempts to stop him. Kalyani gains cognizant and says Malhar ji… .Malhar grins and says I am with you. Aao Saheb thanks the God and says poison impact is less at this point. Kalyani calls him. Malhar says I will be with you generally. Kalyani wakes up and inquires as to whether he is fine. Malhar says OK. Kalyani inquires as to whether he is fine. She says she attempted to save him from them.

Malhar says you are stressed for me even presently. Kalyani cries. They cry and embrace one another. Tere simple pyaar ki umar salamat rahe plays… .Aao Saheb expresses beneficial things occur with great individuals, says they are together once more. Atharv says my Aai and baba are solid. He says our raabta is solid. Malhar values Kalyani for her mental fortitude. He tells that everybody is fine, all naxals and Mamta are gotten and captured. He says I will wipe this phony sindoor. All at once Rachit holds his hand. Malhar requests that he unwind and says all naxals are gotten now.

Rachit says I am not frightened of anybody, we are hitched actually, how might you wipe the sindoor. Malhar inquires as to whether he is frantic? Rachit says OK, yells taking out his eyes. He says I can’t see her with another person, whom I cherished since school days. He says Kalyani is simply intended to accompany me. He inquires as to whether Kalyani and I don’t look great together? He then, at that point, chuckles out loud and says how could you concur that Naxals will request Kalyani’s marriage. He says they were naxals and doesn’t have anything to do with her marriage, they needed their work. He says I requested that they do this, they did this on my platitudes. Everybody is stunned. He says he did this to get Kalyani.

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Rachit says I took Mamta’s assistance to get Kalyani. He says I did all that to get Kalyani and they consented to do as I said. He says now I won’t release her away from me since I love her. Malhar takes a gander at Rachit and solaces frightened Kalyani. Rachit chuckles. Malhar requests that she unwind. He asks would you say you are done with your babble? He says you are as yet remaining on your feet, as you are Kalyani’s companion. He requests that he go out and at no point ever to glance back at Kalyani in the future. Rachit giggles and says there is no match of Kalyani and you, I knew her. He says Kalyani needed life accomplice like me since adolescence. Malhar says your giggle will go soon. He takes him out. Everybody goes out leaving kalyani alone in the room.

My Heart Knows Sunday 24th April 2022 Zee World: Malhar slaps Rachit and says Kalyani considers you her old buddy and you are deceiving her and looking at her. Rachit says Kalyani won’t ever tell you, yet she adores me since years and tells that he can’t see her crushed with him. He says Kalyani is my better half at this point. Malhar thumps Rachit. Kalyani is perched on the bed and gets Sampada’s call. She picks her call and gets stunned knowing something. She asks what befell Billu and where could you be?

Precap: Rachit requests that Kalyani say and tells that Malhar is it is phony to say that their marriage. Kalyani lets Malhar know that their marriage is truth and she is presently Rachit’s better half.


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