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My heart knows Sunday 9th January 2022: The Episode begins with Doctor let Sampada know that she can’t turn into a mum again and shows her reports. Sampada says this is completely false and cries. Specialist requests that Nurse make her rest. Sampada cries. Anupriya acquires awareness and requests that Pallavi give water. She hears Sampada crying and thinks who is crying. She feels terrible for herself and attempts to go to the opposite side of shared room. She moves the drape and is going to see her, all at once Nurse comes and stops Anupriya. She requests that she rests on the bed. Anupriya says somebody is crying there. Nurture makes her rest and gives her infusion. She says you will be taken for the activity. Anupriya asks activity? Furthermore becomes sluggish. Pallavi grins. Malhar’s jeep stops on the way.

Constable actually looks at the jeep. Kalyani inquires as to whether they will stall out there. Malhar requests that Constable get another jeep. Constable says it will require some investment. Kalyani says she will request lift. Malhar requests that she sit unobtrusively. She says it will be late and tells that she can take strain while sitting. She falls on the chatai bed with Malhar… tune plays… .kuch toh hai tujhse hai raabta… They have an eye lock. Malhar requests that tea dealer stop the tune… Kalyani requests that God make her arrive at Aai. Malhar thinks once I arrive at the medical clinic, it’s not possible for anyone to save Sampada and Atharv. Nurture tells Atharv that Sampada can’t turn into a mother. Atharv asks did you tell Sampada? Nurture says OK and requests that he be with her. He hears Pallavi conversing with Vivek and requesting that he advise Doctor to take only one kidney. He conceals his face and thinks why are they here. He thinks they need to leave right away.

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Kalyani hears Constable talking that Anupriya called at land line number to illuminate about Sampada who is in City emergency clinic. Kalyani thinks why Malhar is going about as though he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Constable says malhar will find them in the act. Kalyani thinks why Aai is in medical clinic and lets Malhar know that she has a stomach throb. She tells that she had taken medication, however at that point likewise she is feeling torment. Malhar requests that she go to washroom behind the bistro and gives her 5 mins.

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My heart knows Sunday 9th January 2022: Sampada cries. Atharv requests that she quiet down and says assuming you cry then your wellbeing will get disintegrated. Sampada says I need to become pregnant with our kid together, however God grabbed it from us. Atharv requests that she stay silent and requests that she stop it. He says I don’t need the child, yet needs a serene life. He tells her that Vivek and Pallavi brought maayi here. Sampada says she would rather not live as her fantasies are breaking. She inquires as to whether he don’t need a family. Atharv says I will bring family for yourself and says we will get a canine. Sampada feels terrible and cries once more. Atharv says I would rather not get found out by malhar and requests that she come. He takes her coercively.

Constable tells Malhar that Kalyani has absconded. Malhar chastens Rao. Rao says when I checked, she was not there and window glass was open. Malhar says might be she came to be aware of the clinic. They leave. Kalyani is running headed straight toward arrive at clinic. She considers Constable words and thinks assuming Aai is in a tough situation. She comes infront of vehicle and takes the lift. She arrives at medical clinic and inquires as to whether somebody is here? She thinks there is no one here, why chacha and chachi have brought Aai here. Atharv is taking Sampada out and requests that she come. Specialist asks Nurse not to keep any record of the activity. Nurture says she has composed with pencil. Anupriya is oblivious and takes Kalyani’s name. Sampada and Atharv see Kalyani and stow away before she could see them. They go to the lab. Kalyani feels somebody is stowing away from her.

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My heart knows Sunday 9th January 2022 : Kalyani comes to the lab and peeps inside, all of a sudden ward kid comes and asks whom she needs to meet? Atharv says Malhar may be here as well. Ward kid shuts the entryway telling that it is storeroom and no one goes there. Atharv attempts to open the entryway and thinks that it is locked. Kalyani gets some information about Anupriya. Nurture says she doesn’t have a clue. Kalyani sees Vivek staying there. Vivek gets strained. Anupriya acquires cognizance in the OT and asks Doctor for what reason is he working on her. Specialist requests that medical caretaker give her narcotics and hangs on her mouth. Kalyani goes up against Vivek and asks how is he doing Anupriya. She asks where is Aai and what is he stowing away? Vivek asks why are you here? Kalyani says where could she be? Vivek says Maayi is in OT. Anupriya kicks the attendant. Specialist gives her infusion to make her oblivious. Anupriya swoons. They make her rests on the bed.

Precap: Vivek tells Kalyani that Doctor said that he needs to work on her promptly when she griped of stomach torment. Kalyani runs towards OT. Specialist is going to do the medical procedure.


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