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My Heart Knows Thursday 23rd December 2021:T..he Episode Started with Malhar letting the Inspector know that he will deal with Aao Saheb and others case. Examiner says sure and says he needs to meet understudies Anupriya and Kalyani and needs to salute them. Aao Saheb says you have a misconception and tells that Anupriya is her bahu, however she isn’t an understudy. Monitor says it is written in the register. Anupriya gets strained and begins perspiring. Pallavi acknowledges something isn’t right. Kalyani is additionally strained. Malhar says there was an error by his group and tells that Kalyani Rane is an understudy and Anupriya is her gatekeeper. Controller says alright and tells that all dept is glad for them. Malhar says everybody has equivalent commitment to get the fear monger. Auditor likes every one of them. Kalyani takes a gander at Malhar. She signs at Anupriya and goes. Pallavi

lets Aao Saheb know that when Inspector took Maayi’s name, she was perspiring. Aao says she isn’t even tenth pass and she won’t make this large stride without asking me. Kalyani converses with Anupriya and tells that Malhar saved them. Anupriya talks resoundingly that she had made until laddo and saved some for Malhar. Kalyani requests that he take it and says your teeth won’t break. Malhar comes there. Kalyani says sorry. Malhar takes the until laddo and have it. Kalyani is amazed. Malhar takes the bowl and heads inside. Kalyani and Anupriya gets cheerful.

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All at once they hear band folks playing band. She goes to check. Aao Saheb asks band folks who are they? Malhar and Kalyani emerges from the house. Atharv and Sampada arrive in a major vehicle. Sampada says for what reason did they come? Malhar says canines are not permitted here. Atharv says he is Atharv Bapat alive… He asks Sampada, you really wanted canine shaking tail and inquires as to whether she prefers this constable. Sampada snickers. Malhar draws close to there. Kalyani;s educator gets down from the vehicle and says Bapat needs to give prize to the fearless understudies. Kalyani gets stunned and attempts to stop him. Atharv lets Aao Saheb know that he needs to give prize to Kalyani and Anupriya. He tells that Anupriya is an understudy. Aao Saheb says Anupriya can’t take affirmation without my insight. Atharv flips the coin and says I said that Maayi study in school and says we will ask Kalyani. He calls Kalyani and says she more likely than not went to call Maayi. Aao Saheb says there is a misconception and tells that she don’t study there. Teacher says she likes Anupriya for learning at this age. Atharv calls the neighbors and asks how they are? He lets them know that Anupriya and Kalyani get the psychological militants else constable wouldn’t have gotten them. He alludes Malhar as constable. He asks Band folks to play band. He moves. Anupriya is stunned and cries. Kalyani says she has an answer. Malhar asks band folks to stop and points firearm at Atharv. Sampada becomes stressed..

My Heart Knows Thursday 23rd December 2021:Atharv says Malhar can do nothing to him. He lets Sampada know that he will affront Aao Saheb, Anupriya and Kalyani now. Pallavi says why Atharv will lie? Aao Saheb slaps her for supporting her sibling and says he has destroyed our regard. Atharv requests that she call Kalyani and Anupriya. Anupriya lets Kalyani know that she can’t do this. Kalyani persuades her. Sampada lets neighbors know that this is Aao Saheb and says her bahu used to head off to college, yet she was dozing selling horse. She says Aao Saheb is egotistical and takes choice for other people. She tells that she got her hitched to Malhar and this is the outcome. She asks how you will clean this stained face of yours. Anupriya and Kalyani come there. Aao Saheb requests that she tell that it is completely false. She requests that she tell. Kalyani attempts to say. Aao Saheb asks did I ask you? She says I realize that you can’t conceal this from me and won’t double-cross me. She says everybody needs to see me becoming joke. He requests that Anupriya reply and holds her hairs.

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My Heart Knows Thursday 23rd December 2021:Aao Saheb asks Anupriya not to tell accidentally that Atharv is saying truth and cautions her. Kalyani says I need to recount a story to everybody. She tells that she needs to recount story of her Aai to everybody. She says my Aai didn’t get her better half’s adoration and every one of her freedoms were grabbed from her. She forfeited her self esteem and became Servant in the house. She says numerous years passed, however conditions didn’t change. She says a few dreams were alive in her eyes and to give the wings to her fantasies, a few loves ones came to. She says she was responsible to predetermination and that is the reason cleaned the tears and picked the book. She wipes Anupriya’s tears. Aao saheb looks on.

Malhar penetrates Atharv’s vehicle and puts vehicle tire on his head. He says there is uplifting news for you both and gives a few papers to Sampada. Sampada gets stunned.

we are glad to say merry Xmass to all my heart knows Readers and to bring to you breaking updates:List Of Upcoming Movies On Zee World Series 2022


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