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My Heart Knows Tuesday 23rd November 2021:The Episode starts with Anupriya asking Malhar to punish her for the sin which she has not done, but leave her daughter. Kalyani recalls Malhar blackmailing her and tells that she is marrying him with her wish. She asks why are you taking my life’s decision like Aao Saheb. Anupriya says these people have forced you and made you helpless. Kalyani looks at Malhar. Anupriya asks her not to get scared and says they can’t harm you.

Malhar looks angrily at Kalyani. Kalyani says nobody forced me for marriage. She says baby’s love forced her to marry Malhar. She says this baby needs me as he regards me as his mum and I can’t see him yearning for his mother’s love. She says I know you anything about child upbringing, but you are with me to guide me. She thinks I lost Madhuri before, but can’tafford to lose you. Anupriya says I accept that you have fondness for the baby, but what is the use of loveless marriage. Kalyani says I have decided. Anupriya says I have accepted you as my daughter from today. Kalyani smiles.

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My Heart Knows Tuesday 23rd November 2021Anupriya asks her to listen to her Aai. Kalyani says you are my Aai, but I have Aao Saheb’s blood in my veins. She says Deshmukh family people don’t back off from their decisions and says I will marry Malhar only. Anupriya says ok, if you marry Malhar today then I will not be your Aai from today onwards. Kalyani cries.

Anupriya says when you marry Malhar then your relation with me will break. She leaves decision in her hand. Kalyani cries badly and thinks that moment when you called me daughter is the most best part of my life. She feels sorry to hurt her and says I have taken my decision. Malhar asks Pandit ji to do the rituals. Pandit ji asks Kalyani’s parents to do the kanyadaan. Malhar says kanyadaan ritual is not needed and says direct marriage will happen. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to come. Pandit ji asks bride and groom to take rounds. Malhar and Kalyani begins the rounds. Anupriya moves back.

They complete the rounds. Pandit ji says rounds are completed and asks Malhar to fill her forehead with sindoor. Malhar fills sindoor in her forehead. Aao Saheb smiles. Pandit ji asks Malhar to make her wear mangalsutra.

Malhar makes her wear mangalsutra and says I don’t care if you wear this mangalsutra or not, as you will be punished if I have long life. Pandit ji says marriage is completed. Malhar gets up and walks away, ghat bandhan opens up. Kalyani cries sitting in the mandap.

Anupriya looks at her. Malhar sits in car and leaves. Rabba Song plays……He recalls his moments with Sampada, Kalyani asking him to save her, Anupriya telling that Sampada didn’t want to marry Malhar but Aao Saheb forced her to marry him. He gets shattered. He stops his jeep and takes out Sherwani and throws on ground. He thinks why did Sampada betray him and why she didn’t tell me on first night itself. He thinks you left my house, but how to take out your pic from my heart. He says your, Kalyani and Anupriya’s betrayal made me bad. I married 18 years old girl for revenge and feels afraid of himself. He cries badly venting out his pain.

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He says this is my truth, Malhar who had loved you is dead and will not be alive now. He says I will make Kalyani’s life more dangerous than the death, she has to die daily. He comes back home. Aao Saheb asks where did he go in anger? She asks him to take Kalyani to his house.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 23rd November 2021:Malhar says where? Aao Saheb says your home. Malhar says this Ahilya Nivas is my home now. Aao Saheb says you have to take her to your home. Malhar says although you stay here since years, but this Ahilya Nivas is mine. Vinay asks what nonsense? Aao Saheb says I don’t believe that you will take advantage of my goodness. Malhar says you have forced me to do this, you got Sampada married to me against her wish for your ego, and 2 people died for your respect. She says your ego have to break today and asks her to leave from his house. He says nobody shall be here after today. Everyone is shocked.

Malhar tells that his men will throw their stuff after an hour. Kalyani says whatever you are doing is right. Malhar asks her to keep her tears safe. Kalyani gets an idea from the baby and thinks to stop them from leaving the house.


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