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My Heart knows Tuesday 4th January 2022: The Episode begins with Kalyani coming to Moksh and says first she will clean up as bean stew is on it. Malhar comes. She taps on his shoulder and likes his arrangement. She says sorry. Malhar gets some information about Anupriya. Kalyani tells that she will take Aai to school and will show the individual something new whoever affronts Aai. She rubs her eyes with her fingers and stew powder goes in her eyes. She yells and cries, says she has become visually impaired. Malhar makes her calm and cleans up with water. He requests that she wash her hand. Anupriya gets back. Pallavi asks from where she is coming and what is in her grasp. Anupriya requests that she proceed to make resting courses of action for everybody. She says I won’t be here to accomplish practically everything. Pallavi goes. Anupriya goes to room. In the first part of the day, Aao Saheb awakens and requests that Vivek get up. She lets him know that she was unable to get appropriate rest as she didn’t have the tablets. Vivek says businessperson said that he gave the medication. Pallavi gets up, reviews Anupriya concealing something and lets Aao Saheb know that assuming Maayi took that to end it all. She says assuming Maayi does something then I need to accomplish practically everything. Kalyani says Chachi. Atharv comes and says whoever comes need to go.

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My Heart knows Tuesday 4th January 2022: Malhar requests that he keep his mouth shut else he needs to go. Kalyani gets apprehensive thinking about her words and hurries to toilet. She sees Anupriya sitting on the seat and calls her. Anupriya awakens and says she doesn’t have a clue when she rested while sitting. Kalyani embraces her. Pallavi asks what is in her grasp. Anupriya is holding the mangalsutra and tells that whatever happened yesterday was my mix-up, assuming I had worn it then, at that point, nothing would have happened that way. She says she will wear it again so it’s not possible for anyone to destroy their regard. Aparna says you did well. Sampada says in the event that you had worn it then, at that point, wouldn’t have done what you have needed. She says now you are uncovered. Aao Saheb asks who are you to point finger at her person and tells that Anupriya is still Atul’s better half legitimately. She requests that she wear the mangalsutra. Anupriya is going to wear it. Kalyani stops her and says I won’t allow you to wear the mangalsutra of the individual who didn’t come to check whether you are alive or dead since numerous years. She says I won’t allow you to wear this. Aao Saheb says this is for her advancement, individuals won’t denounce her for anything, regardless of whether Sampada and Atharv attempt to put soil on them. Sampada yells. Atharv says their regard is destroyed later yesterday. Kalyani says I couldn’t care less with regards to individuals.

Aao Saheb says yet I do, and says our regard is demolished and says Anupriya will wear it. Kalyani says Aai won’t wear it. Malhar says when Maayi’s mangalsutra didn’t prevent Atul Mama from leaving her, when Sampada’s mangalsutra didn’t prevent her from eloping with more interesting man, then, at that point, how this mangalsutra will stop the affront, and says generally that embarrassment was clearly false, and assuming she wears this mangalsutra then it will be demonstrated that whatever happened was valid. Kalyani expresses what is the utilization of this mangalsutra which will make my Aai fall in her own eyes. Atharv requests that Sampada come and rest for additional time. Pallavi expresses what no joking matter assuming she wears mangalsutra. Kalyani says my Aai won’t wear this mangalsutra. She says that man couldn’t give regard to my Aai, and asks how his name mangalsutra give regard to her. She tells that her baba left Aai 18 years back and legitimately they are isolated. Malhar affirms it. Aao Saheb says Anupriya is Atul’s significant other and she can wear assuming she needed. Kalyani says this is the handcuffed for herself and says when the connection is broken then this dark pearls sleeve will be broken.

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My Heart knows Tuesday 4th January 2022: Anupriya requests that she comprehend and says this is my choice. She says she can hear individuals’ insult, yet don’t dare to bear the allegations. She says she needs to save herself from their giggle and says this mangalsutra will guard me. Kalyani says this is feet sleeve and says make your little girl as your suraksha chakra rather than this mangalsutra. She guarantees Aao Saheb that nothing will happen to their home regard. Aao Saheb becomes vexed and goes. Aparna says you will apologize when Maayi will be offended once more. Kalyani holds Anupriya’s hand and takes her to Aao Saheb side of house. Pallavi lets Malhar know that his own better half is defying the norm made by him. Kalyani keeps the mangalsutra in bappa’s feet and requests that he help her. She thinks help me in my mysterious arrangement, I need to look through a soul mate for my Aai, and says I need to get her hitched.

Anupriya is riding on a bike and crashes into somebody’s vehicle. She tumbles down and cries. Man gets down from the vehicle. Kalyani is behind Anupriya.


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