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My Heart Knows update Monday 2nd May 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Kalyani separates seeing Malhar taking Anupriya from that point. She cries and hurries to embrace Anupriya. Anupriya likewise cries embracing her. Kalyani cries seriously. Malhar and Anupriya sit in the jeep with constables and leave. Kalyani cries. Later she sits under the tree and requests that herself quiet down. She says on the off chance that I take pressure, child will make an awful difference. She remembers to deal with child and for that she must be cheerful. She thinks she needs to take Anupriya out.

She requests that herself take in and inhale out. Sarthak comes there. Kalyani says I realize your displeasure is advocated, as you adored Aai particularly with next to no assumptions. Sarthak asks what did I get in affection. He says I requested that she lie for me that she didn’t shoot Rachit, however she didn’t pay attention to me and didn’t contemplate me once. He says she ought to have contemplated Riddhi, and tells that now they can’t take on her. He says Anupriya really focuses on her just and couldn’t care less about any other person. She gets a call from an obscure number.

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Kalyani picks the call and says she need nothing. Rachit is on stand by and chuckles. He says you ought to be content that I am alive and says this implies you can get your Aai liberated from prison. Kalyani requests that he come infront of the world and tells that he is alive. She says I will do anything you say and requests that he save his Aai. He says I will request that Malhar ji save you.

My Heart Knows update Monday 2nd May 2022 Zee World: Rachit says Malhar didn’t deceive save Anupriya, so I won’t confide in him. He tells that he needs Malhar’s annihilation and requests that she say that she is conveying his child in her belly. Kalyani asks child, which child? Rachit says I know it all, I realize that you finished your IVF rather than Malti. He says when you lie to him that Malhar will be broken totally. Kalyani says I won’t hurt my Malhar ji and won’t leave him. Rachit giggles and says I am leaving choice on you, your Aai is significant or this connection.

Kalyani drops the telephone on floor and cries and asks Bappa, why you are doing this with me? She says why you generally keep me in such circumstance. She says I can’t see Aai in prison, and can’t mislead Malhar. She expresses how to end my connection with him, I love him. She says neither I can hurt Malhar ji nor I can see my Aai in prison. She figures what to do and cries?

Malhar is likewise miserable in the jeep. Anupriya asks him not to feel awful and says you have accomplished such a great deal to save me. She requests that he support Kalyani generally. She says she battles with you generally, yet she is a kid and needs your help. She requests that he be with her for Moksh atleast. Malhar says I guarantee you maai.

Swara gets a call from an obscure number. She picks the call and asks who are you, and why you are upsetting me? She asks what you are getting by doing this? Aao Saheb comes there and grabs telephone from her hand. She asks who will accomplish the house work now. She says I won’t pardon Malhar and you will be rebuffed for his sake. She says Malhar will apologize for fouling up with Anupriya and requests that she return to work.

Kalyani comes to room and sees Sampada tied. Sampada requests that she free her hands. Kalyani figures I won’t tell Sampada that I know her reality. Malhar comes there and crashes into her. Kalyani keeps hand on her stomach and reviews Rachit’s words. Malhar says I attempted to save Aai. Kalyani goes. Malhar lets Sampada know that he will take her for IVF once the specialist returns. Sampada thinks she has brought the specialist and that IVF will be done on Malti and you won’t ever be aware.

Kalyani prepares to tell Malhar and makes the plans. She says how is it that I could conceal such something major from you, anything I will tell is exceptionally unique. She says the child will be brought into the world from my belly, inquires as to whether he will uphold her. She says I love you… .Moksh is standing infront of her wearing suit. Kalyani lets Moksh know that they will observe Valentine’s day together and when the child comes, he will be fine. She says I won’t allow anything to happen to you. She says I need to conceal this IVF thing from Malhar else Aai won’t ever be back from prison. She embraces moksh and cries.

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Madhav lets Malhar know that he is keeping Mahashivratri puja at home after whatever occurred? Aao Saheb tells that even God won’t pardon Malhar and curses the day when Deshmukh got connected with them. She says there will be no puja at home. Malhar goes to her.

My Heart Knows update Monday 2nd May 2022 Zee World: Kalyani turns and figures I don’t have the foggiest idea how to confront him. She says I am vulnerable and can’t let you know that your child is filling in my belly. Malhar figures how to persuade her and thinks he had made a vow to keep obligation first. Kalyani cries in room and converses with Moksh. She says I am concealing a major truth from him that I have his child in my belly. She says I need to get Aai liberated, says all obligations are mine, believes in the event that I don’t tell malhar that Rachit won’t come infront of the world and my Aai won’t be saved.

Precap: Malhar figures Kalyani will be glad to meet Aai. Anupriya falls on floor as the fire breaks out around her.


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