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My Heart Knows Wednesday 24th November 2021:The Episode starts with Malhar asking Aao Saheb to leave from Ahilya Nivas. Aao Saheb, Rao Saheb and others are shocked. Rao Saheb asks what Malhar is saying? Malhar says you don’t know many secrets. He tells that she had suffered loss in saree business. A fb is shown, Aao Saheb takes loan from Malhar and asks him not to tell Rao Saheb and Vivek.

Malhar says nobody will know. Aao Saheb says you are my son in law and I want to give you something in exchange of money. She gives him house papers and power of attorney. Malhar don’t want to take it, but Aao Saheb gives him papers forcibly. Fb ends. Malhar tells that he didn’t get the money back so transferring Ahilya Nivas on my name. He says this house is mine and Kalyani’s cage.Aao Saheb is about to faint and sits down.

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Malhar says everyone insulted me, and now after losing everything, I got intelligence by betrayal and not by eating almonds. He says you have just one hour time to pack your bags. Kalyani says this is not right and asks him not to do this with him.

Malhar says this house is of me, my wife and my son. Kalyani asks him not to do this. Malhar says you shall be happy as your mum’s revenge is fulfilled. Aao Saheb says you are doing wrong and will repent. Malhar says you have gifted your grand daughter who never loved me and says he is bearing punishment for having loveless happiness.

He tells Anupriya that he will make Kalyani’s life miserable. Aparna cries and falls down. Malhar says Aai and then asks everyone to take her inside, and says if she don’t get consciousness then also she has to leave. Kalyani asks him not to do this. Malhar asks her to keep her tears safe as she has to make it flow all life.

My Heart Knows Wednesday 24th November 2021: Vinay asks Aao Saheb what did you do? you gave POA to Malhar without asking us and says we are bearing this because of you. Aao Saheb tells that this house is hers and says you have no value if I take my name from you. Rao Saheb says you have only value and tells that we have become homeless. Kalyani says she will convince Malhar. Anupriya says we don’t need your help.

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Kalyani cries. She comes to room and sees Malhar crying. He says you are here? Kalyani asks him not to scold her and says I came to request you for last time, and says I am ready for punishment and asks him not to throw her Aai and others out. Malhar says I will forgive you all.

He removes his tshirt and then takes out belt from his pant. Kalyani is shocked and asks will you beat me with belt. Malhar says you have to earn forgiveness. He gives belt in her hand and asks her to beat him with belt. Kalyani is shocked. Malhar asks her to get ready. Kalyani says I can’t raise hand on you. Malhar says I am habituated to bear pain now and asks her to beat him. Kalyani says I can’t and goes out from there.

Anupriya asks baby not to trouble Kalyani and says don’t know how she will handle you alone. She thinks what I can do if this girl wants to ruin her life. She throws their photo frame on floor and picks it up. She asks if you really don’t care. Anupriya says my name is Anupriya and says I am not of anyone’s Aai. Kalyani is shocked and holds her hand. Anupriya goes. Sad song rang teri reet ka plays…

My Heart Knows Wednesday 24th November 2021:Aparna tells that she is homeless because of her daughter and says you will get a place in hell also. Anupriya asks why are you cursing her and says we will get some place for sure. Malhar asks Lady constable to check Aao Saheb’s stuff. Aao Saheb asks why is he insulting them much. Malhar says I have right on this house and the things in this house. Aao Saheb says can’t we take our things. Malhar says alpviram. Aao Saheb looks on.

Kalyani asks baby to give her idea to stop the family. She asks everyone to stop and says nobody will leave from this house. Malhar looks on.


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