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My Heart Knows Wednesday 30th March 2022 Zee World: Malhar comes to restroom and tracks down Swara on the floor and Athav other than her in an off-base position. He asks Atharv what he did. He says he sat idle. He gets down on Kalyani. Kalyani leaves from Sarthak’s room. Sarthak says to him that he should conceal reality to forestall Anupriya turning into a widow.

Kalyani comes to her room and is stunned to see wounds on Swara. Athav comes and says he sat idle. He was simply stowing away in restroom. Malhar strolls furiously to him. Kalyani stops him asking what he did. Malhar says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to determine what he did. He went to restroom to clean up and Atharv was accomplishing something with Swara’s dress. She says he is a child. Malhar says he will show how much child he is. He takes out his belt to pummel Atharv. Sarthak planned to stop Malhar, however SB pulls him back.

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Kalyani attempts to quit saying he is a child, he couldn’t in fact think like that. Malhar says same Atharv fled with a wedded lady. He’s simply doing show of cognitive decline. He pummels him requesting to express out loud whatever he did. Sarthak sorts out it that SB did everything and presently poor Atharv is getting accused. He further says he can do nothing for the present as it will all prompt 26th July confidential. Atharv runs out. Malhar and Kalyani go behind him. Sarthak currently makes some noise and lets SB know that he told her not to do anything like this. SB said she was terrified and she had no other choice.

My Heart Knows Wednesday 30th March 2022 Zee World: Malhar keeps pummeling him. All relatives come out. Madhav asks what occurred. SB says Atharv attempted to compel on Swara who is oblivious at this point. Madhav advises Malhar to beat him more. Indeed, even Pallavi, Aao Saheb attempt to stop Malhar, yet he is relentless. He at last stops when unintentionally Kalyani comes in the manner and gets slapped on neck by the belt. Malhar is stunned, he drops the belt and leaves. Presently Madhav approaches and says he will ensure Atharv is placed into prison.

Aao Saheb comes in the manner. He advises her to remain away else he might lift his hand at her. He hauls Atharv with him. Kalyani goes to get Malhar’s assistance who is with Swara. He’s stunned reviewing he lifted hand at Kalyani. He is rebuffing himself.

Kalyani comes. He puts on the shades to conceal his tears. Kalyani unobtrusively lets him know that Athav can’t do this. He was with her 2 minutes before he called her. He told her that he will stow away in washroom. He can’t harm Swara like that in a short time. It is possible that she was harmed and in washroom as of now when Atharv went there. SB hears that and asks Kalyani what she implies that one of them will pummel her? For the most part her goes in Swara’s room, does to such an extent that mean she did this? Malhar requests that SB leave Kalyani.

SB says so he additionally believes it’s her behind this? She requests that he capture her then, at that point. Kalyani says nobody is accusing her. Malhar says he would rather not talk about this. At the point when Swara awakens, they will find out. He gives her cream to apply on her injury. SB makes Malhar more passionate by telling Kalyani not to spread this outside, else who will wed Swara. Kalyani leaves.

She’s sitting alone. Aao Saheb comes and says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea where Anupriya is. It took such a long time her to track down cream. She requests that she take off mangalsutra, so she can apply cream. She gets some information about Atharv.

Aao Saheb says Madhav secured him out house. Madhav comes and requests what kind from sanskaar Aao Saheb has given to her youngsters. Aao Saheb places him in the spot saying to hold his voice down. Their sanskaar should be visible in Kalyani who is dealing with his crazy house. Everybody comes outside.

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SB sees Kalyani not wearing mangalsutra and begins show that she realizes things have not been alright among her and Malhar, yet that doesn’t mean she will eliminate and toss her mangalsutra like that. Kalyani was giving legitimization, however at that point she sees Malhar gazing at her and stops. She lets him know he should think same. She is worn out keeping balance between the two families and losing her own equilibrium.

My Heart Knows Wednesday 30th March 2022 Zee World: Malhar asks did he say anything to her that she’s adage this for him? He realizes regardless occurs, she will constantly regard her suhaag (spouse) and mangalsutra. He applies cream on her injury and says he likewise has liability towards the two families. In the event that she upholds him and work together, she will not be feeling powerless. He takes mangalsutra and wraps it on his wrist saying he likewise put suhaag’s image on him. Everybody is stunned.

Precap: Atharv has a weapon. He tells Malhar in the event that he comes near him, he will shoot Moksha. Everybody is stunned. Kalyani cries and requests that Atharv let Moksha go.


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