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Manyataa surrenders her mysterious powers to wed her perfect partner, Keshav, who is a human. This choice catches up with Manyata as she is left defenseless when Keshav and his whole family are slaughtered by his adversaries, read naagin 4 on eExtra full story rundown.

Some place previously, Manyata, a Naagin princess weds Keshav, a human, in this way losing her power and bringing forth Nayantara. Keshav is killed by six individuals from the Parekh family. Manyata escapes and sits tight for her little girl’s 25th birthday celebration to retaliate for her significant other’s homicide. Because of the Ashlesha Nakshatra revile, she and her girl should trust that 25 years will recapture their powers.

Present Day, 25 Years Later

The Parekh family is still in anxiety toward the naagin being alive and returning for her retribution. Manyata sits tight for her little girl Nayantara’s 25th birthday celebration.

Dev Parekh gets back to India from Qatar, meets his cherished companion Brinda and succumbs to her. Nayantara holds on to get her naagin powers, be that as it may, the powers go to Brinda all things considered, who is subsequently uncovered to have been exchanged upon entering the world with Nayantara. Nayantara finds that Brinda is a naagin and furthermore Manyata’s genuine girl. Nayantara gets desirous and attempts to kill Brinda. In the mean time, the Parekh family misconstrues Nayantara as Manyata’s little girl and they think Nayantara is a naagin.

Naagin 4 on eExtra full story rundown go on with, Vrushali and group sending their children to kill Nayantara, meanwhile, they attempt to kill Manyata with the assistance of Brinda’s supportive dad who is a cleric. Manyata reacquires her powers, she attempts to kill the Parekh family when they come into Laal Tekri Temple to kill her, yet Brinda comes in there and the Parekh family get away.

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Vishakha returns for Naagmani and camouflages as Nayantara to help her break from the Parekh family’s children. Manyata and Brinda are brought together, at first,t Brinda doesn’t completely accept that Manyata however subsequent to seeing Nayantara’s passing, Brinda promises that she will vindicate her dad’s, father’s family, and Nayantara’s demise. Brinda weds Dev.

Vishakha returns and saves Nayantara to catch the Naagmani as individuals who were brought into the world on Ashlesha Nakshatra just can contact Naagmani yet in the end comes up short. Dev who was additionally brought into the world on Ashlesha Nakshatra unintentionally contacts the Naagmani and it is put away in his mind. Irritated and frustrated, Vishakha traps Nayantara in a point of support.

Vishakha goes into Parekh’s home and makes false impressions among Brinda and Dev. Later she takes Dev’s structure and kills Manyata before Brinda, making Brinda think it was Dev who killed her mom. Brinda commitments to vindicate her folks by killing Dev and his whole family.

After a year, Vishakha kills Mundika – the mirror witch, takes her power and character, and gives Nayantara another face. Nayantara changes her name to Shalaka. Dev and Shalaka wed. Brinda understands that Dev didn’t kill Manyata. Shalaka figures out that Mundaka is Vishakha’s new personality. Shalaka figures out how to approach Vishakha as the killer of Billi and she is detained.

We go on with Naagin 4 on eExtra full story outline with Brinda and Dev admitting their affection. Dev asks Shalaka for separate as he cherishes Brinda. Subsequent to getting hold of the Sarpkosh, Shalaka and Vrushali know how to separate Naagmani from Dev, utilizing an enchanted container to suck his spirit in there one small step at a time, control him to segregate him from Brinda.

Dev kills Brinda’s receptive mother Swara influenced quite a bit by, Brinda and her supportive dad intend to get back at her big day of Hardik. Uninformed about what he has done heavily influenced by Shalaka, Dev plans an unexpected treat for Brinda in their room, yet she uncovers her character to Dev as a naagin and assaults him, Dev attempts to kill Brinda with a blade however he can’t get it done, he hit her on the head with a stick, makes her oblivious.

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Vishakha replaces the lady, kills the whole Parekh family (with the exception of Dev’s dad, grandma, Khyati, Rohan, Sparsh, Lilly, and her youngster since they’re absent there) under Brinda’s camouflage, and extras Dev to get the Naagmani. “peruse everyday updates at” Dev is crushed after the passing of his relatives and requests that Brinda kill him. The Naagmani is shining on Dev’s temple when he is irate, Brinda attempts to allow Dev to see it in the mirror yet he can’t see it.

Naagin 4 on eExtra full story outline

Brinda requests that Dev go to Laal Tekri Temple with her to save him from the toxin of Vishakha and demonstrate her blameless, after that he can do anything he desires, Dev concurs and go with Brinda to Laal Tekri Temple.

The exceptionally following day Brinda winds up in Rahasmayee Temple, not Laal Tekri Temple, and is astounded to see a withering Dev. From there on Vishakha and Shalaka enter the sanctuary. Brinda figures out that Shalaka is Nayantara under another character. Shesha and Naagrani Shravani show up to help Brinda and Dev. Vishakha is killed by Brinda and Naagrani Shravani while Shalaka is killed by Shesha. Dev kicks the bucket, leaving Brinda crushed.

Naagrani Shravani brings Naageshwari – Sarvashreshth Aadi Naagin. The four play out a tandav to intrigue Lord Shiva to acquire Naagmani from Dev. Afterward, Naageshwari portrays her story which happened millennia prior to Brinda to restore Dev.



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