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NECO English Answers 2022

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Could it be said that you are a Neco Candidate for 2022? then, at this point, underneath is the finished NECO English Answers 2022 that you have been looking for. The fascinating piece of this is well-formatted charts of the relative multitude of examples to make it simple for you to  Identify them all.

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NECO English Answers 2022

armed robbers …every room in the bank to look for money.
A. explored
B. ransacked
C. raked
D. swept.

After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence.

Ade is too clever by half. This means that Ade is
A. far cleverer than others
B. actually very stupid in his behaviour
C. annoyingly clever
D. behaving to be clever but is not.
Ameh is really being economical with the truth. This means that Ameh
A. is being praised for being honest
B. does not know enough
C. knows more than he is prepared to say
D. is not telling the truth.

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From the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence.

By failing to attend the interview, Idoko has lost a golden opportunity.
A. blessed
B. bright
C. good
D. delightful.
I hope the principal would be gracious enough to forgive us.
A. cordial
B. polite
C. merciful
D. gentle.

From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.

A good citizen abides ….. the rules of the land.
A. with
B. in
C. at
D. by
Since his swearing in, the governor ……….. his hometown.
A. had not been visiting
B. has not visited
C. did not visit
D. had not visited.

NECO English Essay Question
Section A: 50 Marks
Answer 1 Only [Please Answer Correctly]

(1) the literary and debating society of your school is organizing a debate on the topic: poverty, and not corruption is the bane of our society. Write your arguments for or against the motion

(2) write an article suitable for publication in a national newspaper on the danger posed by the use of commercial motorcycles in our cities and suggest ways of curbing them

((3) write a story that best illustrates the saying: A leopard cannot change its spots

4)write a letter to the honourable minister of agriculture on ways of bossing agriculture in your country.


Answer all questions


Choose from the options lettered A – E the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word or expression in italics (Nos. 1-10).

1. The indigent man died of hunger.

A. generous

B. insolvent

C. poor

D. successful

E. Wealthy

2. She was in a lamentable condition when I met her last week.

A. cheering

B. perfect

C. pitiable

D. serious

E. shocking

3. Some migrants were arrested for breaching immigration laws.

A. breaking

B. contravening

C. following

D. fulfilling

E. Obeying

4. My mother tolerated my bad behaviour for a while.

A. allowed

B. approved

C. considered

D. detested

E. ignored

5. We had a tumultuous day at the office.

A. great

B. noisy

C. peaceful

D. riotous

E. turbulent

6. His royal background makes him a good choice for a role in the play.

A. humble

B. low

C. mean

D. rich

E. wealthy

7. The committee quashed their previous decision on the matter.

A. affirmed

B. overturned

C. published

D. rejected

E. submitted

8. It was prudent of you not to have asked her out.

A. dangerous

B. foolish

C. immoral

D. intelligent

E. wise

9. The government eventually approved sixty-five years as the retirement age.

A. albeit

B. consequently

C. finally

D. initially

E. subsequently

10. The old man advised his children to be frugal.

A. economical

B. mean

C. sparing

D. thrifty

E. wasteful


Complete each of the following sentences with the most appropriate of the options lettered A-E (Nos.11-20).

11. Ada ________a car back home as soon as she received the news.

A. boarded

B. climbed

C. entered

D. followed

E. joined

12. That edifice was designed by a renowned

A. architect

B. artist

C. contractor

D. engineer

E. surveyor

13. The teacher asked the students to obtain the current

_________of the dictionary.

A. copy

B. design

C. edition.

D. type

E. version

14. Obi kept himself busy after his examination by reading an _______ of poems.

A. anthology

B. encyclopaedia

C. essay

D. index

E. inventory

15. The voltage was so high that I had to ­___________ the computer.

A. off

B. shut down

C. shut off

D. switch off

E. turn off

16. Moses was ___________ of the crime and was set free.

A. abreast

B. absolved

C. accused

D. indicted

E. informed

17. The president _________some Trade Unions in the country.

A. abrogated

B. acquitted

C. discharged

D. proscribed

E. ratified

18. The professor presented his inaugural lecture using a

A. magneto

B. microphone

C. microscope

D. projector

E. telescope

19. Most of the residents believe that only a new ________ can boost power supply in the area.

A. cable

B. fuse

C. generator

D. insulator

E. transformer

20. As the plane was about to take-off, the _______informed the passengers to fasten their seat belts.

A. cabin crew

B. control tower

C. flight attendant

D. flight engineer

E. traffic controller


Choose from the options lettered A-E the one that is the most appropriate interpretation for each of the following statements (Nos. 21-30).

21. Jones ate his words when he was cross-examined by the prosecuting counsel. This means he

A. answered the questions carefully.

B. denied what he had said earlier on

C. refused to talk. what he had earlier said.

E. was rude to the prosecuting counsel.

22. What she said was farther from the truth. This means she

A. exaggerated the matter.

B. predicted an event.

C. re-affirmed what another person had said.

D. said what was in contrast to the reality on ground.

E. spoke the truth.

23. The management was dragging its feet on the need to employ new workers. This means that the management was ______workers.

A. acting fast on employing new

B. furious with the

C. in a rush to employ new

D. not happy with the

E. slow in taking decision on employing new

24. Although Akin’s parents are rich, he flunked out of school. This means he

A. flew out of the country to complete his studies.

B. left school due to poor performance.

C. moved to another school.

D. was a truant in school.

E. was under duress to stay in the school.

25. The little boy was running around the compound in his birthday suit. This means he

A. could only run around the compound in suit.

B.  could only run when in suit.

C. was being pursued when he wore his birthday suit.

D. was not wearing clothes.

E. wore his birthday suit.

26. Our advertisement on the internet was a bang for the buck. This means we

A. budgeted for the money spent.

B. got better value for our efforts.

C. liquidated our company.

D. lost the money spent.

E. spent the money credited.

27. The president said those who embezzled public funds must be prepared to face the music. This means they must

A. be embarrassed publicly.

B. be reformed.

C. dance to a music that will be played for them

D. face the consequences of their action.

E. refund the money stolen.

28. Danjuma said he was not afraid of a probe because he did not have any skeleton in his cupboard. This means he

A. always kept his cupboard clean.

B. did not have a secret to hide.

C. did not trade in skeletons.

D. had a questionable character.

E. had not killed anybody.

29. The woman’s new dress fits like a glove. This means that the dress

A. does not fit her.

B. fits her perfectly.

C. is too big.

D. is like a glove.

E. is tight.

30. The teacher’s question to the students about their plan for the weekend drew a blank. This means the teacher

A. drew a conclusion.

B. drew a line on a blank sheet.

C. got no response.

D. moved close to the students

E. reminded them of their plan.


Choose from the options lettered A-E the one that is nearest in meaning to the word or expression in italics (Nos. 31-40).

31. Following the robbery incident in the bank, the security men were charged to always be on the alert.

A. armed

B. attentive

C. cautious

D. expectant

E. watchful

32. The maid was sacked because she was slothful.

A. carefree

B. diligent

C. dirty

D. lazy

E. rude

33. It is mandatory for every returning student to pay the fee.

A. compulsory

B. important

C. necessary

D. optional

E. voluntary

34. The man is of the same lineage as the king.

A. breed

B. clan

C. folk

D. group

E. progeny

35. There was no evidence that the man came early.

A. claim

B. consensus

C. fact

D. information

E. proof

36. The members of staff conspired to disgrace the principal.

A. agreed

B. combined

C. connived

D. gathered

E. opted

37. My mother is industrious.

A. hardworking

B. indolent

C. lazy

D. prudent

E. smart

38. John’s uncle lives in a cosy apartment.

A. beautiful

B. comfortable

C. cramped

D. large

E. shabby

39. Minna is one of the ancient cities in Nigeria.

A. beautiful

B. biggest

C. modern

D. old

E. popular

40. He is among the distinguished politicians in my state.

A. disloyal

B. generous

C. good

D. notable

E. notorious.


Choose from the options lettered A-E the one that most appropriately completes each sentence (Nos. 41–70).

41. The two friends have not spoken to each other ______ two weeks now.

A. about

B. during

C. for

D. since

E. until

42. The old man was advised to abstain __________smoking.

A. at

B. from

C. in

D. off

E. on

43. Ade and _________will represent the class in the quiz competition.

A. I

B. me

C. myself

D. them

E. Us

44. If I were ______, I would have

reported the matter to the police.

A. him

B. their

C. them

D. themselves

E. they

45. He lost the book he borrowed from

A. I

B. me

C. myself

D. they

E. we

46. He _______to attend the meeting yesterday.

A. fail

B. failed

C. fails

D. had fail

E. has failed

47. Our tenant owe us several

A. month rents.

B. month’s rent.

C. months rent.

D. months rents.

E. months’ rent

48. My friends said that they ___________ visit me tomorrow

A. can

B. may

C. shall

D. should

E. would

49. After the principal’s announcement, all the children marched _________their classes.

A. inside

B. into

C. onto

D. out to

E. up to

50. Which of the following words can be used together with the prefix ‘en-‘ to form a new word?

A. Camp

B. Mortal

C. Pede

D. Ploy

E. Press

51. He was dismissed due to

A. imcompetence

B. incompetence

C. incompitence

D. incompetense

E. inconpetence

52. He ______sick and that is why he is not in school today.

A. had been

B. has been

C. have been

D. is

E. was

53. Mummy bought a pair of ________shoes each for Terseer and me.

A. beautiful black skin

B. beautiful skin black

C. black skin beautiful

D. skin black beautiful

E. skin beautiful black

54. She lives in a ________house.

A. big new white

B. big white new

C. new big white

D. new white big

E. white big new


Direct Speech: “Who is the richest

man in Africa?” the teacher asked.

Indirect Speech: The teacher asked who

A. is the richest man in Africa

B. the richest men in Africa were

C. the richest man in Africa is.

D. the richest man in Africa was.

E. was the richest man in Africa.

56. Direct Speech: “I hate sleeping with my windows open,”

John said.

Indirect Speech: John said that he ____sleeping with his

windows open.

A. had hated

B. has hated

C. hate

D. hated

E. hates

57. I am responsible for his failure, _______ I?

A. ain’t

B. am

C. aren’t

D. was

E. wasn’t

58. Children ought to respect their ______ teachers, they?

A. aren’t

B. don’t

C. oughtn’t

D. should

E. shouldn’t

59. There is ___________furniture in the school dining hall

A. few

B. little

C. many

D. more

E. much

60. Neither his books nor mine ________on the table.

A. are

B. has been

C. have being

D. is

E. was

61. Mrs Abike is late to work today; she ________have been here now.

A. could

B. must

C. need

D. should

E. would

62. The new student is ______dull to be in that class.

A. much

B. quite

C. so

D. too

E. Very

63. The sound of the gun shot scared him _________much that he fainted.

A. in as

B. quite

C. so

D. too

E. very

64. The student and his parents asked to see the principal.

A. are

B. is

C. is being

D. was

E. were

65. She complains of pains around her

A. diafram

B. diaphragm

C. diaphram

D. diaphrram.

E. dyphragm.

66. ‘Are there ______mangoes left in the fridge?’ mother asked.

A. any

B. less

C. little

D. much

E. some

67. He gazed at a _______ through the window.

A. swarm of bee

B. swarm of bee’s

C. swarm of bees

D. swarms of bee

E swarms of bees

68. Which of the following suffixes can be added to the word “moment” to form a new word?

A. -en

B. –ish

C. -ive

D. -ous

E. -y

69. The assignment has ___________mistakes in it.

A. a little

B. many

C. more

D. much

E. too many

70. He spent a whole day doing his holiday assignment, _______he?

A. did

B. didn’t

C. does

D. doesn’t

E. Has


In the following passages, the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the list below each passage, five options are offered in columns lettered A – E. Fill each numbered gap with the most appropriate of the options (Nos. 71-100).


Mosunmola had a vision of travelling out of the country many years ago. The opportunity eventually came and she had her first experience in the air when she travelled in a chartered jet from Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos to London. She narrated how she obtained her international – 71- and visa at the British –72-, Lagos. Since then, she has been narrating her plan to become a –73-, flying aircraft from one country to another. She talks about the check-in procedure, about the weighing in of her baggage, about how she climbed up the –74 and entered the beautiful –75– with well-arranged neat looking passengers’ seats. With humour and enthusiasm, she talks more on how the plane taxied along the –76-, gathered speed for the –77 and –78- into the clouds. She describes her throbbing heart when the plane developed engine problem in the air and appeared as if it had –79-. She says that all the trouble the passengers were going through were re-assured by the smiling faces of –80-, stewards and the calm voice and encouraging words of the –81– which also allayed the fears of the passengers. Eventually, when the plane touched down and –82– at the – 83, the courage and enviable personality of the pilot inspired her to determine to go to the – 84– school in Zaria and be trained as a successful pilot because there is nothing in this world like –85 – a plane.

71 flight passport permit Photograph ticket
72 agency airline airport embassy office
73 captain driver hostess pilot steward
74 aisle elevator gangway rail stair case
75 cabin chamber hall shack villa
76 express park pathway road runway
77 flight jump movement run take-off
78 darted Disappeared launched moved ran
79 crashed landed somersaulted spoilt stopped
80 chefs cooks hostesses Loaders receptionist
81 captains customers drivers Officials passengers
82 crash-landed ground-landed halted safe-landed soft-landed
83 hangar garage station tarmac tower
84 aviation craft driving maritime spaceship
85 driving flying moving Riding sailing


Ranching is a system of – 86 rearing which involves keeping of farm – 87 – on a large scale and on a large expanse of enclosed – 88 – which may be under – 89 – vegetation or –90– pasture. The animals are allowed to move about and –91 – freely on the ranch. The –92 – may have to supply the animals with feed – 93 – in form of concentrates, vitamins and minerals. Enough water is also supplied by the – 94-.  A ranch should be fenced and provided with stocked crushes, animal dips and sheds or corals to – 95 the animals during bad –96. Sheds are also needed to keep and treat – 97– animals. In ranching, it is possible to adopt rotational grazing, whereby the ranch is divided into –98 and each is used for a certain period of time before the animals are moved to other sections. –99 – grazing allows the – 100 to grow and prevents overgrazing.

86 commercial domesticated livestock naturalized wildlife
87 animals birds fishes mammals reptile
88 air land places space water
89 abnormal artificial modern native natural
90 common controlled flowered perennial planted
91 eat gnaw graze munch nibble
92 farmer fisherman herdsman shepherd stockman
93 additional boosters essentials materials supplements
94 farmer handyman labourer rancher supervisor
95 cage defend expose harbor incarcerate
96 atmosphere conditions situations temperature weather
97 aggressive healthy lactating pregnant sick
98 columns departments fragments sections units
99 alternating revolving rotational substitute varying
100 earth Food land pasture surface

NECO English Answers to Part II (Essay, Comprehension & Summary)

(5a) They had an incompetent geography teacher.

(5b) He never believed that such number of students could dislike geography.

(5c) The dream of becoming a pilot.

(5d) The principal was merely building castle in the air as students had no pleasure in the subject.


(i) Adjectival clause.

(ii) It qualifies the noun “Guidance Counsellor”.


They discovered that “Water Meandering” which their old teacher had repeatedly taught them was not even a topic on its own in geography.


Teachers should be allowed to handle subjects of their expertise.


(i) Retrospectively – back

(ii) Thunderous – deafening

(iii) Zeal – passion

(iv) Specialist – expert

(v) Entreaties – appeals

(vi) Scratch – beginning


(i) The Nigerian sports representatives were inadequately prepared in the 2012 Olympic games.

(ii) They were also poorly motivated.


(i) National sports commission should adopt early preparations for special competitions.

(ii) They should also organize youth programmes to train and churn out experts in sporting activities.


The developments that hindered the implementation of the resolutions reached at the summit are:

(i) The replacement of the sports minister.

(ii) Lack of financial commitment in other sports activities.

NECO English Objective Answers for Paper III 2022













Choose from the options lettered A – E the one that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the underlined letter(s) (Nos. 1-15).

Example: head

A. heed

B. ingrate

C. job

D. red

E. steal

The correct option is the one lettered D because only “red” has the same vowel sound as the one underlined in “head.”

1. beef

A. beer

B. break

C. chest

D. chew

E. seed

2. sand

A. aid

B. dark

C. jar

D. rake

E. rapid

3. sake

A. beat

B. case

C. cast

D. match

E. sad

4. heart

A. mark

B. mat

C. mate

D. meal

E. peak

5. Coop

A. cook

B. coup

C. much

D. score

E. scout

6. shop

A. close

B. mock

C. mould

D. port

E. storm

7. sunset

A. butter

B. buy

C. court

D. cubit

E. found

8. sit

A. beast

B. blind

C. litter

D. liven

E. meal

9. attract

A. aim

B. atomic

C. auction

D. ball

E. cake

10. fear

A. each

B. ear

C. feast

D. search

E. spare

11. breath

A. mail

B. mercy

C. pray

D. set

E. team

12. fight

A. bad

B. bike

C. list

D. mineral

E. sink

13. fare

A. bear

B. coffee

C. fear

D. guard

E. wine

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