Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Saturday 16th April 2022

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 15th April 2022
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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Saturday 16th April 2022 : The Episode begins with Suman requesting that Ravish make Vividha agreeable. She says she is apprehensive as she is new here, guarantee you that you are with her, safeguard her, I realize how is existence without adoration, I don’t need the equivalent occur with Vividha, find out whats the matter. Daddy ji comes and says Suman is correct, converse with Vividha and attempt to take care of her concern. Violate goes. Daddy ji tells Suman that Ramakant is no more, I m sorry from his side, I realize he has pained you a ton and I could do nothing. She asks him not to apologize. She conceals her tears and converses with her. He says you are a military’s girl, armed force’s significant other in evident sense, you know to conceal agony and battle with issues.

Suman says its one month that Ramakant died, at whatever point I see his pic, I consider the other lady who might be crying seeing his pic, I simply have her recollections, and I need to impart it to the next lady. Daddy ji says its simply your recollections, you don’t have to share it, Ramakant was my child, how he managed you, I can always remember it, I guaranteed your dad that I will make you my bahu, I satisfied it, and I was unable to guarantee your satisfaction, it was a direct result of that lady Sujata. Violate hears them.

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Suman cries and says I m stressed for future, not past. Daddy ji asks what do you mean. Suman says its an age that joy came in this house, I m terrified, Ramakant’s passing might turn into a justification behind Sujata and her family to get freedoms on this house. He says till I m alive, Ramakant’s previous will be fall on our home’s present and future, nobody can go into this house, just you and Ravish have right on this house. Violate looks on and goes to his room.

He asks Vividha are you feeling improved. She says OK, I realize we guaranteed each other that we won’t scrutinize one another, I m not requesting that you share your concern with me, however you can impart it to your mum. He says I realize this matter will come out one day, however this isn’t the perfect opportunity. She says I figure you ought to rest for quite a while, you will feel improved. He says I don’t rest in day. She says you are not in strain generally, I will get warm milk for you. She goes.

Violate says you maintain that me should tell this to Suman, you don’t tell Suman will be generally wounded by this, she can not bear this reality, how might you know, you are not connected with our past. Vividha goes to kitchen. She cries and expresses out loud whatever is reality that Ravish can’t say, I m getting such a lot of affection and regard here, I would rather not hurt them more, yet what to do.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Saturday 16th April 2022 : Atharv feels unwell and yells. He holds his head and tumbles down on the bed. He searches for a good method for getting away. He thumps the entryway and yells open… .. Vividha passes by that room and stops. Atharv attempts to open the cabinet and tumbles down. Vividha says this sound is returning once more and goes to check. She sees the sound coming from the cabinet and asks who is there. She gets strained, while Atharv is hitting the pantry door by his head. He hears her voice and attempts to yell. She hears him and says Atharv… .He gets to the cabinet door and sees garments. She opens the cabinet, while Ravish holds Atharv, quieting down and brings down the entryway. Vividha simply sees the garments. She says whats occurring with me, I m hearing sounds, seeing Atharv… .

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She says perhaps Maa is correct, I m envisioning this, I want to accept this that Atharv will return my life, I have done exceptionally awful with you, I would rather not do terrible with a decent man like Ravish. She leaves. Violate and Situram make Atharv rests on the bed. Violate gives him infusion. He says I m here for your assistance, unwind… … Atharv quiets down. Violate says its great I came on schedule. Sujata holds Ravish.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Saturday 16th April 2022 : Violate says I let you know that Atharv shouldn’t emerge from this room, then how can he come out over and over. He quiets down and says I m sorry. He says look I realize you would rather not stay here, yet attempt to comprehend, you need to remain here, let me perform my responsibility, see his state is so frail, I have no other choice that to keep him here, where did you go by letting him be. She says today Atharv’s dad… .. its one month now that he died, so I went to sanctuary, I realize you prevented me from going out, I was unable to stop myself today. Situram goes to monitor outside. Sujata says I went by indirect access as you said. Violate asks are you certain nobody has seen you. Sujata says OK, however… He asks what occurred. She says my puja plate isn’t there, in the event that anybody sees it… He says nothing will occur. She says there is a pic in it, my and Ramakant’s pic. Violate gets stunned.

Suman says Ramkant spent one month back. Violate goes to take the pic. Suman sees Ramakant and Sujata’s pic, and gets stunned.


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