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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Tuesday 29th March 2022: The Episode begins with Ravish reproving Situram. He says I left everything on you, my life and insider facts, how did you respond. Situram says I know numerous insider facts. Violate beats him. Vipul accompanies police. Situram gets captured. Violate apologizes to Vipul. Vividha cries and says sorry. Suman says I can’t really accept that Situram was doing this, I thought he is faithful, we can’t accept any other person. She checks Sujata out. She is sorry to Vividha and says I m truly grieved, you needed to bear this here.

Vividha says no, everybody needs to bear for deeds. Suman says I lost trust on my judgment, I found Situram faithful, he did this, in the event that any other person comes, how might I accept. Guddi comes there and welcomes Ravish. She embraces Vividha and asks how are you. Vividha says fine, how are you, how could you come abruptly. Guddi says I wished to meet you and came here. Suman says you accomplished something useful by coming here, its your home as well. Guddi sees Sujata and cries. She takes Sujata’s government assistance. She asks Atharv how is he and embraces him. Atharv drives her away and asks who are you. Vividha says she is our companion Guddi. He asks who. Guddi says your companion, Guddi.

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He enjoys the shades and asks will I take this. He wears conceals. Guddi cries. Suman requests that Vividha take more time to room. Vividha takes Guddi and requests that she take rest. Guddi says I didn’t have the foggiest idea about Atharv’s state is so awful, will he not get fine. Vividha says we as a whole are attempting, Ravish organized great treatment for him, lets remain cautiously optimistic, how is mum and Dadi. Guddi says they are fine, no Papa’s information. Vividha gets some information about him. Guddi says some time ago he was your Lord. Furthermore, today you are like he was nothing for him. Vividha says cheat is like termites, which can end any connection from life. She asks are you fine. Guddi says OK, I will clean up and meet.

Its morning, Suman and Bhoomi make breakfast. Atharv comes and welcomes them. He takes a blade. Suman requests that he be cautious, give it to me, it will hurt. He calls her frantic. Sujata comes and stops Atharv. She asks him not to inconvenience Maa. Suman says I m not his Maa and becomes irate. Violate looks on. Atharv asks Suman for what valid reason does she become irate. Violate requests that Sujata take Atharv. Sujata takes Atharv. Specialist treats Atharv and says now Atharv will get infusion to get fine. Atharv denies and races to the highest point of the couch. Everybody request that he descend.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Tuesday 29th March 2022: Atharv requests that Suman see, they are requesting that I take infusion. Suman says take it, it will be better for you. Atharv says I don’t need, you take it and pushes her. Sujata asks whats this terrible way of behaving. Vividha and Guddi come. Atharv says Vividha, I don’t need the infusion. He embraces her. Everybody get stunned. Kalindi and Bhoomi grin.

Atharv doesn’t leave Vividha. Suman becomes furious and checks Ravish out. Vividha moves away Atharv. Suman goes. Kalindi asks Bhoomi did you see Atharv’s embrace. Vividha requests that specialist give infusion to Atharv. She lets Atharv know that he is courageous and can take infusion. He takes a gander at her, and specialist gives him infusion.

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Vividha says infusion is given, you didn’t understand, I will take more time for you. She goes. Sujata goes to Suman. She says Atharv isn’t in his detects, you realize his brain resembles a child, don’t feel terrible, did you get injured. Suman says this injury is extremely old, simply deal with your child and get him far from my child.

Guddi converses with Uma on telephone. Uma deals with Ankit. Guddi says I m fine, you likewise fare thee well. She sees somebody and closures call. She sees Kalindi. Kalindi says sorry, are you fine, I m blissful you came here, Vividha needs somebody close, there can’t be anybody better than sister. Kalindi talks sweet and says it will be help for Vividha, about her and Ravish’s breaking marriage. Guddi gets stunned.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Tuesday 29th March 2022: Violate converses with Vividha. Guddi comes to them. Guddi welcomes them great evening and requests that they rest. She goes. Violate says I will leave, you rest. He leaves from room. Guddi gets stunned seeing this.

Vividha requests that Guddi rest and goes. Guddi sees somebody and goes to window. Chintu/somebody gets Guddi and quiets down.


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