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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Wednesday 2nd February 2022:The Episode begins with Kailash yelling on Vividha and asking her from where is she coming. She says Pushkar. He inquires as to for what reason did you go there, respond to me and holds her furiously. She begins crying. Atharv looks on and comes in the middle. He says I will let you know Sir… .. everybody look on strained. Kailash asks how could you divide me and my little girl, who are you. Atharv says Atharv Sujata… . Kailash reviews Sujata’s words. Atharv says Vividha went to Pushkar to help me. Vividha requests that he stop.

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Atharv says Vividha helped me as my calf came to your home for puja, calf got taken, Vividha was unyielding to come to Pushkar to track down the calf, as she was in regards to herself capable. Kailash asks so are you Sujata’s child. Atharv says OK. Kailash furiously hauls Vividha and asks did you go Pushkar

with this person. She gestures and cries. Kailash asks Atharv do you have any idea about whose girl is she, Kailash Kashyap, my girl deceived me as a result of you, this occurred interestingly, as a result of you. Vividha yells Papa and hurries to them. She requests that he leave Atharv.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Wednesday 2nd February 2022:Uma and Guddi become stressed. Vividha says Atharv didn’t request that I go along, he needed me to return home, however how might I return, your regard was connected with this episode, Sujata has sent calf to us, we lectured calf as Lord and did puja, calf got taken, how is it that I could lose our Lord and fail to remember the occurrence, when the hooligans abducted me, Atharv saved my life. Kailash asks hooligans? She says OK and tells all that what occurred in Pushkar. She says Atharv has taken a chance with his life and saved my life, I truly didn’t realize you were in fair, else I would have come to you to take help. Atharv says Vividha needed to tell you however… .. Kailash gazes at Uma.

Kailash says the girl who says there isn’t anything greater than father’s pride, she went with a weird person to Pushkar, did I give these qualities to you Vividha, you deceived me, you utilized our adoration and trust, you misled us. He requests that she reply. Uma asks him not to say anything to Vividha, its my slip-up, I asked her not to let you know anything, rebuff me, not Vividha. They cry. Dadi lets Uma know that you made Guddi like you, presently you are ruining Vividha. Uma says Vividha has Kailash’s qualities, she mixed up to go with Pushkar without telling Kailash. He asks her not to say a word now. He says I will converse with you later, and checks out Atharv. He gets out whatever you did today, I m grateful. He holds Atharv and embraces him, shockingly.

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Kailash lets Atharv know that you dealt with my little girl in my nonappearance, much obliged for this, anything you did and why, I would rather not know, I just comprehended the explanation is one, thank you for the benefit of my family, I will gift this ring to you as my appreciation. Atharv says your heart is exceptionally enormous, yet I don’t need this ring, I saved Vividha’s life, she saved calf’s life, its equivalent, I will leave now. You are senior, however I will say something, you got stressed today, yet I comprehended your girl’s life is around your bliss and regard, regardless of whether you question on her, then, at that point, comprehend that your uncertainty is off-base. Vividha grins. A

tharv says I felt my mom is the main brave lady in this world, however even your girl is extremely impressive, she saved the calf coming Pushkar, yet additionally has boldness to come clean with you, assuming you feel terrible of my words, I m sorry. Atharv folds hands. Kailash grins and holds his hands. He leaves. Kailash’s appearances turn irate once more.

Sujata and uncle have a discussion. Atharv returns home. Sujata asks him did you drop Vividha home, did Kailash have any familiarity with it. He tells her that Kailash and we came to soon, he became irate and chided. He meets Payal. She sees the injury on Atharv’s hand and stresses. He says Kailash blew up, then, at that point, forgot everything, he embraced me. She asks what, he embraced you? He says OK, for what reason are you astounded, he was giving me his gold ring, I rejected him. She says Vividha deceived Kailash as a result of you and he embraced you, attempt to comprehend.

Uma cries and apologizes. Kailash chides her and asks her not to cry resoundingly, youngsters are dozing. She is sorry. He says you are frantic, you have sent Vividha to stable to get cow compost. He harms her. He says assuming Vividha misleads me once more, I won’t leave you. She cries. He says your voice ought not head outside. He goes. She sees the imprints on all fours.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Wednesday 2nd February 2022:Guddi prods Vividha and requests that she get out whatever occurred in Pushkar, how is Atharv? Sujata asks how is Vividha, she is rich young lady, did she converse with you well and showed mentality. He says no, she is frantic, her name ought to be Duvidha, not Vividha, she tells about her father forever, its bothering. Vividha says Atharv is disturbing, I didn’t see more Sadu individual than him.

Atharv says I didn’t see any unbending individual than her. Sujata says Payal got back as a result of her. Atharv says OK, that young lady is iron woman, she battled with thugs and hanged to the beat, the woman attempted to make her fall yet she didn’t leave the rhythm. Vividha says he has temper, however he is caring as well, he made me break my quick, he resembles Papa, severe from outside and caring. She grins.

Vividha tells Sujata that Kailash was cheerful when he new Atharv has helped me, he cherishes me a ton. Kailash strolls shoeless on the glass pieces and is


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