Once There Was A King Saturday 8th January 2022 Zee World Update

Once There Was A King update Monday 21st February 2022
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Once There Was A King Saturday 8th January 2022: Rana ji asks Raaj mata to send his vehicle to pick Gayatri. Bari Rani maa heard this all, he comes to Raaj mata and insults in the event that Raam ji didn’t hear Kaushalya, there is a Kalyug. Raaj mata says assuming a mother by marriage resembles hers, it is Maha Kalyug. Bari Raani maa asks how she will get her little girl law back, she has lost. Raaj Mata says whether or not Rana ji needs it, she will finish Pagphera.
Gayatri was sitting tight for Rana ji at home. Maa comes there and insults Gayatri saying she recalls a verse about pausing. Gayatri says there is nothing similar to that. Maa says he will come soon, she is regarding her mom as a stage. The children come to Gayatri requesting that she address them. Gayatri chuckles them both, kids request that Gayatri go out and ride a cycle. Maa comes there and says nobody will go out for cycling, she lets the children know that Gayatri is presently a Rani too, and Raani don’t ride cycle. Maa leaves, Gayatri vows to play with kids for quite a while as it were.

The thugs sat tight for Gayatri outside her home.
In the castle, Kunwar ji advises Kokilla that Laksh needs to render retribution from Gayatri of his insolence. Laksh comes and says this time he will rebuff Gayatri such that nobody will call her Raani once more. Gayatri was doing cycling, kids ran behind her cycle. Thugs were likewise doing cycling.
Maa was stressed at home over Gayatri. Regal workers came and a declaration about Raaj Mata’s appearance is made. Maa invites Raaj Mata. Maa gets some information about Rana ji, Bhabis ask how might the custom be satisfied without Rana ji. Maa was stressed over Gayatri.
Gayatri rode the cycle, kids followed her. Someway ahead the great took up Gayatri and shut her mouth. Gayatri says they don’t have the foggiest idea what her identity is. They say they realize she is Raani. Gayatri says she doesn’t has anything to give them. The hooligans request that she give her garments to them, he inquire as to whether she will do it without anyone else’s help or they should do it without anyone else’s help. Gayatri slaps one of them and run, the hooligans follow her. Gayatri yells for help. The men at last get Gayatri, one of them smacks her on face and orders his men to grab her garments. Gayatri says they should initially believe that their mom is additionally a lady. She gets a stone and deflects them to approach. They hear ponies showing up towards them. Gayatri is stunned.

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Once There Was A King Saturday 8th January 2022: Raaj Mata advises Gayatri’s family to see whom she has carried with her. She calls him inside.
Rana ji stops his pony close to Gayatri, Gayatri is happy and drops the stone. The men flee.
Laksh goes into Gayatri’s home.
Rana ji comes to Gayatri who grins, he offers his hand which she holds and rides the pony. He inquires as to whether she is fine. She gestures and says she had a conviction that he will come without a doubt. Rana ji says assuming there is an assault on Rani Gayatri Devi, it will be on Rana Indravadhan’s regard and it is his obligation to protect their regard.
Raaj Mata says to Maa that assuming a spouse can’t come in Pagphera custom, a brother by marriage comes to take the lady of the hour back home. She says Rana ji needed to go to meet Mr. Wilkinson’s so Laksh has come. Kids run into the home and declares that Gayatri has disappeared, she was riding the cycle before them. Laksh resassures Raani ji should be back, and thinks he simply needed to see that glad young lady, else he isn’t keen on aiding Rana ji. Rana ji declares that Rani Gayatri is with him and enters the home with Gayatri. Everybody is stunned to see Gayatri’s condition. Laksh is left open looked at.

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Once There Was A King Saturday 8th January 2022: Gayatri clarifies that she went outside with kids, a few thugs followed her. Rana ji came there on schedule and saved her. Rana ji thinks he needs to save himself from her, destiny brings him here over and over. Had Rani Gayatri not gone out without her gatekeepers, he will not need to come here.
In the royal residence, Bari Raani maa asks Gayatri how could he went outside without her gatekeepers, nor is she in this age nor in this position. Gems is there to keep them in protected, not to be displayed on roads. She is the most costly adornments of the castle, from today assuming she will even breath will be with her consent. Bari raani maa leaves.
Kunwar ji snatches Laksh’s neck, and says had he been fruitful he probably lost his head. He advises him to work on something for not leaving a beneficiary alone brought into the world to Rana ji. Kokilla stops Kunwar, and says Laksh will work with him from now. She enlightens them concerning a spice and says by eating it, Gayatri will lose her cognizant.

PRECAP: Kokilla blends the spice in Gayatri’s beverage and make her beverage it.


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