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Once There Was A King Sunday 16th January 2022: In the royal residence, Raaj Mata comes and gets down on Seth ji. Seth ji favors Gayatri by keeping a hand on her head. Raaj Mata says to Seth ji that he ought to have atleast been prepared for this as Gayatri needed to be familiar with it one day. Seth ji says that no dad can see his little girl in torment. He requests that Raaj Mata let Gayatri go with him. Raaj Mata says that he has hitched his girl. She guarantees Seth ji that Gayatri won’t need anything in the royal residence, and there is no aggravation that can’t occupy on schedule. Seth ji says assuming this doesn’t occur, he will take Rani Gayatri Devi of Amirkot back home.
Raaj Mata comes to Gayatri.

She says that when in youth, they used to counterfeit wed the dolls and assuming there was a battle she used to bring her dolls back home. Be that as it may, in actuality, she can’t return home assuming there is an issue. Assuming she returns, her and her dad’s regard will get demolished. She says that Seth Govind and Raaj Mata wedded their youngsters for their advantage. Furthermore Gayatri is the Rani of Amirkot simply because of this exchange which she is reviling. Gayatri says she would have rather not be a Raani however a spouse. Raaj Mata asks doesn’t she need to turn out to be currently? She says that Gayatri is taking her looks from the obligations of a spouse, a little girl in law and of a Raani. She didn’t do great today by leaving the custom. Assuming that she doesn’t satisfy her obligations of a Raani, she will get the freedoms of a spouse too. She says that affection wins itself and just the warriors get effective, not the sprinters. Gayatri says that achievement and rout are just a piece of Raajneeti, not love. She couldn’t say whether she will reside here or will get back to her mom’s home, yet she will come clean with Rana ji that she didn’t be aware of exchange thing.

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Once There Was A King Sunday 16th January 2022: Seth Govind was at home lost in whatever had occurred in the castle. Maa got some information about the custom and Gayatri, how she was looking, what she was wearing, in the event that she has changed. She sees Seth Govind upset and inquires as to whether Gayatri is fine. Seth ji says that Gayatri is truly cheerful in the royal residence, she has turned into a Raani. Seth Govind’s detach fell his eyes.

Gayatri comes to Rana ji’s room. Rana ji advises her to leave, Gayatri says she will leave yet he should pay attention to her first. He attempts to overlook, she says she won’t release him without paying attention to her. Rana ji says that he thought today was enough of dramatization, she might do anything she desires to, she might remain or leave, he isnt moved. He closes the entryway from inside. Gayatri says that when she heard every one of his untruths, he can’t pay attention to one of truth. She is returning to her home and won’t ever return. She comes to her room and figures that she will leave, however being a Gayatri that was hitched into this castle.

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She takes her adornments off, changes to her old garments and get up. She thinks why she is crying, she will just take her dad’s bangle and her self confidence from the castle. She looks behind at the royal residence and recollects the guarantees of regard from Rana ji, then, at that point, his disavowal to the connection.
Bari Raani Maa pay-offs the Pandit ji not to let anybody know whatever happened today. She watches Raaj Mata at the doorstep and mumbles that stressing over the admiration of the house is the obligation of houselady. Raaj Mata advises Pandit ji to leave, she says to Bari Raani Maa that she destroyed her regard before a pariah, she should not repeat the experience. Bari Raani Maa says that before the entire world, her grandson and her family’s regard was demolished. She had prohibited her not to make a typical young lady, the Raani of this state however she needed to do an exchange. Presently she has seen the outcomes.

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Gayatri goes out. Bari Raani maa says that getting the regard requires hundreds of years and it is lost in a moment. Today that young lady lost all their regard. She, the Bari Raani maa orders that the young lady should be tossed out of the castle at the earliest opportunity, as she has demonstrated not to merit a Raani. Raaj Mata says that she is the proprietor of the royal residence and she will take the choices. Bari Raani maa inquires as to whether she needs to adjust her perspective. Raaj Mata says she just needs to remind that she doesn’t reserve the option to take this choice. Bari Raani Maa says she will see who alters her perspective. Raaj Mata says visitors don’t have a consent to take choice, this isnt her home, she is the mother of Kunwar ji and step mother of Big Rana ji. She is her step mother by marriage, and the choices of life are not made by the strides. Bari raani maa stands up irately, she says that now she got where Gayatri picked up getting into mischief. Raaj Mata says she is her shadow, Bari Raani Maa.

Once There Was A King Sunday 16th January 2022: She advises her that she is the Raaj Mata of the state, and Bari Raani maa is only the great mother of Rana ji who tells stories. Raaj Mata should be permitted to make the story, else she should not fail to remember that visitors need to leave one day. Bari Raani maa says that she should lament what she has said. Raaj Mata leaves.
Maa readies a pickle and advises Bauji to drop it to Gayatri’s home as she adores it. Seth ji sat upset. The entryway of the house opens and Gayatri enters. Seth ji is stunned to see her, while Maa cheers. She proceeds to ask Gayatri how she is, hasn’t Rana ji come. He more likely than not left her. She takes a gander at Gayatri’s garments and her outfit, then, at that point, watches whatever she had in her grasp. She inquires as to whether she had a contention with somebody, is Rana ji okay. She asks Seth ji what occurred. Seth ji was likewise quiet, Gayatri checks out him. Maa asks Gayatri what has occurred, Gayatri cries and says nothing remains to tell. Everything has finished. Seth ji cries also.

PRECAP: Maa says to Gayatri that assuming she does nothing today she will lament generally, the man she adored the most detests her the most. Rana ji says that assuming she doesn’t return till night, he will acknowledge whatever Raaj Mata is saying yet on the off chance that she returns, his perspective with regards to him is correct.


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