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Once There Was A King Tuesday 18th January 2022: Gayatri returns to royal residence, Kokilla was coming first floor singing. She checks out Gayatri who cruises her by. Kokilla says that her succeded game has over once more. Rana ji was requesting an overseer to begin the work for redesign of the destructed house. The caretakes withdraws watching Gayatri on the entryway. Rana ji says that Gayatri has returned home actually soon, assuming she was missing regal castle. Gayatri says he was discussing the annihilation of powerless houses as they fell because of rainstorm. Their connection was additionally powerless, she has returned to remodel it.
Rana ji washes up, he takes towel from behind. Gayatri inquires as to whether he wants something different. He goes to see her, Gayatri says that she will satisfy every one of the obligations of a spouse, she didn’t be familiar with the exchange else she wouldn’t have hitched him by any means. He should give her a brief period. Rana ji pushes ahead, he inquires as to whether she has eaten something. Gayatri backs up, Rana ji causes her to sit on the bed and says every one of the obligations aren’t of the spouse, some are of husbands too. Everybody is sitting tight for her on the table, he will simply go along with them. Gayatri leaves joyfully.\

Gayatri gets together, Raaj Mata says she is glad that the moon of Royal Palace has returned. Kokilla disdains, Raaj Mata inquires as to whether she felt some flavor. Rana ji shows up at the table and watches the seat of Bari Raani maa void. Raaj Mata says she is certain Bari Raani maa will return soon. Rana ji says he needs to say something today, something significant and important to him. He says today, a beverage for the one he consumed a large chunk of the day to see yet all the misconception have gone at this point. Raaj Mata holds her beverage, Rana ji asks Kunwar ji and Kokilla to go along with them. He advises Laksh to hold his wine also. He says that in the existence of a royal residence it is exceptionally less that one gets glad, else there is generally a conflict happening in castle. In war, the other’s assault on chest yet in royal residence, one’s possesses assault on the back and this is Raaj neeti. He says today we have an individual who is a champ player in the castle, this beverage is named after that individual. Kokilla inquires as to whether he is discussing that person.

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Once There Was A King Tuesday 18th January 2022 : Rana ji says that individual is… focuses the beverage towards Kunwar ji, then, at that point, Kokilla, then, at that point, Laksh and goes to Gayatri. He says she is Rani Gayatri Devi. He says that this honest face played such a show with her dad that tangled Raaj Mata too, he says he has seen various entertainers yet hasn’t seen an entertainer like Gayatri. She even demonstrations with her own self, there should applaud her. Raaj Mata stops Rana ji and advises the workers to leave. Rana ji yells that nobody will move from their place until he gets done, this is King’s structure. He says congrats Gayatri, she has dominated her match and has turned into the Rani of Amirkot. She can evade everybody except not him, she has turned into a Raani of Rana ji however Indravadhan won’t ever possess her. Rana ji says that the crown of Amirkot has got crushed before her however Indravadhan won’t ever. Today is the day of her prosperity, today he reports that she will get every one of the freedoms of a Raani in this castle, she has got what she needed. He drinks from his glass, Laksh, Kokilla and Kunwar likewise drinks. Rana ji drops the glass. Gayatri was crying. Rana ji leaves.

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Raaj Mata says that Rana ji fouled up today. She advises Swarna to take Rana ji inside. Kokilla advises Gayatri to stop her theatrics, Rana ji has revealed her reality before everybody. Raaj Mata yells at her to stop it and requests that Swarna take her in her room.
In the room, Swarna withdraws. Gayatri inquires as to whether she likewise thinks she has played some stunt. Swarna says that she confides in her, and is highly connected to Rana ji. She simply supplicates that everything closes soon. Gayatri says he is moving away from her however much she attempts to draw nearer from him. Swarna embraces her.

Once There Was A King Tuesday 18th January 2022: Toward the beginning of the day, Kunwar ji was in the room. Rana ji sits down and was associated with his records. Assumed control over, he has likewise fixed his connection with British government that turned sour on account of Rani. He says it wont be of any utilization, since she will continue to demolish the relations with British. He should put Raani out of the castle and take the workplace of Rani from her. Rana ji says that Kunwar ji should remain quiet, whatever relations he has with his significant other, she is Rani of Amirkot. It wont be really great for him to offer something against Raani in the royal residence. Rana ji says that he is the Raja here, and she is his Rani, assuming somebody conflicts with her, it implies he is against him. Rana ji leaves. Kunwar ji says he hasn’t as yet done any assault, else nor he will stay a Rani or he the Raja.

PRECAP: Rana ji says to Gayatri that he will return every penny of her dad till Diwali and will separate from her. Gayatri says she will keep on with her privileges, and they will observe Diwali together.


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