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Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Friday 3rd December 2021:The episode started with a doctor who said Payal you are recovering now, you do a lot of things for him since the last two months. Kabeer said so I get a family, my responsibility will be over, do not know if anyone was worried after her loss. Rajshri ash hug and said I miss you and do not believe you’re gone.

Maasa ask Charu to do the job. RANGELA AND BELA dress up like the rich. Bela said I would get the living room now. Maasa happy. Rangeela say we have enjoyed since two months, Pushkar devil would go back today, go and get the sign Rajshri in these letters. She checked the papers. Kabeer said that what happened to me now, I am concerned when Payal recovered, I wish she was fine and told me everything that I am free of all responsibility. Santo met him and asked why he was confused,

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That he did not understand what he wants. Kabeer gave him money and asked him to pray for Payal. Saint asked him to take Chunri and made him wear it, he would never leave, their souls will unite. Kabeer asked what do you mean, he is a stranger, my friend mad at me, please return the money and give thanks to the discount.
Saint laughed and said no one is working in front of God’s plan. He goes.

Perfect Husband Friday 3rd December 2021:Rajshri said Suhaagan get peace of mind when her husband buried the ashes. Maasa said this would not delay much, Pushkar will be back today, beware. He asked her to sign the papers, Rangeela have to pay some bills. Rajshri mark. Maasa go.

Vidhi remains tense. The doctor came to remove the bandage. Kabeer came there with Chunri. Chunri fly to Vidhi and survive in the face. He removes Chunri of his face. Kabeer looked at him. He looked at her face and shocked. Rajshri and Meera came to take Pushkar. Meera said you thought Pushkar was fine. Rajshri said Rangesela say he’s better than ever. The doctor said I hope you take the medicine and not miss a dose, you are an inspiration to everyone.

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Pushkar said I did not miss a dose, all thanks to the ward boy. He thanked them for very careful. Doctors say very good, come, your family is waiting for you outside. Pushkar grateful to the doctor. Vidhi say this is not my face, I felt like a stranger, what happened.

Perfect Husband Friday 3rd December 2021:Kabeer asked how a pretty face to be strangers. He says I’ve heard your voice, who you are. He says Kabeer. He asks if you know me, who’s my name. He says Payal. He asks what your relationship with me, I do not remember anything, why do you hesitate to answer me. The doctor says Kabeer find you in a country that was injured near the riverbank, he brought you here and you care occurred since two months. Vidhi says I do not remember anything. Kabeer said casually, try to remember. He said I had lost my memory, who I was, what happened to me.

Pushkar said I went to the woods. Rajshri asked when. The doctor said we would release it and send it with you. Kabeer said sorry, I can not handle it any further.

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