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Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Saturday 20th November 2021 Zee World:The episode began with the pushkar imagining to hurt the man. He saw people enjoying. He saw Vidhi smiling with the man. He is angry. He goes. Meera came and said we had to go, I had seen a pushkar car. Vidhi worried that he might have seen it with Damini. They are in a hurry.

Pushkar saw the man and said Vidhi was not with him, so they had planned quietly to meet. That person left. Pushkar goes to hit him by car. He said you were saved, I will find you soon, you will know the results of my cheating.

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Perfect Husband Saturday 20th November 2021 Zee World:Rangela told default that Pushkar did not present Vidhi with love, they would marry Meera in a rich house. Bela said I felt Meera cheated on. He agreed. Maasa heard them and thought sometimes they were right. He went to Charu. Charus scolded him. Maasa says I came to tell you something

Imp, it’s a big thing. Charu asked him to say it. Maasa says Meera cheating on someone. Charu asks what nonsense, thinks well and talks. Maasa says I know this well, I think of telling you, it’s your desire.

Charu said Rajshri didn’t know about this, join me. Maasa says Rajshri won’t be like this if I say, you are the most responsible person and close to Rajshri, you say this to him.

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Charu agreed and went to tell Rajshri. Meera says now you will be sure that Max is a good man. Vidhi said he was good. Meera said you could help me, talk to her mother.
Vidhi says you talk to Pushkar.

Meera said no, once you convince Mrs., you and your mother can talk to Pushkar. Meera said thank you, I love you. Vidhi said I would get medicine when we lied at home. Rajshri got Pushkar and Vidhi’s photo remained. He prayed that they remain happy.

Charus came to him. He asked for his rights. Rajshri asks what rights you are talking about. Charu said you didn’t ask me and Randhir before choosing Vidhi, I wanted to choose the alliance to Meera. Rajshri said there was still time.

Charu said you said the same thing and got a vidhi house, I knew you were upset with your decision, gave me the responsibility to complete Meera, if not, he might make my own choice. Rajshri said Meera was not like that. Charu promised to get the best alliance for Meera. Rajshri agreed and said I hope you take the best decision to Meera.

Pushkar sent Meera. He asked Vidhi where he went with enthusiasm, he looked very beautiful. Vidhi said I had to be determined, becoming a wealthy shoulder. He wondered, then who was with you. He said who, I went to see a doctor. He faced him and said I had seen you with a man.

He thought he didn’t see me with Damini. He said Meera went to meet the man, you were wrong. He said you mean the man is Meera BF. He said, I have to talk to you. He hurt him for making his mistake to others. He asked him not to lie and embarrassed. He pulled his hair. He said leave me, I didn’t lie.

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Perfect Husband Saturday 20th November 2021 Zee World:He said prepared for punishment, you will not get out of this house without my permission. He was worried. He goes. He said I had to tolerate this, the patient did not know his condition. Rajshri went to see the pushkar.

Pushkar surprised everyone with candle light dinner. He poured hot candle candles to Vidhi’s feet. He suffered the pain.



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