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Perfect Husband Saturday 5th December 2021:The episode began with Kabeer saying the nurse said I had to take a payal with me, I could not do this, I had given two months of my life for her and paid all the bills. Pushkar performs Puja for Vidhi. Kabeer was sick when the nurse called him. He saw Vidhi and asked him to have food, he had to immediately soon. He feeds his food. The nurse gave him medicine. Kabeer checked the report and said my seeds used to say, girls who were married gained weight. Vidhi asks if I’m married. Ashwin stopped the pushkar from doing rituals. Rajshri asks what you say.

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Ashwin just said, I trusted more Pushkar than Vidhi, I left Vidhi here and lost him. He took their class and said you had a Pushkar treated after losing Vidhi, Pushkar had killed him, you want to do soakan soaking. Maasa defends the pushkar. Ashwin scolded him. He says

Pushkar has done something with Vidhi, which makes him feel unstable mentally, Maasa is also the culprit, how Rangeela and Bela remain calm after knowing this, what if this happens with Bela. Maasa remembers Vidhi’s words.
Bela say I swear I don’t know anything. Ashwin asked the Pushkar to tell the truth, he did not write the letter, who had written it. Pushkar tried to say. Ashwin slapped him. Kabeer jokes that he is Vidhi’s husband. He got clothes for him. Charu shouted at Ashwin.

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Perfect Husband Saturday 5th December 2021:Pushkar stops it. Vidhi tried a dress. Kabeer smiled at him. He praised him. He said I felt pay for my name. He said I didn’t have a name to call you, the name Payal was good, it had a story. Pushkar got a gun and asked Rajshri to let him do this. He asked Ashwin to take a gun and kill him. He asked him to end his doubts by killing him. Ashwin remembers Vidhi’s words.

Perfect Husband Saturday 5th December 2021:Pushkar said my shot. Ashwin said the wrong repentance drama, I felt that marriage was also fake, I was angry to marry you, I think rich people have a big heart. He said sorry, you are rich, but your heart is small, you kill Vidhi, your Pushkar will not get rid of the burden of Vidhi’s murder, this whole family will be burdened by guilt. He scolded Maasa for being part of this plan. He ended the relationship with Maasa and asked him not to come to his house. He saw Vidhi’s photo and cry. Kabeer gave the anklet to Vidhi. He said this also incomplete like my fate. Kabeer stabbed him and asked him to wear it, it would look like fashion. He made him sit down and made him wear an anklet. He asked him to come. He asks where you will take me, I don’t know my family, where my shal goes.

Pushkar said I killed Vidhi, send me back. Pari says you are payal. Kabeer said the doctor said he would hand over my payal. Pari said there was a way.

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