Perfect Husband Sunday 19th December 2021 Zee World

PPerfect Husband Sunday 19th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Sunday 19th December 2021: Payal and Kabeer take a gander at one another. Kabeer tells Payal she has picked this body watch for life now. You need to bear me. She lets him know something very similar. He pleasantly consents to change himself a little. She abruptly quits fooling around and advises him that she is Vidhi as well. We need to accomplish something prior to taking our connection further. Kabeer carries Payal to Rajshri’s room. He joyfully lets Rajshri know that he got Payal’s gesture with Rajshri’s endowments. There is just one concern which no one but you can clear. Rajshri embraces Payal. I’m excited to hear your choice. I needed to see you glad. Payal reminds her she is hitched to Pushkar. Rajshri tells her not to stress over it. I will oversee it. They share an embrace. Kabeer inquires as to whether she is fine at this point. Payal pardons herself to converse with somebody.

Payal meets Pari. Pari inquires as to whether Kabeer admitted his adoration or not. She goes calm seeing the rose in her grasp. Kabeer goes along with them. Pari comprehends everything. I’m glad seeing you both together. Payal inquires as to whether she is to be sure cheerful. Pari gets enthusiastic. At the point when you love somebody, you just consideration about the individual who you love the most. Love can occur without marriage yet a cold marriage is of nothing but bad. She wishes them best of luck and goes to go yet Kabeer stops her. You are leaving? Pari gestures. I thought to make a stride back as you love Payal to such an extent. My heart can’t see my Kabeer with any other individual all things considered. She advises Payal to deal with Kabeer now. Kabeer embraces her. Pari cries. Payal gets enthusiastic seeing her leave. She was so daring to say such something major so delicately. I trust she finds her joy soon. Kabeer tells her that every one of the issues between them are over at this point. Nobody can interfere with us now.

Perfect Husband Sunday 19th December 2021: Rajshri comes to meet Pushkar in the prison. Pushkar faults Payal and Kabeer for outlining him. I realized you would come to remove me from here. Nobody can isolate a mother and child. I can not get by on the off chance that I stay here for few additional days. If it’s not too much trouble, get me out of here. Rajshri takes a gander at Badri who surrenders a few papers to Pushkar. He speedily signs them believing them to be bail papers. When will I get bail? Rajshri answers that it won’t ever occur. These are legal documents. Vidhi has disposed of you authoritatively now! Pushkar asks her for what valid reason she conned him. I would have done anything assuming you had quite recently asked me. She lets him know she doesn’t confide in him any longer. Pushkar holds her saree. Don’t you feel terrible seeing your own child in torment? Rajshri shrugs his hand away. I would have pardoned you on the off chance that you had not harmed any honest yet you tormented and hurt blameless individuals! I ought to have perceived your genuine face some time in the past yet I was dazed by my protective love! Presently every one of the moms who have children like you should make such tough strides against their own children! She leaves. Pushkar thinks all was well in my life before you (Vidhi) came in my life. Today my whole family is remaining against me. I won’t ever pardon you for this Vidhita!

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Payal serves tea to everybody. She is happy to see her Jiju, Jiji and nephew. Ashwin shares that they had appealed to God for something and considered coming here straightforwardly subsequent to paying love. Rajshri enters. Everybody welcomes her. Payal asks Rajshri for what valid reason she appears to be so strained. Is everything fine? Rajshri gestures. All is great at this point. I got Pushkar’s mark on legal documents. Presently my girl imparts no connection to that villain! You have adequately experienced. It is time you get the bliss you merit. I need you and Kabeer to become one tomorrow. Meera and Max will likewise be true tomorrow. Meera expresses gratitude toward her mom. Payal is concerned. Isn’t it too soon? Kabeer inquires as to whether she is disturbed hearing this uplifting news. Take a gander at your face. Rangeela vouches for Kabeer who expresses gratitude toward him consequently. Payal grins. I know you both have reinforced above and beyond a container (of alcohol). Meera prods Payal for claiming to be despondent. Payal pursues him pleasantly. Rajshri apologizes to Payal’s sister for taking this choice without her consent. Vidhi’s sister shakes her head.

Pushkar thinks even my mom deceived me. That young lady has gotten everybody on her side! What do I have? He plunks down to think. Constables advise him to quit behaving like a distraught person. The decision will be declared tomorrow. You can take out the entirety of your franticness then, at that point! Pushkar thinks they want to arrange me. They don’t comprehend me till now. I will leave very soon. You will then, at that point, see whether I am distraught or not! He sees a pen lying on the floor and gets a thought. It will happen very soon!

Meera and Payal are choosing gems for themselves. Payal takes a gander at Kabeer for idea however Meera tells him not to meddle between them from now onwards. He says I just wish to say that my decision is as of now so excellent. Whatever she will pick will be wonderful as well. Meera praises his decision too. Kabeer offers to make Payal wear it however Payal tells him against it.

Perfect Husband Sunday 19th December 2021: Pushkar pretends to experience difficulty breathing and recoils in torment. Constable looks carefully yet will not fall in his snare. Pushkar heaves blood. Constable strides in out of concern yet Pushkar chokes out him horribly. He checks out the bloodied pen. Flashback shows the constables forgetting about for a walk. Just a single constable is working. Pushkar harms himself in his jaw. Flashback closes. Pushkar covers the dead body utilizing his cover and locks the cell from outside. He keeps the key on table when different constables return. He stows away. Different constables imagine that Singh left for home.\

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Precap: Pushkar is going to hit Payal when Rajshri cautions him to stop. She is pointing a weapon at him. I wont prevent myself from shooting you today assuming I need to! Pushkar sees his mom.


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