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Perfect Husband Tuesday 8th December 2021: The episode starts with Pari scolding Kabeer. Kabeer said I had done all this for humanity, payal and my path differently. He apologized to Pari and Matron. He said that Pari will be responsible, I will never come here. He apologized to Vidhi and said I would never meet you again. Pari asks Matron to forgive him. Matron says you will not come until I call you.

Kabeer agreed and went to convince Pari. Rajshri met inspectors and said I didn’t think Vidhi was attacked by some animals in the woods, I also went there. Inspector said this incident occurred 12 years ago with several men. Rajshri said there were many differences in Jodhpur now, is there such a case again. Inspector said no, I understand your doubts. Rajshri said Vidhi’s death had some secrets, which was hidden from us. Vidhi remembers Kabeer and Smiles. He said this mirror would be my friend and this room would be my family.

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Kabeer asked Pari to believe it. He said I won’t go there again. He asked an appointment. Vidhi sets his room. Pushkar sees Rajshri and asks where you are, is everything alright. Rajshri said yes. He asks if you visit the forest. He asked him not to emphasize and leave. He asked Badri how he was. Badri left. Pushkar said the mother hid something.

Perfect Husband Tuesday 8th December 2021: Matron sells payal to several men. Kabeer promises Pari that he won’t meet Pari anymore. Kabeer said I love you Pari and cheer him. He said I love you very much, if you hurt me again, I will destroy your face. He promised to spend the day with him. He asked him to go home. They go. Matron asks how you will take the girl, just be patient. He took Vidhi’s photo.

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Vidhi got Chunri and remembered Kabeer. He said Kabeer did many things for me, there were people like that in the world. He thought of doing work to get money. Pushkar spends time with children. He distributed the kites to them and asked them to fly only Vidhi kites everywhere. Children fly kites. Meera and Charu see it expressing love for Vidhi.

Perfect Husband Tuesday 8th December 2021: Meera said we only had good memories and made a new start. Rajshri smiled. Pushkar asks how you like my surprise. Rajshri holds his hand and goes to children. Pushkar say I found Vidhi innocence in these children. Rajshri remember Vidhi. Pushkar to say I have decided to live with the thought Vidhi. Rajshri smile. He got the message. He was surprised to see the photograph of the coffin.

Matron says I found your husband Nitin. Badri write notes and give Rajshri. Vidhi refused to go with Nitin.


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