Problems And Prospect Of Cassava Production In Nigeria

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The problems of cassava production  in Nigeria is very numerous and this is as result of poor  Agricultural advancement. it is obvious that the economic structure of the state focuses only on the petroleum aspect of economic resource, neglecting our God giving gift which is agriculture because of this neglect agriculture has produce little or no result in the past decades and the present age.

It is so annoying that the Nigerian government neglects the importance to build up to a very high standard the agro sector of the state.

And this has affected the production of agro produce both the plant produce and animal produce, the rate of attention giving to Nigerian farmers are very poor and this makes them to only become surviving subsistence farmers who only farm to feed their family and add no value to the economic growth of the country.

Ofcourse the government has no much expectation on the farmers because to whom much is given, much is expected.
In this article you will be enlightened about the Problem And Prospect Of Cassava Production In Nigeria As well as the solutions to eradicate this problems.

Some of the problems of cassava production Nigeria:

Unfavorable climatic conditions:
The climatic condition of Nigeria has never been stable and most terms crop farmers are affected by bad climatic condition, in certain times the rain seem to fall for a long period of time and withholds the cassava plants from getting due sunlight and this makes produce unhealthy crops in some times the weather conditions.

sun shines much in certain seasons killing the life span of, the cassava crop plant, but it is very important that the production of cassava has a very great feature because the rate of which the petroleum sector is going down in Nigeria many people will soon go back agriculture and cassava production is very lucrative in the sector.

Unstable market price:
The constant fluctuation of market price is one of the problems of cassava production in Nigeria the high and fall of cassava and its products has affected its rate of production of cassava because.
Inflation and deflation of produce is a very big factor to consider before venturing into cassava production, because so many questions a farmer ask before venturing into cassava production.
What is the present market price of garri?
What is the current price of cassava tuber sold in the market?
What is the price?.

What is the price of fufu in the market?

Before a farmer ventures into cassava production he first considers the market price of all cassava produce, and this affects the eagerness of the farmer to cultivate cassava plant in his farm, because some time the prices of this produce suffers deflations and sometime it result to much inflations, in this aspect the present Nigerian economy is suffering recession and this has affected the market price of agricultural produce and a result of this cassava produce are very high because of its considered cause of production.

But sometimes this price falls to the minimum, this unsteady price nature discourages some farmers in cultivate the cassava plant.

The cassava plant has a very great feature because time shall come when its produce will be highly needed by production companies of the state, and it is one of the main sources of food for most people in the country and this increased its demand.

High cost of transportation: high rate of transporting cassava farm produce has affected the cultivation of this produce, it is quite clear that Nigeria as a country suffers bad roads, there are no good roads in the country and this has affected the production of cassava.

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The rate of transporting this cassava produce from one place to another is very high and as a result of this many people are discouraged from cultivating the cassava plants because after considering the huge transport of this produce to the areas where they needed for further production food and goods, it is highly recorded that the rate of subsistent farmers is very high because of the high cost of transportation of this agro produce.

Poor infrastructures:
Nigeria is a country that has poor infrastructural ability this becomes Problem And Prospect Of Cassava Production In Nigeria, important produceSomeof the good infrastructure needed for the commercial production of agriculture is not present such as fertilizer producing companies,

Machinery production companies; most of the machinery needed in the production of large quantity cassava is not available, due to lack of infrastructures.

And if these infrastructures are provided commercial farming will be encouraged and there would be a large production of cassava and its produce in the state, as well as it processing infrastructures such as cassava mills and garri processing unit.

Problem of non mechanized cassava production and processing preservations.
Some of the problems of cassava in the country are non mechanized production unit.
In a situation where people yet, stay in put with subsistent farming this is as a result of lack of good processing infrastructures and this has affected the production of cassava excellent facilities needed for the processing of large quantity of cassava is not available cassava mills in Nigeria still use local engines for grinding .

Prospects of cassava production in Nigeria:
The prospects of cassava production simply entail the future of cassava produce and the factors that enhances the growth of cassava production in the country.It has to do with how commercial cassava productions can be accelerated.

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Some of the prospects includes below:
*The availability of large domestic market;
Domestic market is the key sale of cassava produce in Nigeria most international market does not patronize the selling of cassava as an agricultural produce, but this market are found everywhere around the country.

This makes it very much easier for farmers to market their cassava produce after harvest without the domestic market in Nigeria most farmers could not have gotten the opportunity to market their cassava farm produce and this has the tendency of discouraging them from the cultivation of cassava plants.
And it also has boosted the rate of cassava production In Nigeria.

*Favorable climates.
*Suitable land positions.
* Government provision of social capital.
* Adopting easy cultivation methods
* Agricultural research development institutions.
* Availability of high yielding varieties.
* Favorable government policy.
It very assured that if this factors and conditions are vigorously made the rate of cassava production will be very much increased.

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