Reasons Why Students Fail Examination WAEC,JAMB, NECO, NABTEB, G.C.E

easons why students fail examinations.
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Passing exams nowadays has become a very big problem for most students and candidates, Reasons why students fail examinations. This reasons comes as a result of ignorance, some disinformation an d lack of commitment to examinations. and dependence on expo to pass.

Reasons why student fail examinations includes the following:

Lack of time management:

Students fail to make good use of their time to prepare for their examinations because the roam about looking for extracurricular activities to attend instead of studying for their examination, the most important factor if considered helps to pass examination especially external examinations such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, is learning how to manage your time because time waits for nobody, managing time because there is always an appropriate time for everything. This involves prioritizing your activities according to the time you have, time to play time to work , time to rest and time to study avoid colliding the time.

Failure to prepare very early for your exams:

Student who always fills reluctant about their exams finds very difficult to scare through their exam.  Early preparations for exams help you to scare through your exam. It enables you to cover a lot before the time of your examination many student fail their examinations because the always start their preparation when they have less time , it might be because the thought that they are very intelligent not knowing that success in examinations such as NECO and WAEC is not only by how intelligent your preparations also .

Lack of adequate information:

Some people study while they are dis informed on their preparation techniques, how to attend examinations questions, how to adhere to questions instructions, and how presents their answers. This is the basic Reasons why students fail examinations  even while they are still very intelligent. For some the good approach to technical question is very low , some handwriting is very terrible, some answered arrangement is a dubious problem this is why you see brilliant student failing examinations because they were not well informed about the examination techniques .

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Awful study strategy:

Study with wrong strategy for their examinations the study a whole lot of things, compacting their brain with stuffs which are very irrelevant to their  exam. They study much yet the find very difficult to attend exam question because they did not follow the right study strategy .

This includes:

Ignoring exams syllable,

Ignoring exam schemes;

Studying randomly.

Total dependence on examination malpractice:

Some candidates depend totally on expo for their exam success after the might have paid have paid dubious amount of money to bribe the examiners and invigilators and examiners the fill that the have arrived. The forget that things can change security might become very strong on the exam day the fail to prepare and the fail because they get disappointed in the exam hall.

Over self confidence:

Some students grow self confidence as if the no more than their teacher they want to prove they have learnt more than their tutor and their marker , when the they answer question the seem to neglect instructions and studying questions very well before answering this . For instance if they are told to list they explained.

Social media distractions:

In this present generation allow the social media to distract instead of using their smart phones and pc’s to browse useful information from the internet (myschoolgodies.com), they tend to roam about the social media. The social is of great importance for exposure as well as agent of distraction to Waec candidates if abused.


It is very important to note that in every aspect of life patient and perseverance matters because slow and steady wins the rest ,some times when you study you are not understanding be patient (wait) and .

Low self esteem:

Low self esteem has become a serious Reasons why students fail examinations ,some candidate has little or no confidence on the self , and still yet interaction still is a problem knowing that passing examinations nowadays depends on your smartness and no longer based only on  your intelligence.

It is clear that the more you interact with people with good ideas the more you get necessary information’s from them some student not because they are not intelligent rather because they are too dull.


the basic the basic Reasons why students fail examinations has been stipulated above other reasons such a procrastination are all embedded into  rigorous point.

Failure to pass examination show unseriousness from the side of the candidates side

So many approaches has been provided to student to enable them not to fail exams .

@myschoolgoodies, information’s such as

Tips on how pass waec just in one sitting,

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But to the lackadaisical behaviors and irregularity they also fail  in their examinations.

Question is who really wants to pass,

How don wish to pass,

What are the exact grades in your mind?

We assure you exam success.






















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