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Strange Love Friday 19th November 2021 Starlife Updated

Strange love December teasers
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Strange Love Friday 19th November 2021 Starlife Updated:The episode starts with Indrajeet say sorry o Shlok. Shlok says no need, anyone will do this in your place. He goes. Anjali cough and Niranjan gave water. He asked him to come and sit down. He said I had to do puja. He said he couldn’t make a mistake. He said he was happy he was with him.

He said he was stunned because he did not compromise with the situation and never lost strength. He said it was a tradition, he did this for him and children, a woman was ready to do anything where his family got happiness, he was happy to get his love, and he gave him a lot of respect.

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He held his hand and smiled. He was grateful to Bappa and Ancestor’s blessings and said this year Puja was very special for me. He cried and he wiped his tears. He hugged him and said he would

Bring him to the temple every day.
Asta came to Shlok and saw her angry. He asked him to see the zip dress and close it. He asked him not to see, when he asked for help. He held him tightly and hugged him. He smiled. Poornima was upset and Rashmi came to him.

Poornima was angry and scolded him because he didn’t do the job properly, and why he was confused. He blamed the ballu and mocked him. He scolded him because he blamed the ballu, he did not say a word and did not speak. He said but you said the truth and Indrajeet apologized to Him, it would be good if he was expelled, we would not get a chance like that again and again.

Pradeep spoke with Rashmi and asked him not to say anything, because hey insulted instead Sapna.

He asked him to be silent and everything was wrong and bad what happened, Poornima had made a ballu hero. He said yes, it’s good he saved respect, otherwise he won’t leave you. He said if Indrajeet knows this, that he is the real Vamp, then … he said he did not know that we would not come out.

Poornima said Rashmi said correctly, even I wanted the ballu to leave here, then why did I save him today, maybe because the ballu knew I didn’t like it, even when he helped me, and why he did this, maybe because he was a good man .

He said he felt very small so he misunderstood the ballu. Sojal asks for a varad to sleep. He said he had some work and wanted to end the work. He said alright and sat with him. He asked if he had something to say. He said no, I will sit until your work is over. He thanked him. He asks why, sitting with you. He said yes and to care for my family. He said this my family too, I knew I did a lot of mistakes with my greed, I laughed at myself when I remember the past.

He said now I understand what is right and wrong. He said even he made a mistake, he promised he would not leave him and their family. The next morning, Asta prayed at Bappa for his family to finish everything, he couldn’t see Shlok working here. H

e got a call from Anjali and asked about his mujana. Anjali said he would temple and ask how he was. Asta said she was so longing for them. He said he had to do Devi Maa Puja starting today until Rama Navami, this is our tradition.

Asta said it was impossible. Anjali said don’t worry, I’ll do it, and when I’m not there, then … Asta asks what he says, and asks him not to worry.

Anjali ended the call and Kavita said Sapna … Asta was stunned and said sorry I was talking, is there a puja in your house, your mother asks properly.

Asta said yes, Aai said about that. Astha smiles. Kavita took her aarti plate and left. Astha Prays. Anjali came to the temple to pray and do puja. Kavita also came there. They are me


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