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Strange Love Friday 3rd December 2021: The episode began with Ankush and soothing Ajju Kalindi. They asked him not to cry and to control his emotions. Kalindi asks how, 7 months now, my daughter was not found until now, how can I manage the mother’s heart, what is wrong if I can not manage. Ajju said fault that you let emotions beat you, see Ankush, he has not spent time with Astha, if she cries every day, tears do not show pain, we hide our pain to make you smile, you do not Think about us.

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Kalindi apologized and said maybe I’m selfish in love Astha that I’m not aware of your pain, I know what you all do for me, I do not know what is stopping Astha from home, Shlok and Varad said they had seen Astha, why they did not bring ,He says I know Astha, he can not get away from me for days, if they do not get it. Ajju said he would invite more pain by the question, is it not time to get Astha, nothing is gained without the arrival of a great time. He asked Mala to get drugs Kalindi Kalindi and asked to sleep in his room.Ankush Ajju requested not to worry. She said I failed the first test of this life. He said no, do not lose hope and ask about avdhoot. Ankush said he had gone Mumbai, when I said Astha was there, I said I would come and he told me to be here. Ajju say yes, we need you to manage Kalindi, go and sleep now. Rekha speak with Choskki and tell what happened here because of his absence. She was shocked and saddened to Shlok.

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She said she would meet Shlok. She said she was not at home, I took food to him and saw the key in his house. Ankush Mala asked what he thinks. She said she was worried for Kalindi, he was not well, she cried every day, I feel helpless. She said she had to be strong to manage Kalindi. She said yes, I know but I can not see my family like this, I appreciate the relationship and not be able to reduce the tears. Mala told you is the support of AAI, if they see you like this, they will feel hurt, everything will be fine.

Strange Love Friday 3rd December 2021: That morning, Chowksi asked why Rekha had not told beforehand. Manya says you go to work, so he did not say. Chowki ask about family Shlok ;. Rekha said that we speak with Brother Varad Shlok, Varad upcoming Mumbai today. Varad, Sojal and Kavya come there and meet them. Varad ask Shlok. Apsara said he was ready for them, and bring it to Shlok Chowki. Varad switches on the lights and see Shlok sad. He hugged him.

Varad talk with Shlok and ask about Astha. Shlok say this about Astha life, I wanted to take but all wrong. Kavya says she remembers all the special moments. Shlok got the idea and said he did not need to make remembering things with photos, but I created a long moment. Sojal smile. Astha speak with Indrajeet and children and happy. Chowki talk to Shlok and he said we should monitor Astha and her every step. Apsara say but someone had to stay there. Shlok ask him, can he go there as a waiter, as Indrajeet not see it until now. Apsara said she would go. He was asked to plan the next after her return.

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Varad got a call from the hospital and talked about Baba’s health is deteriorating. He says doctors said they had to take baba to Singapore and asked me to come. Shlok asked him to go, because Baba needed more, he will manage. Varad say fine and ask your doctor when to come, he will order the tickets. He told Shlok, he will soon come. Shlok asked him to be careful. Varad ask Sojal to take care of him and Kavya and go.

Strange Love Friday 3rd December 2021: Apsara came to meet the guard and ask for a job. She said she knew all the work and cooking as well, and asked him to get a job in this house and she would give him a commission of 10% and three times the food. He said okay, I’ll speak to Madame and I will take 20%. She said fine. He said I’ll tell you

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