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Strange Love Monday 1st November 2021:The Episode starts with Astha hearing Rashmi and Pradeep’s plan to show the bill to Ahilya and complain about Ballu. She gets tensed and follows them.

Niranjan and Anjali visit the temple and do the puja. They sit for a while and are happy meeting Shlok. Shlok hugs them and says he is fine, how are they.

Niranjan says we are fine. Shlok says we searched for POA in Indrajeet’s room and did not get it, someone stays in your room and we don’t know, we will know few things to realize why he did this.

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Niranjan says new tender is opening, I will apply for it, Avdhoot will help us in getting a plot and Varad

will arrange loan, we still have capability to get everything.

Anjali asks them to talk later and makes Shlok has home made food. She asks him to take care of Astha as she worries. He says he has to go now. She asks him to take food for Astha.

He says I can’t, else people will doubt. She gives him some money and he hugs them.

Shlok leaves.
Ahilya talks to someone and says I won’t pressurize Indrajeet when he does not want to remarry, I know his heart.

Rashmi and Pradeep come to her and show the food bill against Ballu.

Ahilya takes it and is busy talking on phone, saying she can’t help it if the girl is nice, Indrajeet does not want to accept anyone. Astha sees her keeping the bill on table.

Strange Love Monday 1st November 2021:Rashmi says she will she the bill, she will kick Ballu out of this house. Astha talks to Bappa and asks for help, that Ahilya does not see the bill.

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She thinks what to do, and goes. Shlok comes back to kids school and asks the guards about interview.

The guard says it may have ended. Shantanu and Mishti come and give him a letter. Shlok reads it and says come, sit in the car.

Astha comes to Ahilya. Ahilya says fine if you insist so much, I will talk to Indrajeet once and ends the call. Astha smiles and says I got soup for you. Ahilya says keep it here, I will have it. She sees the bill and Astha gets tensed.

Ahilya gets Indrajeet’s call and says Ballu did not come with kids yet, I hope they get admission today.

Astha changes the bill and leaves. Ahilya is shocked seeing the food bill. Rashmi and Pradeep talk about Ahilya kicking out Ballu and much drama.

Ahilya asks Pradeep whats this. He says its bill. She scolds them for giving the bill. Pradeep says the bill will expose someone. She asks what, and its laundry bill. Rashmi and Pradeep are shocked seeing it.

Ahilya says why did you give this to me, don’t give useless bills to me. She leaves. Rashmi says how did this happen. He says did we read wrong. She says no, it was hotel bill. Where to find it? He says Ahilya will think we are fools, where did the real bill go. Astha burns it and recalls how she has

replaced the bill when she kept the soup. She says I will always save Shlok from all problems, nothing will happen to him till I m with him. She asks Ahilya not to worry as Ballu went with kids and they will pass the interview.
Shlok brings the kids back home.

Ahilya asks him about the interview. Rashmi pampers the kids and says let the admission matter end, see the kids are scared, I think they did not get the admission. Ahilya scolds Ballu for failing.

Ballu says sorry, I did not fail and the kids did not fail, they passed the interview in the best school. Ahilya and Astha smile. Shlok shows the admission letter, and says they have to go from tomorrow and I got all school supplies for them. Ahilya says she is very happy and hugs the kids.

Astha smiles signing Shlok. Ahilya says I know the kids are best, they are careless being in games and playing, they will do best if they work hard, and thanks Ballu. Shlok says I did what is right for them.

Pradeep shakes hand with him and says good job. Ahilya takes the kids. Rashmi scolds Pradeep for being happy, the kids are useless and don’t deserve to go to any third class school.

He says talk slowly, the kids listen to us, we have to think how to make Ballu from hero to zero.

Strange Love Monday 1st November 2021:She says if the kids study well, we will lose them, we have done Indrajeet and Poornima’s upbringing and see we don’t have any value here. Astha hears this and thinks she got the weak link, as she can start breaking them by their jealousy.

Shlok kisses Astha and wishes Happy valentines day. He asks her to com along and takes her out.

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