Strange Love Monday 20th December 2021 On Starlife

Strange Love Friday 17th December 2021 On Starlife
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Strange Love Monday 20th December 2021: The episode began with Asta home and told Indrajeet about the accident. He said he took the child to the hospital, Shlok was good with me, otherwise I would not be able to bring him. Shlok called him and asked him to take care of his wife and let him praise me, he just knew me now. Indrajeet asked him to close his nonsense. Astha thought why she was upset. Shlok tells SOJal that the plan works, all misunderstandings are cleaned. Apsara came looking for Sachin. Shlok said Sachin was fine, it wasn’t another child. Apsara hugged Sachin and said the plan to work, Indrajeet was angry. Shlok said he would make him frustrated that he said his own truth.

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Strange Love Monday 20th December 2021: Asta brings milk for children. He asked them to drink it and sleep. Shantanu and Mishti asked him to come to school tomorrow. He said alright and asked them to sleep. Shantanu and Mishti waiting for Asta. A man came and said the woman was injured, so she was waiting for them like that, join me. Shantanu says we will not come. Shlok came and rebuked the man. Its bond with children and bring them to have icecream. Asta came and asked Shlok was she was angry, why she met her children. He took them and left. Children told me about Shlok to save them and he realized his mistake.

He thought Shlok wasn’t that bad, he was just rude. Shlok and Asta think about each other. In the morning, Indrajeet shows the settings being carried out. Children come and greet them. He asked the wedding settings on progress. Indrajeet said he married their mother. Mishti said he married Barkha Mum. He said he was married so they could see. He sent Astha for getting coffee. He asked the children not to say anything in Sapna, he married Sapna and would make them Barkha Mum them, who would always love them. Mishti says alright, we won’t say it. Shantanu said we would love him very much. Indrajeet said he had a shopping list ready and children became happy.

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Shlok told SOJal that his heart said Asta would come to meet him for sure. Indrajeet asked Astha to meet with designers and make clothes, and he would match his clothes with him, and lie to him about their first marriage. He held his hand and said he would fulfill all his desires and he made a diamond necklace for him. He said I wasn’t happy with clothes and jewelry. He calmed him down and left.

Sojal said when Asta did not remember anything, why did he come, he had no reason to come. Shlok said he was coming, I had to see my whisper wins or games Indrajet. Asta got a call from the designer and said Indrajeet told me that you designed a wedding dress, you won’t come, alright, I will come there. He calls children and asks them whether they do homework. Shantanu said yes. He said he would give them a treat and asked them to come to have chaat and ice gla. They are happy.

He thought this was the right opportunity to apologize to Shlok. Kalindi asked the lawyer to come and notify Ajju that he filed the case against Agnihotris. Ajju said what. Kalindi said if Asta did not return in 21 days, I would send them to prison. Ajju said they were not our enemies, they were still astha rhizomes. Kalindi said we were not related to them. Kalindi says why we have to take care of them. Ajju says what you will prove in court, what is their crime. Kalindi said I did not know, but I would prove astha lost since 8 months because of them.

Strange Love Monday 20th December 2021: He said I had no other way. The lawyer asked him to check the paper and sign. Shlok saw Sachin playing cricket and asked him to go and learn. Sachin said sorry, once you made me meet Asta. Shlok says he will come, then they will take everything. Sachin smiled at Astha and says he has come. Shlok viewed Astha.She said sorry Shlok. Sojal and Chowksi look and smile. ATTH.

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