Strange Love Saturday 11th December 2021 On starlife

Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021
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Strange Love Saturday 11th December 2021 On starlife:This episode began with Asta walking in the forest and felt scared. Shlok looks for him. Ajju was happy to see some guests. The woman said she missed them, but is now busy with children, and she starts to meet all relatives. Mala brings water. Ajju said he mala, this shoulder this house. Ajju said he would say a long story later, and talk to him. The woman said she was happy to see after years and asked about Kalindi.

Kalindi came and hugged. The woman asked why she looked annoyed, she wasn’t feeling well. He asked Ajju was everything alright. Kalindi said she was fine. The woman said I knew Astha didn’t go home because there were many days, so you were worried. Kalindi did not answer and leaves. Ajju asked Pratibha to sit and ask for Mala to get tea.

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Renuka is annoyed with Jyoti And Riya defended Jyoti. He asked why he was annoyed when Jyoti managed everything well. Renuka asked him about him in law. Riya said they were all happy with me. Renuka said thank God. Riya said she would go home after food. Renuka said he would open a policy immediately, he would sell a gold bracelet and it would be good if I par premium together.

Strange Love Saturday 11th December 2021 On starlife:Chowksi, Rekha and Sojal are also in the forest and follow maps. He said we had to go straight, then to the right, left. Rekha asks to be Shlok and Astha together. Sojal said yes. Chowksi said they would succeed. Sojal said if we lose the route and did not reach, it would be a tension. He asked him not to take tension, but gave tension. He said nothing wrong would happen with Shlok.

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Ajju said Mala who was pratibha came for some time, he must now know what happened to Asta, and why Kalindi in this country, the other he would worry. He said Pratibha was close to his heart, but he did not want home things to be told him, so many things happened and how to tell what all happened in all these years, I did not want to give his tension. He said don’t worry, Pratibha will accept you. Mala said I understand, I know you all my love. They went to him heard he called them.

Jyoti asked Renuka where he left. Renuka didn’t answer well. Jyoti asks where he lives all day. Renuka believes and scolds him. Jyoti said he was worried for him. Renuka said enough, didn’t argue with me, don’t make a mistake to argue. Jyoti the word mother can make any mistakes to invest money and get cheated by someone. Apsara loosened and eat apples. He said this was called life and enjoyed. He got this indrajeet call. He said Madam cellphone did not connect, gave him a call. Apsara said he was not at home, he went to the camp to give an ID card, he said he would call you after the network came. He said alright and ended a call. Indrajeet said he would plan a surprise dinner for him.

Pratibha spoke to Kalindi and reminded old things. Ajju smiled. Kalindi said she was not feeling well and wanted to rest. Ajju asked him to sit with them, he would not feel good to sit alone in the room all day. Pratibha talked about Asta and said I heard him married. Mala asked him to say about himself. Pratibha is still talking about Asta and her childhood. Kalindi said Astha … Ajju held her hand and stopped her. Kalindi leaves. Mala said he was not feeling well, so he’s gone, I’ll get some juice for you.

Strange Love Saturday 11th December 2021 On starlife:Asta said she was afraid, and thought the back of her back. He saw the dog barked at her and walked. Shlok find and fall in place excavated. He asked was anyone there. The man said he told him to dig, so he has dug in many places, not being sure where to Madam go. he shou

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