Strange Love Sunday 21st November 2021 Starlife Updated.

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Sunday 21st November 2021 Starlife Updated:The episode begins with Astha apply the cream to Shlok. He asks if there’s nothing left. She said yes, I did not notice I apply so much. She smiled and said she would get food, and made him eat in his hand. He came out and saw Poornima come. He started berating Ballu because it uses all the cream and put an end to the tube.

Poornima asked if this was a way to talk to him, and scolded proverb about pain Ballu. Astha go. Poornima said I wanted to say, I’m sorry. Astha looks amazed and check his ears. He thinks this is not the old Poornima, how he changes and becomes sweet. Shlok say it’s okay, I’ve got some work, I’ll go. He goes.

Poornima said he was misunderstood in knowing Ballu, if it was someone else, he will not leave a chance to talk to him, but he is worried

On the job, now I know he’s a good man. Sojal talks with Anjali. Anjali told about Kavita and they have the same tradition of our house. Niranjan said it was strange. Anjali says yes, she does not wear Mangalsutra, he hesitated. He said leave it, and he gave him prasad. He ate prasad and think for a while.

Ahilya see Sapna and think. He did not let anyone sit beside Indrajeet. He asked Shontu to bring juice for everyone. Astha bring food. Ahilya asked him to have a meal with them. Astha says no, I’ll eat it later. Ahilya said Sapna, now you are a part of our family. Rashmi Pradeep signed. Astha Poornima sat and stared at him. Indrajeet started raving about the food and have all eyes on Sapna.

Strange Love Sunday 21st November 2021 Starlife Updated::Poornima considering his widow and thinking on fire because I, do not know how he’s going to eat now. Ahilya ask Sapna to have food.

Astha think how he could eat here, because Shlok pain and may not eat anything, I have to go to him. Poornima said he was not hungry and will eat in his room later. He took the plate of food and go. Astha cough and Indrajeet giving water. He took the glass and other beverages. She said I would come and go.

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Shlok drinking water and turned around to see Poornima. He told me you were here. He said Ballu, I got you something to eat. He asks what is the need, I’ll take myself. He says I know, your hands are on fire .. he said it was fine now.

He asked her to have a meal. She said she would eat the food, he can write it on paper if he wanted to. He said no, it was fine and left. He said what happened to him, I used to serve him and now he serves me.

Astha viewed Poornima and hide. Poornima go. Astha come to Shlok and asked him why Poornima come, to sprinkle salt on the burn. He says it’s not just the salt, but the food. She asked him to check if he adds poison, because he pursued it for her out of the house.

She said she could smell her jealousy. He said he was her husband and she did not envy anyone. She said I wilol make you eat food and sit down. He looked at her and eat.

JYOTI switches on the lights and smiling at the SID as a chef. Sid says Riya Mum and I went to the temple and make Ananya sleep. He arranged a dinner. She asks if he is not ashamed to do this. He said no, it was no problem to arrange a surprise for my beautiful wife. He asked her to live a moment, as their own.

Strange Love Sunday 21st November 2021 Starlife Updated:He gave her a rose and she smiles. She thanked him and play music ……………. she made dinner and he’s not healthy. He asked what had happened, would I take you to the doctor. He said no, I feel acidity, I go shopping. He asked. He says I’m going to rest and be fine. He asked her to go to the room, she would get food there.

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