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Strange Love Friday 17th December 2021 On Starlife
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Strange Love Saturday 25th December 2021:The Episode begins with pandit ji requesting that Indrajeet give marriage greeting card in sanctuary towards Lord. Indrajeet says for what reason did he not tell previously. Astha says we neglected and did a misstep, what will we do now. The pandit requests that they put the last greeting card as first and apologize to Lord. Indrajeet and Astha concur and go to the sanctuary. Apsara wishes that Astha and Shlok join together, as he cherishes her a great deal. Indrajeet and Astha come to the sanctuary and appeal to Lord by keeping the greeting card.

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The card bursts into flames and she is stunned. She tells this to pandit ji and he passes over the fire. An old woman says its extremely awful sign. Astha checks out the Lord icon.

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Indrajeet says there is no such awful sign, I don’t trust this. She says however I accept along these lines, I came to give

Prasad for my children, and to give this card, what will we do now. The pandit says assuming that she has any dread or uncertainty in her heart, then, at that point, she can visit the mountain sanctuary Mata and give a chunri there, her all desires will be satisfied. Indrajeet asks her not to do as such, they have sanctuary at home, they can put the chunri at home, Lord is all over.
Sojal converses with Shlok and asks will I converse with Kalindi. He says no, no utilization to converse with her, she considers everybody answerable for her state. Surbhi comes and says now he can meet Astha every day, as they will be together. Shlok asks what is she saying. She says I concentrated on Astha’s case and comparable case as well, and that patient’s blood coagulation disappeared and her memory returned, be positive and continue to attempt Astha will likewise get her memory back. Sojal says something very similar. Aspara hears Astha lets Indrajeet know that she will go to Mata’s sanctuary. He requests that she go. She says whats issue to express gratitude toward Lord for youngsters’ great imprints, I m not doing this for card. He says he has work, he should have not called the pandit, its his misstep. She says fine, I won’t compel you to come, yet I will go there. He says for what reason is she getting fomented.

Strange Love Saturday 25th December 2021:Apsara calls Shlok to illuminate him and says she has uplifting news for him. He asks what news. She says about Astha going to Mata sanctuary where each wish is satisfied, she is going alone, Indrajeet isn’t going with her. He expresses profound gratitude, you accomplished a major work for me, I won’t fail to remember this. She says she is doing this for her satisfaction to join them. He says I can get, much appreciated, I will likewise go with Astha to introduce the chunri in sanctuary.

Indrajeet’s Bua comes to meet him and he ponders from where did she come out of nowhere. He invites her and gets stressed that she will meet Barkha. The children request that Astha play with them. She plays with them. Indrajeet converses with his Bua and she says she came to meet him, as her flight was deferred and how are the children. He says they are fine. She says it will be difficult to bring up them without kids. She says she heard a young lady stays here. He says its not at all like that, kids are playing in room, you meet later. Astha comes there and Bua ji sees her. She says she will leave, and goes.

Indrajeet asks who was she. Indrajeet says she came from magnanimous organization requesting gift. He gets a call and goes. She says he helps everybody. The children play with her.

Astha begins leaving for sanctuary and asks Indrajeet will he come. He says no, I told you there is nothing similar to awful shagun, for what reason are you going. She says she is going as she had mannat for youngsters, I m going. He asks her not to go, how about you go something helpful. She says you are preventing me from going to sanctuary. He says OK, I don’t need you to go anyplace, I don’t need any contentions, I m going office, I will see you later. She says she will go, and he can’t stop her. Apsara gets happy and thinks to illuminate Shlok that Astha is leaving.

She calls Shlok and he asks did Astha leave. Apsara says OK, the very best. He says he will give anything Astha desires and grins. He sits tight for her close to the sanctuary and sees her. Shlok meets Astha. Sojal petitions God for Shlok and Astha, and cries. She converses with Surbhi and stresses assuming Astha doesn’t get her memory back. Surbhi says trust me, they will be together soon. The children converse with their companions. The kid welcome Shantanu and Mishti and ask did their mum praise their birthday events. Mishti becomes irate and says they used to praise it extremely unique. The young men leave as their mums are pausing.

Strange Love Saturday 25th December 2021:Astha slips and Shlok holds her, and they have an eyelock. Music plays… … … … … … He says on the off chance that she fell, she would have kicked the bucket. She says sorry. He says he did kinship, so he needs to keep it, and she is weighty. She says she isn’t weighty, for what reason did he make this body. He says I m brought into the world for this. She says how discourteous, turn out well for you. He says he is her companion, not a more unusual, he can do this for her. She grins. Khuda plays… … … … … … .

Astha and Shlok supplicate in the sanctuary and the pandit ji covers them with the chunri. Khuda… … … … … … plays… … … .. They take a gander at one another being staggered.


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