Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021 starlife

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021: The episode begins with Astha asks her bouquet. The man said he would send him to his house and he went in his car. Shlok look and thought he was powerless to go. Kalindi refused to sit in the adored, because he lost confidence in Bappa. Everyone pandit explained and asked him to be patient, happiness will come to his house. Kalindi said he would not believe in God and do Puja, until she gets her daughter back, test the Lord to keep his service. Ajju ask Mala to leave Kalindi alone and ask him and Ankush to perform puja. They perform puja and pray. Ajju apologized on behalf of the Kalindi and pray to get back Astha.

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021: Indrajeet read magazines business tycoon and a smile. He said it was all provided by Astha, he fulfilled his life with happiness. He says his love won and now he is with him, so there is no memory of Shlok in his heart, he knew what he was doing wrong, but what could he do, he loves her. Everything is fair in love and war, and this is my war and Shlok, that will never come to an end, I know you are hurt in this case, but I love you and can not let the past and memories back to life.

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He said Shlok will keep trying, but I will be watching, so I walked in front of him. Sojal tell Kavya that Shlok will come, and Kavya asked why they remain sad. Sojal calm him. Surbhi come to meet Sojal and they talk. Sojal said he did not know how to unite Shlok and Astha, they are a perfect match, I can not see Shlok like this, I prayed for him immediately. Shlok came home and said he was suffering from Astha and hard to ignore, I hope his behavior affected him. Surbhi says this plan.

Indrajeet end calls viewed Astha and ask him what happened, he did not get the bouquet, why he is not shopping. He said I do not want to go, and Bouquet not ready, I saw Shlok in a flower shop, she ignored me and acted like she did not know me and go, every time I see him, I’m afraid. Apsara hear this and think to tell Shlok. Indrajeet said it was fine if he will not be in trouble now. He says I know, but when he came in front of me, I feel weird. He asked him not to worry. She said she would clean the room.

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He thought Shlok not talk to Astha, whether it is planned or she lost after talking with a doctor, I can not take the risk and will be watching. Apsara call Shlok and says Astha to Indrajeet everything and fear. He says we have to make to get rid of my fear. Apsara end the call. A man called Astha and communicating about LSMnya make games for the children to show their values, show care for the children, if he come and support them, they will be happy. Astha says sure, we will come up with the kids. He said okay, I will send the address.

Shantanu and Mishti speak. Astha hear them and they call her the sweetest in the world. Astha says he will bring them and their friends to see the game. They called him the best. He asked them to finish the hot chocolate, if not, the plan may be canceled tomorrow. Mishti take it. Astha asked them to call their friends and take their mother’s permission and also told me to come.

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021: Shlok asked everyone whether they are ready to do acting and their parts. Chowski said his heart could melt see his sister. Shlok say we can not make mistakes, we want him to stay back. Sachin take Kavya and go play. Chowksi said she was scared, she can act for him, but in front of him … .. Shlok asked him to do the acting for him. Rekha said that for the life of Shlok. Shlok dissuaded excessive and they will practice once, she would be a stranger to Astha and make him realize that he was the one who loves.

Morning, Astha and everyone breakfast and she tells Indrajeet about playing in NGOs. He says we have to do for the kids and asked him to come. She said I would love to come, but I had a meeting imp. He asked her to try. H.

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