Strange Love Monday 22nd November 2021 Starlife Updated

Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021
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Strange Love Monday 22nd November 2021 Starlife Updated:The episode begins with thinking Shlok Ahilya and Poornima always after us and came at the wrong time. Poornima says sorry for bad behavior and say lets be friends, if you have forgiven me. He offered his hand and he told me who I forgive you, and the slave holder can not be friends, I have a job, I could go.

He left and she got angry. Astha think about Indrajeet love recognition and would be concerned. He says I can not go alone with him, after what he did, I would tell Shlok, maybe he can find some way or I’ll make a couple of reasons. He said if Ahilya can get unwell, even I can get unwell, I’m not going to go alone with him anywhere.

Shlok gets a call and talk to him this Anjali. She tells him about the Gudi Padwa and ask them to perform the ritual. He said fine, we’ll do.

Astha come to him and say tomorrow … He says about the Gudi Padwa. He said about Ahilya ask him to go with Indrajeet Kolhapur and ask him to come. He first told to remember to get up early to do the puja. Anjali says Niranjan about Gudi Padwa and said they needed new clothes for Shlok and Astha.

Niranjan says yes, I’ll get. Varad come and say I paycheck today and I got new clothes for everyone to Gudi Padwa. He gives his salary to Anjali and Sojal smile. Anjali refused and said Sojal have this right, he shoulders the old and well-run home.
He asked Sojal to take the money and they are all smiles with the family harmony.

Anjali ask Varad to provide clothing for Astha and Shlok. Niranjan asks him to be careful. Varad say do not worry, I will do. Poornima talking with her friends, as she called them urgently.

He said this Ballu … actually something happened after the party, when he saved my respect. The friend said oh, she is hot looking and had an attitude as well. Poornima say I know, I offered friendship and he refused.

The friend said that this is not a friendship, if you want to be nearby? Poornima said yes. His friends say that you care about him, right? Poornima said yes. Her friend said you might smile thinking about him, so this is love.

Strange Love Monday 22nd November 2021 Starlife Updated Poornima said even I feel so, but how can I love Ballu, it may be wrong. Her friend said love do not happen to see the status. Poornima think her true love with Ballu, if yes, how do I express it to him.

Said Pradeep Patil will come to give a lucky number, and no one should see it. He met Varad outdoors and hugs him. Patil said he came to see him, because he is his friend. He said he would come out, and think of helping. Pradeep asked for the number of bets. Varad say everything written in it, read it, even the walls have ears.

Pradeep say thank you, and Varad asked for water. Pradeep says I’m cheating, I did not ask for water, I’ll get it. Astha come to meet Varad and say I got your message. She gave clothes and said Aai has sent this. She touched his feet and said happy Gudi Padwa, I miss everyone.

Pradeep come and give water to Varad. Varad say you are very beautiful house. Pradeep says that is not mine, my niece. Varad say good and leaves. Her morning, Kavita not puja and said today he would perform puja, but how can I bind Gudi without a husband, I wish I could do something, and this house will do puja. Astha and Shlok puja Gudi Padwa. He said that we will put an end to it immediately, else no one could come.

Strange Love Monday 22nd November 2021 Starlife Updated Kavita want Niranjan Gudi Padwa happy wherever he is. Flowers as they put the shower on, and he asked who was there. Shlok and Astha stunned. Ahilya and Indrajeet came and he told them that

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