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Strange Love Thursday 30th December 2021:The Episode begins with Avdhoot bringing chocolates and saying they will observe Astha’s birthday the manner in which she prefers. Kalindi says even she has made her fav dishes. He says he can separate among genuine and counterfeit bliss, and insults Kalindi that she is egotistical and he won’t converse with her. Ajju asks what is he saying, outrage isn’t great. He says I know well, I ought to have been furious on perfect opportunity, presently I will pay attention to my heart, I won’t uphold anybody to stop tears. He leaves. Kalindi cries and says she needs Astha’s satisfaction, how could she be egotistical.

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Astha orchestrates the lunch and Apsara gets Shlok’s call. He requests that she take kids out busy, he will clarify the subtleties later. She says fine. Indrajeet accompanies his companions and requests that Apsara call Barkha.

Kalindi attempts to clarify Avdhoot and he says she would have not said this assuming she came to Mumbai with him. He says he met Astha due to Shlok, I embraced her following 8 months. She says you didn’t tell me. He says whats the utilization to tell you, you went to Indrajeet’s home, did he make you meet her, you didn’t meet her there, he didn’t let you, he is certainly not a decent man.
Kalindi says he didn’t make me meet Astha, as he was apprehensive for Astha’s wellbeing. Avdhoot says Shlok told nothing to Astha and made me meet her requesting that I meet Barkha. He says he embraced her calling her by other name, he was harmed, yet when he saw Shlok, he had a grin all over, he was happy that he prevailed to make me meet Astha, he has stowed away his agony, think what he is going through, he is her better half and remaining with his better half as a companion, his better half is remaining with Indrajeet. He says Shlok is doing this for us, he needs to carry Astha to us, he didn’t lose, contemplate his aggravation, you are mixed up with regards to Shlok.

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Strange Love Thursday 30th December 2021:He grins and says for what reason am I fooling around, you don’t esteem this. She says OK, I disdain Shlok and his family, don’t have the foggiest idea when will you get this. She leaves. Shlok and Manya pause and get his vehicle. Manya says its benefit. Shlok says it will not stay fine, come. They leave. Apsara requests that the children go out in occasions. Shantanu says father will not permit. Apsara requests that they take authorization from mum. The children leave.

Kalindi feels Indrajeet is correct and asks Ajju for what valid reason is she and Avdhoot acting like this, Indrajeet is appropriate for Astha. Ajju says don’t make Astha away from Shlok. They contend. Indrajeet says he got large agreement from Sharma, she cooked well. She says its her obligation. She receives Shlok’s message and he asks is it unrealistic. She thinks to come up with any rationalization and go, else Indrajeet will not permit her. She asks Indrajeet will I go for my kitty party. He says I figure you should rest you, you would be drained in the wake of cooking. The children come and say they are getting exhausted, and need to go out. Astha gets a decent reason and thinks to go with them, and meet Shlok.

Indrajeet says no compelling reason to go anyplace. Apsara looks on. He says she is worn out, let her rest. The children says no. Apsara requests that Astha let kids go, she will come and deal with them. Kalindi cries and figures its Astha’s birthday, she can’t wish and see her, Astha isn’t with her and not even her family, she doesn’t have a clue how to clarify Ajju and Avdhoot that she isn’t fouling up, she needs her little girl’s joy. She goes to Bappa that Astha gets joy. Indrajeet calls Shlok and says he will fall flat in his test, his Astha won’t come out. Shlok says fine, I accept its her birthday every day, I will celebrate whenever else. Indrajeet grins and insults him. He says recollect, your Astha is presently my Barkha. Astha comes and asks with whom was he talking. He says Sharma, and she asks is she can take kids. He rejects and requests that she rest.

She says fine, I will request that Kamla take kids. He says that is really smart. Astha sends kids with Apsara and requests that the children be careful and appreciate. He figures he won’t release Astha out in any capacity today. She asks Indrajeet what he needs to talk. He says nothing earnest, I need to invest energy with you, so I dropped all office arrangements. She says fine. He holds her and says he stresses for her. He requests that she rest and they will talk later. She thinks for what reason is he acting strange and preventing her from going out. He thinks sorry Shlok, Astha can’t meet you today.

Strange Love Thursday 30th December 2021:Shlok sees the children with Apsara. Astha calls her and Apsara says we came to. Astha requests that she deal with them. Apsara takes the children to play. Shlok signs Manya. Manya gets his vehicle hit. Shlok grins. Indrajeet becomes more acquainted with by the driver that he has hit a vehicle and he is in police headquarters. Indrajeet says I will come. Indrajeet figures he can’t let Astha be. He lets Astha know that driver called and vehicle met with a mishap, and children are fine. He says he will just come and leaves. She says I will call Shlok. Shlok sees Indrajeet leaving and checks out the home. He says he is gone, and calls Astha. She says she was calling him. He says he told her that he needed to purchase present for her, he is going for some work. She says I will come and meet. He says I m outside, I can’t sit around idly. She says I m coming. She meets him and they leave on his bicycle. Music plays… … … … … .He figures how might Indrajeet feel realizing Astha is with me. Khuda… … … .plays… … … …

Shlok and Astha invest some energy and she eats golgappas joyfully.


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