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Strange Love Tuesday 2nd November 2021:The Episode starts with Shlok talking to the kids. Ahilya and Indrjaeet come with their fav chocs being happy that they got the admission.

The kids are upset. Indrajeet says I can’t believe you both passed the interview, good job Ballu, take care of their requirements, get the best for them. Shantanu says stop this drama, we are not fools. Indrajeet says I have some work and leaves with Ahilya. Shlok asks the kids to arrange their bags and sleep on time.

Indrajeet sees his wife’s pic and Ahilya looks on. She asks till when will he be in his memories, he has bring himself out of this past, you used to be so lively, its valentines day, you used to celebrate it so well, you have to move on, past memories will be alive, but don’t get this on your head. She asks

him to fill colors in his life again. He says all colors went away when Barkha died, I want to keep her memories alive, and I m ready to be alone all day.

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She says there is no value of anyone in my life, I don’t need anyone. She leaves. He keeps a diamond ring saying this is your valentine’s gift. Astha talks to herself and says I will see how Shlok surprises me today, I know he will wish me. She goes to call him and stops, saying she will plan a surprise.

She lights the candles in her room, and calls him, his number is switched off and she gets angry as he forgot the day. She recalls their love and smiles.

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She starts missing him and gets upset. Shlok feels sorry for not meeting Astha. He sees Shontu calling himself handsome and saying don’t know why girls don’t like me.

He asks him to sleep. Shontu applied face pack and asks Shlok does he have any girlfriend, and jokes on him saying you won’t have anyone as you are rude. He sleeps and Shlok silently goes out.

Strange Love Tuesday 2nd November 2021:Ankush drinks and Mala sees him, thinking its valentines day today. She thinks she loves him, he is close to her and still so far. She gets sad thinking he does not love her. She cries seeing him.

Shlok comes to meet Astha in her room and sees her sleeping. He wakes her up and asks her to come with him, he closes her eyes and takes her to show his surprise. She is stunned seeing the beautiful decorations. Maine khudko tujhme…………………. Plays……………..She smiles seeing it.

Strange Love Tuesday 2nd November 2021:Tu hi mera hosh bhi, tu hi meri bekhudi……………plays………….. They have an eyelock. He holds her face and wipes her tears, signing no. He kisses her. Khuda…………..plays…………. he shows her a peacock feather and she smiles. He says happy valentines day. She says the same and they hug. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon…………….plays……………

Shlok and Astha dance on the terrace. Music plays………………. He lifts her and she hugs him. Shontu looks on being shocked.

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