Strange Love Update Friday 1st October 2021

Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021
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Strange Love Update Friday 1st October 2021 Romantic Shlok and Asta. They are getting closer and intimate. Mann to Mundra pe ……. Iss Pyaar ko kya Naam doon …..performs ………… he kissed his forehead ….. Sajna ve …… … … mahiya ………play …. he touched his face with roses and he smiled. Maine Khudko Tujhme Tujhko Mujhme … … Performs …………… They have an eye lock and smiles.

Shlok will get closer and kiss it. Iss Pyaar ko kya Naam doon … l … performing ……. they spend time the night collectively. Jyoti spoke with Riya and said he felt Rs 25000 was the way for one saree, we would see additional retailers, we were able to get a good saree, we were able to get 3-4 saree in the amount.

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Riya said stopping mocking me, you could tell me a lot for Saree, it was my marriage, not my birthday that came every year and I could buy a low price problem, I didn’t reflect on my marriage, no one did one thing with all things heart for me.

Jyoti said he should not mock him, he needed all the items to be in various, but he would have the ability to buy additional points correctly. Riya said she didn’t want one thing now. Jyoti asked him to ask Sid.

Riya said she listened to you, not me, you suggested I spend a lot, and she said something similar. Renuka came and scolded Jyoti for disturbing her a lot. Jyoti said I did not stop him to spend money but advised him to spend appropriately. He said he bought one saree for Rs 25000, making him understand. Renuka said the concern for his SID to spend, not yours, and took Riya from there.

Varad and social come for a soft candle dinner. He smiled at him and thanked him because he could not be executed with him, thank you for his help when he used to tell me to change like Shlok and did one factor in honor of Baba’s eyes, but he didn’t try. And assume why he said this, sorry.

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Strange Love Update Friday 1st October 2021 He said I had no complaints, I really felt happy to see you looked after me like this. They smile. He said what I had bought was right. He said sure, I was worried if Baba knew this. He said no, it must happen what we want, which does not occur at all as fast as extra.

He said about the affiliate of his new company, which was ready to invest and he thought we had a lot of potentials, and I would really like my dreams to come back true, to make Agnihotri Group to a height that was not detained by Shlok. From, then Baba can be happy with me. He said he believed him, and asked him further. Varad said Indrajeet Sarkar.

Apsara includes finding Shlok and seeing decorations in their residence. He thinks all this, and advances. He was surprised to see them sleeping collectively. He thought that they had a lot of love and were in the arms with each other, on their chance to unite, so what, I would make a crack that they would not cure the break.

  • The Frontliners Monday 4th October 2021 UpdateJaya included Sojal and asked him to see his face, he didn’t sleep yesterday, because Kavya, scared me, saw me shivering even now. Laughter Soja. Jaya said Kavya was chatting with anyone, as soon as I asked for him, he talked about him taking for his doll, why did you buy that terrible doll for him. Sojal said Kavya teased you to please, the doll did not have a ghost in it. Jaya said Kavya also spoke, uncovered, who regularly spoke with Kavya.

SoCal said high quality, I will identify that number. Matron’s Aunt took a choice and said Vridh Ashram. Social asks if Kavya identifies you last night time. Matron seems to be in Anjali and Anjali nodded. Matron said sure, he was known as me, we were good friends, I advised him to call me anytime when he wanted, he was a sweet woman. SoCal said thank you, and end the choice.

Strange Love Update Friday 1st October 2021 Matron said Sojal would not hesitate at Anjali now. Sojal asked Jaya not to give his stiffness because Kavya was known as Matron’s Aunt, she liked her stack. Jaya said no, the problem is one of the other factors. Sojal says you don’t catch it now. Jaya’s leaves are exacerbated. Laughter Soja. Shlok and

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