Strange Love Wednesday 24th November 2021 Starlife Updated.

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Wednesday 24th November 2021 Starlife Updated:The episode begins with Indrajeet speak with Astha and asked what he would have, he would order the food. Children come and ask him to tell. Children asking for food and he said he would get a pizza for them and go with Ballu.

She said she would come with him and she asks him to be with children. Indrajeet show animated films for children. Astha go to Shlok. Kalindi give lep to justice and Ankush Mala for teases that he was more handsome. Mala said the liver should be better than appearance.

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Avdhoot say you are both unmarried and the battle starts, see the sample card and choose. Aai Mala said should choose. Kalindi chose one and Ankush agree. Avdhoot say that this card is the end, the wedding date is favorable, as Navratri good day. Mala got embarrassed and go.

Astha says he wants to have something spicy, and said Pau Bhaaji. He ordered it and they sit on the bench. She said she would make him eat it and add the chilli in it. He felt spices, and she saw his face.
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Strange Love Wednesday 24th November 2021 Starlife Updated:He said it is very spicy and asked for water. He said you wanted to have spicy food. He tells you to be like me being with me, whether you know my value, you find a good way to spend time. He said yes and they ate. He was asked what he saw. She said her beauty. He asks what she thinks. He says that you are very lucky to have a husband like me, mindblowing.

He smiled. He said thank you for being there. She said I’m really lucky to get you as my husband. He said no, I’m sorry the real problem, because I came into your life, you always have, I promise I want to give you all the happiness of the world, love is always increasing.

He said I’ll show you how much I love you so much and opened his arms. Everyone sees them. They smile. Khuda Indrajeet ………… …………… plays Sapna and Ballu thought why not come up until now and she’ll see. Astha and Shlok back. Astha said central pizza was away, and we got it for the kids. Indrajeet says I began to worry. He says no, Ballu there.

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Mishti ask Sapna to make a meal. Astha sit down and make him eat. Shlok hoe. Indrajeet Sapna smiled and thought, I can not see other people as the mother of my children, only he could become his wife, one day he will realize his love and he will wait until later.

Kalindi says he will call Anjali. He called Anjali and give the good news of Ankush and Mala weddings still on the 1st day Navratri. Anjali said good, we will come. Kalindi said we would come to give cards. Anjali thanked Bappa that our family got a chance to celebrate happiness. Kalindi says Astha end the call and was lucky that he got a good SAW as Anjali.

Mala said that I am also fortunate that my Aai and Sasubai you. They smile. Shantanu and Mishti pillow fight. Shlok asked them to sleep. Astha come there and sign him. Shlok say you want your father to fire me from the job. Shantanu asked why he thought so. Astha go. Shlok say sleep now. Children sleep.

Shlok come to Astha. He reminded when they come to Kolhapur last time, I do not love you. She said she did not love him then. He said how meaningful. He said talks about now.

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Strange Love Wednesday 24th November 2021 Starlife Updated:He says I love you a lot. He says he wants to be with him and talk a lot. He said that even he does not like to sleep tonight, so … .. He teased and they go. Her morning, Anjali and Kavita met at the temple for puja. The pandit said mahurat. Anjali says you also will sit on the puja with your husband tomorrow. Kavita said I would leave and go.

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