Strange LoveTuesday 23rd November 2021 Starlife Updated

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange LoveTuesday 23rd November 2021 Starlife Updated:The episode starts with everyone happy and celebrates Gudi Padwa. Sid said we would make his favorite food today and they all smile. Kalvya praised Anjali and Sojal. Niranjan and Varad come. He said let’s go and tie it, what happened, did something wrong. He said that you did a mistake, I regret you wearing this fake jewelry because of me.

Anjali said the husband was a woman’s genuine jewelry, and also her happy family, I was happy, if something happened to me … he said stopped, what did you say, you have united the whole family. Varad says yes, you have to see children Shlok and Asta and also Kavya’s marriage. Kavya asks when his marriage will happen and they smile.

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Anjali said they would tie gawan together. Indrajeet asked Sapna to sit in the front seat and Shantanu

Sit down, and refuse to sit in the back seat. Asta said let him sit, I will sit with Mishti. Shlok sits with them in the back seat. They go. Ahilya said she did not know Indrajeet and Sapna get time together or not, the children did not listen.

They all made gawan Puja together at home. Niranjan lifted Kavya and they did puja. Jyoti cooked a lot of dishes for Riya and said when Sid told me, I made your favorite items. SID brings lollipops to Riya and reminds his childhood. Riya cries. Sid said I said no one would cry today, finish all this. Jyoti is not healthy and feels dizzy. Riya gave her water. Sid asks if he’s fine, will we go to the doctor. Jyoti said no, maybe a change of weather. Renuka said telling them that you can’t see their love so you do this acting.

Renuka said he was jealous. Jyoti says why I will be jealous. Renuka left. Riya apologized to her and asked her to rest. Ahilya asks for a shont to water the plants well and see Gudi Padwa. He went to see. Ahilya sees gambling and gets Anjali Letter that he has done this, like he has burned Holika, he will do anything for his family’s prosperity. He said he would not leave Anjali because he showed a lot of courage to them.

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Strange LoveTuesday 23rd November 2021 Starlife Updated:They are on our way. Asta thought until now Ahilya will see the letter. Shlok said anyone would see, the mission was successful. FB showed Asta showed a letter to Shlok, said that Aai had sent this, taking revenge, he was right in this house and he would show them. Shlok said I would not let this tradition end.

They sat together in the back seat and he held his hand, covered by his saree. Shontu came to the Shlok room and cleaned his room. Poornima came there and asked for a ballu. He said he went with Indrajeet and children. He asked him to leave. He thought it was his room and he made me leave. He thought how to say what I felt for the ballu and his ID fell there. Shontu sees.

Rashmi came and asked what he did. He sent it. He asked Poornima whether he got evidence against the ballu. Poornima says why you think always the same and leave. Rashmi said I thought her heart changed. Ahilya called Indrajeet and asked about her meeting. He said it was over, we will be back, we are on our way. He said it was not safe to drive at night, stay at a good hotel. Indrajeet said alright, we will stay here. He said this was your chance to talk to Sapna, try spending time with him. He said yes.

Strange LoveTuesday 23rd November 2021 Starlife Updated:He said they would talk if they were alone and spend time. They checked in a cottage and the kids were happy. Indrajeet asked the ballu to live with children, and Sapna could keep his luggage in the room, he would take a room upstairs. He asked him to get a meeting file and leaves. Shlok asked Astha to come and save her bag. Sense

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